Guilty! We are obsessed with the History Channel show Curse of Oak Island about the search for treasure on that island off the coast of Nova Scotia by our own Northern Michiganders Rick (lives in the Upper Peninsula) and Marty (lives in Traverse City) Lagina.

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Each week we turn off the television with the how, what and why’s of the evening’s episode spinning through our brains. And always, we have more questions. So … with the History Channel’s help, is launching a Curse of Oak Island Question of the Week. We’ll watch each episode, ask the folks at the History Channel and/or Prometheus Entertainment, the show’s producer, our question for  then we’ll post their answer.

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After watching the episode that aired Tuesday, December 8, and the search that turned up what looks to be like a an old handle to a chest on a piece of property known as Lot 6–we have this Oak Island Question of the Week:

MyNorth: How did the Laginas get interested in Lot 6 in the first place?

Producers at Prometheus Entertainment: As Craig actually states in Episode 305, Lot 6 is one of the lots that Rick, Marty and their partners own on the Northern portion of the island which has never been associated with any of the documented treasure hunts since 1795, however the property’s history conjures up curiosity.

It was once owned by Samuel Ball, an African-American who was born into slavery in the late 1700’s who earned his freedom by fighting for the British during the American Revolution. He later made his way to Nova Scotia where he bought property on Oak Island and as far as anyone knows, became a cabbage farmer.  Mysteriously, however, by the end of his life, he was a very wealthy man and came to own a number of lots on the island — including Lot 6.

The team thought it was worth investigating if Samuel Ball may have found something there, and if there is more to be discovered.

Now, on to tonight’s episode, Tuesday, December 15: Carved in Stone.

Photo(s) by Prometheus Entertainment