Q&A with Oak Island’s Marty Lagina & Craig Tester

Solomon’s Menorah? The Ark of the Covenant? Jimmy Hoffa? Something’s buried under Oak Island—at least that’s the belief that has led generations of shovel-toting treasure seekers to the small Nova Scotian islet. Exploration of the island is currently being conducted by a tag-team of Traverse Citizens, Craig Tester and Marty Lagina, along with a band of their closest confidantes—friends, family, and a few long-time residents of Oak Island. Their adventures are chronicled on the History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island, which airs Sundays at 10.

When not moonlighting as treasure hunters, Tester and Lagina head Heritage Sustainable Energy of Traverse City. MyNorth staffer Evan Perry sat down with Tester, Lagina, and their Heritage co-worker, Shari Chouinard, to talk conspiracy theories, coconuts, and the mystery of Row 7.

Spoiler alert! It’s not Jimmy Hoffa.

For the sake of those who haven’t seen the show—and this is a question particularly for Marty—what originally captivated you about Oak Island?

Lagina: Well, my older brother, Rick, read an article in Reader’s Digest in 1965—we always read Reader’s Digest—and the article was about Oak Island. It explained the Money Pit’s wood timbers, and the booby traps, and the treasure that nobody knew anything about. Rick became really fascinated by it. I was the younger brother—and I probably didn’t even read the article—but he comes and tells me, “Hey, look at this! This is really cool!” So he gets me really interested because, well, I’m the younger brother. Sometime later, the Wall Street Journal ran two front-page articles—one by a writer named D’Arcy O’Connor. My dad used to read the Wall Street Journal, so he showed it to Rick and me. That only fed the fire.

The show overlooks much of the story regarding how you came to own a stake in the island. What sort of complications were there regarding purchasing the property, and how much red tape did you have to cut through to begin excavation?

Lagina: It started when I was in Florida. I picked up a magazine called Islands Magazine, which had a bunch of islands for sale in the back, and Oak Island was for sale. So I called Rick and told him. When I called about the island, it turned out that it wasn’t for sale. Somebody had jumped the gun. The agent said that he had a listing from David Tobias—David owned most of the island with his partner Dan Blankenship—but he didn’t. Eventually, we talked David Tobias into selling his share to us. That was in 2007. We’re now fifty-fifty partners with Dan Blankenship.

And the permits?

Lagina: It took us years to get what’s called the Treasure Rights. Canada had something called a Treasure Trove Act—which was a thorny mess. We only got that sorted out two years ago.

Tester: The Canadian government actually got rid of the Treasure Trove Act, so we didn’t have any way of getting a license to excavate at first. The government replaced the Treasure Trove Act with what’s called the Oak Island Act. Only after that was enacted could we apply for licenses.

Lagina: With the Treasure Trove Act, you could apply for licenses to dig anywhere. Now, the only place you can have the rights to treasure—to my knowledge, anyway—is on Oak Island, pursuant to the Oak Island Act.

It’s my understanding that you have to split the findings with Canada.

Lagina: 90-10. We get 90. Except for artifacts. We don’t know what “artifact” means, because almost anything can be an artifact.

So unless you find freshly-minted Canadian dollars…

Lagina: I think it means that we could have gold bars, and maybe jewels. We’re not sure.

Tester: I think coins are probably good…

What’s it like watching yourself on television? It seems like it might be a little like watching a really well-edited home video.

Tester: To me, I guess it doesn’t seem that weird. My wife had a harder time seeing me up on the screen, and then turning to see me in the chair at the same time. It really is like watching a home video.

Lagina: It’s like you’re in your living room with a few people and we’re watching what we did on vacation. The fact that there are maybe millions of other people watching—it just doesn’t register.

Chouinard: From my standpoint, I was watching a really well-done TV show about something I was interested in. It didn’t matter that it featured people I knew; they just happened to be in it. That’s been the weirdest part.

There are a lot of theories that attempt to explain why there’s a booby-trapped, hundred-and-some feet deep hole on Oak Island, and a lot of circumstantial evidence to support those theories. Do you ever get caught up in the whirlwind of ‘what-ifs’ that the island presents? Rick, who is featured prominently on the show, seems to entertain those what-ifs. I only ask because one episode featured a Norwegian writer who helped you discover an undeniably large rock exactly where he thought it would be—which is either extraordinary or very lucky.

Lagina: Rick is a true believer. He’s convinced—convinced—that there is something of at least major historical value. I often scratch my head and think, “What happened on this island?” There’s a lot of room for misinterpretation, but then I’ll think, “Well, my son just pulled coconut fiber out of the shore of the ocean, and Craig—who knows what he’s doing—just dated the fiber to 1200 to 1400 AD. Now what the heck?” But I just don’t know, and it bothers me that we may not succeed in finding out what happened on Oak Island. Rick would never say that, though. He’d say, “We will succeed!”

Tester: At this point, my excitement is tempered. Marty and I gained a lot of experience in oil fields when we were younger, and we had those exhilarating moments—the “Whoa this is fantastic, what if we can do this” moments. But once we got slapped around a bit, and our expectations weren’t matched by reality, we learned to temper ourselves. For Oak Island, it’d be great if it were something big, and I hope it is, but I keep my expectations low. And it’s still fun in the meantime.

Are you excited to go back in the summer? Are there even plans to go back?

Lagina: Oh, we’re not done.

Tester: I’m looking forward to going back.

Lagina: We might yet do some things this winter.

Do you think people might have conspiracy theories about you? You’re part of this story now, and the show has certainly introduced a lot of speculative people to Oak Island.

Lagina: I would be surprised if there weren’t conspiracy theories. They might find out that Craig is a member of the Illuminati or something.

Tester: Yeah, I recently read one on the Internet—they think we’ve already found it, and the government has taken it, and everything is being kept quiet.

And that’s a hard theory to disprove…

Tester: Exactly.

Lagina: Actually, the nicest thing that’s happened during this whole thing is a call I received from a friend, who watches the show with his daughter and son. He said that his daughter—who doesn’t read that much—got really interested and said, “Hey, dad, are there any books about this?” Her dad said that there were, and she responded, “Can you get ‘em? I want to read ‘em!” I thought that was great. And his son—who is not that interested in school—said, “Wow, that’s treasure hunting! How do you get to do that?” And his dad said, “Well, you can’t just quit school and go treasure hunting. These guys are mechanical engineers.” His son said, “Good, that’s what I want to do, because I want to do something exciting like that.” I think that’s the most gratifying thing I’d heard. If that’s happening, then I’m glad we’re on Oak Island.

How has your experience in oil and gas exploration informed your approach to solving the Oak Island mystery?

Lagina: We’re trying to bring science to the whole thing—an educated perspective. We may bumble through the woods a bit, but our approach is, at its core, scientific.

Chouinard: The fact that we’re taking our time, and not going full-steam on every idea that comes to mind, is something we’re proud of. This process has already taken a long time; we wouldn’t rush if it meant making mistakes.

Lagina: It’s a hard nut to crack. Some very smart, very sophisticated people have tried and failed at figuring that place out.

What’s Nova Scotia like in the summer?  Have you become adopted sons?

Lagina: It’s a beautiful place; it reminds me of the U.P.  The people there have been great to us—really nice, really supportive. And I think I speak for all of us when I say I’d like to thank all the people in Nova Scotia, and also the Canadian government, who helped us get to where we are with this project.

We could talk about Oak Island forever, but I want to turn to Marty’s adventures in the world of Northern Michigan wine. How’s your winery, Villa Mari, shaping up?

Lagina: We’re trying to push the envelope. We want make world-class red wine right here in Michigan, and are using advanced techniques to do that. Many of our vines are planted under tunnel greenhouses. The idea with reds is to extend the growing season. We’re on the same latitude as Northern Italy and Southern France, so we get the same amount of sunlight as those regions. The only thing is, we don’t have the heat, since we aren’t on the Mediterranean; the tunnels duplicate that extra warmth. In fact, our wines should be better, because reds grow the best when the days are warm and the nights are cold. Those regions in Europe are pretty warm both day and night. But here, the tunnels make the vines warm during the day, yet that heat dissipates during the night when the temperature drops. That’s what you want.

Tell me about Row 7.

Lagina: It was our first vineyard. This is about 15 years ago, and we planned to plant just 3 acres of vines, which comes out to being about 3000 individual plants for the whole plot. When the vines arrive, they’re dormant, and you have to put them in water to activate them. You have two or three days to plant them once they’ve been placed in the water. To plant them, you have to use a post-hole digger to go deep enough into the dirt, and all the digging is by hand.

The bottom line is that if you worked hard—no bathroom breaks, no food—one person can probably plant 12 vines an hour. There were only two or three of us doing the work—3000 vines in two days. There was just no way; it’s a matter of arithmetic. So we called all the people we knew to come help us.

It was wet and cold and muddy. People are sliding around all over the place. I’d ordered vines that grow well in Northern Michigan, like merlot and cabernet franc, but I also ordered ones that aren’t typically grown up here like syrah, malbec and sangiovese—things that aren’t known to grow well in Northern Michigan. I wanted to experiment with these other varieties, and they were in a separate box.

So chaos ensues, everyone is helping out—which is great—but I go over to the boxes and they’re all empty. I say, “Hey, I wanted to put those ones in a special spot to monitor them. What happened?” Three or four people kinda shrugged: “I don’t know, they’re probably somewhere in that row.” They pointed to what turned out to be row seven.  We still don’t know exactly what’s in our Row 7 blend—it’s a mystery. But it ended up being a nice blend that we’re very proud of.

Read a December 2014 Update on Oak Island Here


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Article Comments

  • Rick Lohnes

    Awesome interview!

  • David Wray

    Marty, you are in the oil business which has technologies to find oil and gas deposits miles deep. Have you considered seismic? No need to drain the swamp to get a very accurate 3D map of what is underground. What about ground penetrating radar?

    • Jt Morgan

      What about a few passes using LiDAR?

      • Michael Matz

        Jt did you ever get a response for the use of LiDAR? It has worked very well on archeological sites.

  • marion chapel

    im a single mom and love your show i love watching it with my 10 year old girl think its a great example that is never to late to follow your dreams or to early and i wish you good luck i look forward to seeing what happens next and following your example

  • judy fenwick

    Does anybody know how to reach Marty and or Rick. I am a RN, currently working in a local hospital and would like so much to come to oak island and help with the excursion. I’m not rich by any means, but y’all might just need a nurse around at some point, and I’m a heck of a nurse. An adventure like this is on my bucket list! Lol…..so if anybody can get rick or Marty to see this please have them contact me at [email protected]. I’m sure I could be very useful for something….I’m pretty tough!! Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing from someone!

  • cody

    Im in the national pump and compresser business and I have alot of Ideas I would like to do on draining that swamp and would love to visit the island. Makes me wonder every night what lies below and where also they say the 5 channels in the ocean that lead to the hole makes me wonder how back long ago how men would make these channels and tunnel down and angle all the way to the hole without all that water rushing down. How could you create channels under water long ago then tunnel to a hole then create a trap. Its mind blowing……

    • Scott deel

      Ok this is my question to you. What would happen if you put die back in the water in the money pit and 10x then put air in there and find the pips that way. It showed where someone has done it before but if you have multiple people in the water looking while you put the die in wouldn’t that show you the pips and that way you could drain the holes then combine both holes into one big one so you could actually use larger equipment so you could get to the bottom of this mystery?

  • Bob

    Rick (and Marty),

    Thanks for the adventure. Just like you, I read that article in 1965 as a kid, and have amused myself and others over the years thinking and dreaming about it. Just re-found the facts list on activemind.com, and that is quite a list of finds that indicate there must be a path to the treasure, designers who planned such a system would have likely left a relatively easy way in for those who know or find the solution method. The enigma of our lifetimes it is (positively) haunting. You’re living my dream, please keep going!


    Why can’t the source of the water be blocked? then to pump the tunnels dry?

    • testaxc

      Because that makes too much sense.

  • richard henderson

    When Christabol Colon first sighted land in the Americas, he gave this land the name San Salvador. There is much debate now as to where this was, The Carib Indians called the island guanahani . The most common belief is that the island that he first landed on is now completely under water. Over the years, the ice caps and glaciers have been filling the oceans with water, covering up islands and shore lines, and Colon landed in 12 October 1492. The Knights Templar left 100 years prior to this. So the coast line of Oak Island could very well have been 50 to 100 feet deeper than it is now, the land that you suspect as being booby trapped with water, might have been simply ventilated for breathing purposes. Well above any known shore line at the time.. Just a thought.

    • disqus_HiRqE6Oj0d

      That doesn’t explain the rock formations though….

    • roycerson

      :/ I don’t believe that for a second. How ’bout 50-100 inches? Where’d you get those crazy numbers?

  • Mazarin

    One question, please.
    Why, you guys, don’t use REVERSE ENGINEERING for yours research ?

  • Jim Belbeck

    If it’s possible for the deep penetrating detector to get a reliable reading through ice why not fill the swamp with water and make a map through the ice in the winter?

  • chris S.

    what about possibly using a sluice box to Sift for coin or other metal artifacts.

  • George

    Love the fact you two are doing this together. I too was fascinated by the article from that nat. geo. I found it 10 years later but have followed this search since. Please please don’t give up you are living my dream as I have imagined doing this same thing with my brother and it bringing us closer as it seems to be doing for you two as brothers. Good luck!! looking forward to watching you continue your adventure

  • Roger Marshar

    The diver was WORTHLESS! At no point did his tank go completely under! So he could have never reached more than 4 feet down! They needed a backhoe! If they truly did find a coin at this location, that is more evidence than has ever been recovered. I would have had heavy equipment there the next day.

    • Arthur Irving

      Restriction made by the Government restricted any such action at that time.

  • Samantha

    In the triangle shaped water there is a mass in the center. I would check there going with the Knights Templer theory. Looks of the door way.

  • carrol p

    I AGREE with Roger, that diver was worthless and I immediately wondered what he was up to. You don’t have that much color show up on the sonar and then, “Oh my gosh, it’s GONE ” ! He planned to come back when they were gone. He went deep a couple times, but mostly stayed on the top. They should have put the metal detector back in, in front of him, to show him they didn’t believe him, that it had just disappeared. I would first of all put trailcams/video cams on the trees opposite the Mercy Spot, connect to a recorder on their home computers, to watch 24-7 who comes & goes there. Then find where to get one of those huge cement cylinders like they use in big city sewers. Using an excavator, on the most solid area, close to the Mercy Spot, drop the cylinder with the long arm and tap it down, as far as it will go. Somehow put one or two large fans on the top to suck out any gases that might come out of the muck as it dries. This way they can get in there and dig themselves without bringing any more people into this, that might have ulterior motives. They can also work all parts of the swamp, moving the cylinder around. I would eventually check into having a plane or copter go all over the island with ground penetrating xrays, like they used in Egypt to locate burial sites. That way they can SEE how many areas might be worth looking into. Sounds like this was several different groups, favorite hiding spots. And Rick, the reason this is pulling at you so strong, is that you were there in another life ! I first tuned in Sat. before the series finale Sun. and immediately thought you looked like a Knight’s Templar. The longer hair, goatee….I can see you dressed in the long white garment with the large red cross on the front, riding a horse, carrying a staff with the cross flag. Your soul knows something is on this island. But be careful….your brother is with you to keep you level-headed, safe. ALWAYS listen to his common sense. God Bless and Good Luck.

  • jerry satter

    marty all you had to do is start a bon fire at low tide on top of the money pit and the fire slowly burning and boiling off the water would close the valves and empting the pit,when the tide came in the water would push down on the valves keeping them closed until they manualy filled the pit with water defeating the closed valves,letting the water back in.you can test this with a bottle and straws with plugs in them.Thats why the boys seen the fire on the island,thats why you could not steal the treasure they would see the fire for miles.way to simple and ingenius.

  • Frank Peterson

    Hi Rick and Marty, First of all I love the series and what you are trying to find. I would suggest stay with your plans and drain the swamp, then the area you got the metal detector hits, rent a 270 excavator and dig up that section of the swamp. Then sift the material like you would gold mining, or hopefully you will uncover the vault and you will have the right equipment to get to it. I just want you to be safe because of the traps that have been in place for years. One thing I am sure of you two will find a treasure, besides what would a Spanish pieces of 8 be doing in that location where you are?

  • Frank Peterson

    Rick and Marty I also agree with everyone else in here about the diver, remember the diver has been looking for that treasure too for years. I would stick to your plan of draining it and digging bottom up. And the ground penetrating radar is an excellent ideal, heck I would use that on all area’s of interest it would sure save you a lot of work.

  • Traylor Morgan

    Marty, my Q&A is have you looked at old picture’s of the small island that the older lady said was funny she remembered being closer ?
    In her early days as a girl showed the small island and to me it did look closer . Oh and something that went wrong with the Electronic’s , reminded me of ” Raider’s of the lost Ark ” where the people that were not of pure
    Mind were killed by it . Just a Thought !

  • Traylor Morgan

    This as a kicker Lots & Lots of sand bags will block the inlets , as well as the ones to the swamp .

  • Scotty Wilson

    Been following this story since I was a kid ~ Was so hoping the season finale was you finding it ~ Your ghost readings are coins being tossed to the side i bet with each handful of muck ~ Look how you had to search through one clump to find the first coin ~ You have that radar there ~ Scan the whole cross area ~ Good luck Guys ~ I hope you find it ~ Scotty

  • james

    If anyone reads this I just wanted to say saw the season final and the only thing I could not get off my brain is the property owner from the 1750 finds Spanish gold but not revealing were he got it. What if he used mercury to bring the gold to the surface would pockets of mercury give false reading or possibly move gold around so you can not get to it.

  • Sharon Crews

    I just wanted to say that the show is great. I saw one episode and then I had to watch them all. I certainly it continues. There were only 2 things that I did not understand. Since a stone was found at the “kingdom” site, why not check out all of the other points on the “Tree of Life”? If there are stones at each of the points, then it would certainly make a stronger argument that there is something to be found at the “mercy” site in the swamp. It doesn’t look like it would be difficult to check out the other points. I also could not understand why they didn’t find out the exact spot of the excavation site where the 4 men died. They had one of the survivors there. I kept wondering why they didn’t ask him. The men who died thought their site was important. Why not take another look at it? Anyway, thank you guys for a great show!!! It is my favorite!!!

  • Henry McCarty IV

    I have loved the oak island mystery for several years now. I work in construction, so I often try to think of ways to excavate the island. Instead of trying to pump water out, I think a good method would be to pump water INTO the pit, with a water tight seal, and a lot of pressure. This would allow you to see where the source of the water in the hole is coming from. That is the key to finding what exactly is at the bottom. A similar idea to checking the pipes of a drain field. Of course, because 10X is there, the pressure on the pit and on 10X would have to be done in unison, but once you find the source (s) of the water into the pit, you can stop them.

  • Henry McCarty IV

    You should have a website where people can suggest ideas for excavation or extraction. Pool as many ideas together as possible and focus on the best ones. That way people at home can still feel involved and Marty and rick will never run out of ideas for finding the treasure. Maybe even have a donation box to contribute to the expenses. I can’t be there in person, but those things would make those that follow the story feel apart of the process and still help out the team.

  • Henry McCarty IV

    Perhaps the swamp was created as a resultof tthe water filling the hole, and traveling up the drains. I.e. the “finger drains” are located in the swamp and is the reason the swamp is there.

  • Traylor Morgan

    On the Gulf of Mexico they used Locks to hold back the water, at a Ship wreck . Why can’t you get them for the swamp , readings that strong Don’t just go away .

  • Christian

    Rick and Marty I may have an explanation for the readings in the swamp disappearing. When the diver took the rocks out the readings on the metal detector were gone. Listen i would scan the metal detector over the rocks or break them open with a sledge hammer and see what you find. The answer may hide inside those rocks, I really think it’s possible..

  • Daniel Wukits

    My name is Dan and im a treasure diver here in fl, I have a question for marty or another, as in all treasure hunting 99% is research…has anyone looked for tell tale signs of camps…. it would have taken x number of men x number of days fed by heards of animals…. where are the signs? Also has other parts of the island been explored for other coconut fiber allowing for other subterranean avenues… it seems with all the vast amounts of monies dumped into this venture istead of building on where others have left off, a fresh approach might be the answer…has anyone built a computor program to analyze all marked stones off shore N’ such? Now with the spanish coin found has anyone checked in the same area, all the show showed was focus on the diver…what about a dredge in the swamp?…. what a bout the triangle that was destroyed,,,, the timber with the holes?

  • Don D.

    I think that the island and the swamp was used as a marina for ancient ships and the swamp was part of the dry dock system. Once you start excavating the swamp, you will probably start finding evidence to support this.

  • Scott_Wellman

    Marty, loved the series. I believe that Oak Island was two islands at one time. The separation would be from the swamp to the other side, so the swamp was man made. There was once a channel there, all they had to do is stop it at both ends and then do whatever they had to do and refill. Did you coil the whole area? Also you can see what I am talking about by using GE, it’s as plain a day. Any thoughts?

  • Robot

    The (Untold) Story of The Oak Island Money Pit

    The Oak Island Money Pit was constructed by the “powers that be” who were and still are to this day, the secret force that controls the course of mankind on earth.
    This organization is known as – The “Free Masons”.

    The story of The Oak Island Money Pit begins in the 1760’s

    It was conceived by a number of Britain’s high ranking naval officers, who were also Masonic 33 degree members of the Free Masons and belonging to the Masonic “Premier Grand Lodge of England”.
    These Masons were members of the Whig Party opposed to the next successor to the throne, the unstable King George III.
    These members were:
    Washington Shirley, 5th Earl Ferrers – Vice Admiral – Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge – Premier Grand Lodge of England
    George Anson, Baron Anson – Admiral of the Fleet
    George Keppel, 3rd Earl of Albemarle – Commander-In-Chief
    Augustus Keppel, 1st Viscount Keppel – Rear Admiral – Brother to George Keppel
    William Keppel – Lieutenant-General – Brother to George Keppel
    George Pocock – Admiral – Commander of the Invasion of Havana
    Benjamin Franklin – First Grand Master of Pennsylvania who met in 1760 with the Grand Master of England to discuss their plan.

    The Mason’s plot originated after King George III’s destruction of the Whig’s political power with his redirection of this power to the Tory Party, and the Mason’s concern of the imminent invasion of England, during the Seven Years’ War, by the joint forces of France and Spain. Spain outlawed
    all forms of secret organizations, including the Free Masons.

    The Mason’s plan was to redirect a fortune to the “New World” (North America), to enable the transfer of the Masonic organization, if and when these fears materialized.

    Their plan entailed the capture of Havana in 1762.
    Havana’s Morro Castle was the Fort Knox of Spain, holding the South and Central America’s gold supply prior to its shipment to Spain.
    The invasion of Havana was under the command of George Keppel, with Admiral George Pocock and Keppel’s two brothers Augustus and William Keppel, commanding the actual attack.
    They were successful with the capture of Havana and Fort Morro and its unprecedented amount of treasure. They also captured a number of the Spanish Fleet, which was needed to accomplish their
    plan. Accordingly, Admiral Pocock returned to England with the main English fleet carrying a portion of the treasure, while Augustus and William Keppel along with their crew and Masonic engineers all sworn to secrecy, manned the 8 Spanish Galleons and the 2 British Man of War.
    This treasure was diverted to a small island off the coast of New England and Nova Scotia now called Oak Island.

    At Oak Island the treasure was buried based on the Masonic 13th degree “Royal Arch” (Enoch’s Temple) consisting of nine arches going down nine levels by way of a main shaft (The Money Pit) which was dug down to the bedrock. From the ninth level another tunnel was constructed which
    ran back up to a point above the known water level, roughly 20 feet underground
    and at this point an enormous cavern was built to hold the treasure. The treasure was carted down the main shaft and placed up into this cavern. To conceal their plot they had the 8 Spanish ships dismantled with all the wooden parts not used in the construction of the shaft, tunnels and cavern burnt and all the metal parts (canons, anchors and bolts) were placed at the bottom of the main shaft. Flood tunnels were built out to the ocean to booby trap any treasure seekers attempts to follow down the main shaft. A large stone was placed at the air lock (8th level) as bait to activate the flooding. This stone had strange engravings on it to entice any unworthy greedy treasure seekers to pause and take the bait (stone) away for deciphering, thus allowing time for the tunnels and main shaft to fill with water and be destroyed forever.
    The Masons knew exactly by their calculated mark above ground where the treasure cavern below ground was located and could access it by digging down 20 feet.

    Once the treasure was secured in the cavern and all the evidence was hidden from the island it was documented that the Keppels sailed back to England with 2 ships and a small portion of the treasure, claiming that the remainder of the fleet had sunk in a hurricane on route.

    The Masons left several markers on the island to relocate
    the treasure.

    1 large triangle or more precisely a crude Sextant

    2 drilled holed stones

    1 large stone cross

    These combined markers point to the “X” where the cavern is
    today located.

    Is the treasure still in this cavern?

    I believe it was removed in 1795

    One of the three original discoverers of the Money Pit was Daniel McGinnis, who stated he was drawn to the island when he noticed strange lights appearing on the island just prior to his discovery.
    These lights were made by the Free Masons when they returned for their treasure.

    This Masonic party was headed up by George Washington, President of the United States – acting Grand Master of the Washington DC Masons.

    The treasure’s vast fortune was used, as planned, to further the power of the Free Masons in their new world, with them becoming “The New World Order”.

    • jerry satter

      did anyone read my post its that simple

      • Robot

        The Money Pit’s main shaft was never intended to be used again to recover the
        treasure, especially once the air lock at level eight was punctured and the shaft was flooded.
        The Free Masons only used this shaft as a means to conceal their treasure and transport it up into the cavern.
        The cavern was located some distance away from the Money Pit and above the ground level, so it could not be flooded and damaged.

        This cavern would be accessible to the Free Masons by them triangulating the
        coordinates with the use of the markers left behind and a set degree on the

        Once they recovered the treasure (1795) they concealed the small entry hole
        needed to remove it and whisked the treasure away to its new home and purpose

        • jerry satter

          if that was the case and the treasure was gone why would they rebuild the platforms.Now try boiling the water out of the pit at low tide it would be cheap to try it

          • Robot

            Your ideal on how to drain the Money Pit is original, but I would presume
            that it is flawed with the belief that the flood tunnels do not extend past low tide.

            It is also believed that with the ingenious design of the flood tunnel to Smith Cove there is also a similar flood tunnel to South Cove.

            The construction labour for these tunnels was done by the best miners in the world at the time.
            Cornish Tin Miners were employed by the Royal Navy for military expeditions, such as the invasion of Havana.

            Once the treasure was secured in the cavern the Free Masons
            back filled the tunnel from the cavern back to the Money Pit as it was no
            longer needed and to prevent any attempt to access it.

            All the metal parts from the Spanish Galleons and any evidence of them having been on the island were placed at the bottom of the Money Pit shaft.

            The dirt excavated from the shaft was back filled back into the shaft to conceal the entrance and discourage any followers.

          • jerry satter

            everyone is concerned about the length of the flood tunnels and not the valves that control the tide in the pit.If you look at it like it was a toilet 90 feet under ground theres a trap in it so you cant pump it out because they would refill. you have to push it out the valves and change the pressure differential in the pit to be less then the smaller flood tunnels pressure thus closing the valves look at the construction of the pit platforms and it will become obvious,the oak and fiber would burn and slowly fall and push down as it burned.What i need is marty laguina email or phone number

          • Robot

            Still believe the treasure is still there and buried at the bottom of the Money Pit?
            They head up this company and you may possibly reach them below:
            Good Luck!
            Heritage Sustainable Energy
            121 East Front Street
            Suite 200
            Traverse City, MI 49684
            Tel: (231) 935-3659; Fax:
            (231) 929-0242

            Email: [email protected]

          • jerry satter

            have you ever seen a chimney fire imagine a 90 foot tall one

          • jerry satter

            they do not answer there emails

          • Robot

            I know, I have not been able to post on my own on this site either

            This is an interesting read which will explain that the wood previously in the Oak Island shaft is no longer there.
            There are also numerous shafts dug around it through out the years

            The evidence, objects and clues found all pointed to one logical explanation.

            That being the “truth” – The Freemasons built it!

            “… when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth…”

            Start by eliminating the “impossible” as to who could not
            have built it.

            This lies with the “probable” time line of construction

            It is claimed that the three discoverers found the pit in 1795 ad

            If the information as to the large mature Oak Tree capable of supporting the Block and Tackle hanging over the Pit is correct than it would have been a tree of at least 75 years of age.

            Experts state that Oak trees (not of old growth oak forests) have a
            tree life span of from 100 – 150 with 125 being the middle years.
            This would place the earliest construction of the Money Pit at around 1745 ad

            The Oak wood from the platforms carbon tested in 1981 to 1670 ad – 1780 ad


            The use throughout the Pit and Tunnels of Coconut Fiber would prove
            that no construction earlier than the 1700 ad would have been possible.

            Coconut Trees were only introduced outside of Malaysia after 1550 ad
            and the Coconut Fiber was not possible for use until the latter part of
            1600’s with no known industry producing the coconut fiber.


            Other items located on Oak Island support 18th century:
            Boatswains Whistle
            Wrought Iron ruler
            Wrought Iron Scissors
            Wrought Iron Nails
            Iron Fragments
            Cornish Poll-Pick, Axe
            Block and Tackle
            Parchment Fragment

            This all supports a time line of around 1750 ad and eliminates Vikings,Druids and Knight Templars as being possible builders.

            Pirates would also have been unlikely to have constructed a Treasure Vault
            on Oak Island.
            It would have been an unnatural behavior for Pirates to go to this extreme
            and leave any sort of treasure for any length of time.
            Oak Island is located 40 miles south of Halifax, Nova Scotia, in an enclosed Mahone Bay
            After the 1600’s, Halifax was England’s central location for its Royal Navy in the New World.
            Mahone Bay would have been a one way trap for any Pirate going in or
            out with them being very conspicuous.

            Oak Island in 1762 ad, was a fortunate and planned choice for
            the Freemasons, as It was far easier to conceal their treasure in the New
            World with the help of the Royal Navy and the Masonic organization presently there.
            Noted New world Free Masons:
            Johnathan Belcher – Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (1760 – 1763)
            He was based in Halifax Nova Scotia and was in charge over the Royal
            Navy at what is Oak Island.
            His father was Jonathan Belcher senior, first Freemason of North
            America and the “Senior Freemason of America”
            John Mitchell – creator of the Mitchell map 1755 ad
            He was stationed in Halifax and provided a very concise map showing
            the islands around Nova Scotia and what is today Oak Island.

            The “true” builders of Oak Island Treasure Pit who had the motive, opportunity and the best ability were the “Freemasons”.

          • Shirley Dailey

            I don’t blame them for not answering emails with people like Robot around, besides that is a business email

          • Arthur Irving

            I wouldn’t believe their emails would be anything but private contact only and would have appropriate filter’s to block anyone trying to reach them with talk of this. They seem to be doing what they need to do and what I might add in a very tactful and analytical way. Remember that they are doing an archeological dig for retrieval of something which might not be destined to be found right now. If it were the Religious material specified would you not fear another bout of Historical battles begun here in Nova Scotia? When it is time things will present themselves.

          • Shirley Dailey

            how would you like someone to post your personal information, you are out of line, this is a business and by posting this could interrupt their business and clog up their email with emails not related to their company. This is their livelyhood.

          • Robot

            I would believe that the Lagina brothers would want “intelligent” forum members’ help with solving the “Mystery of Oak island”.

          • Joe Scales

            If that were the case, they’d already know it was a hoax from the get go. And guess what? They most likely do. Now go watch the show and don’t forget to buy what’s advertised…

          • Joe Scales

            I can just see the poor secretary now, having to filter all the junk received from Robot. Who knows… they might even pin the best ones to the wall and have a good laugh.

          • Hank Wanky

            Martin G. Lagina

            Master Key Energy, LLC
            718 Notre Dame Street, Suite 100
            Grosse Pointe, Michigan 48230
            Tel: 313.885.1200
            Fax: 313.885.1779

          • Arthur Irving

            You Sir are violating the man’s rights and I would hope he sue’s you for doing so.

          • Shirley Dailey

            I would like all your source information? Where did you come up with all this ____.

          • Robot

            A wise person asks questions to learn, a fool to prove her foolishness!

            Your question is what or which?

          • Shirley Dailey

            dodging the questions……its all propaganda what you say, you have not proved a thing.

          • Joe Scales

            He’s proven he is certifiably insane, making up history as he goes and believing in fairy tales.

          • Joe Scales

            You wouldn’t know wisdom if it bit you in the ass. Or reason. Logic. Or anything involving the actual seeking of truth through advanced study.

          • Joe Scales

            If you would like to know his source, you’d have to put on a tin foil hat as well…

        • jerry satter

          level 8 was sealed to keep the wood dry. and they used oak for its btu rating extremely hot.Theres no traps this is common sense start a fire!!!!

        • jerry satter

          where do you get this fantasy info

          • Robot

            I have spent 20 years dealing with the fantasy of Oak Island

            If mankind’s own imagination or fantasies had not challenged the desires to search out and solve the mysteries in front of him, then the great discoveries of our world would not have taken place.

            The “Wheel” may not have been invented, now found in everything from
            clocks to vehicles to turbines.

            “The World is Flat”, would have discouraged Columbus from discovering America, and “The Earth being the Center of the Universe”, could have halted space exploration.

            “Ask a child to name an ancient Egyptian ruler and they will either say Cleopatra or Tutankhamen.

            The reason for this is the excavation of the latter’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings. Such was the wealth of treasures and objects in the tomb, and Carter’s meticulousness, it took eight years to empty the tomb and transport its contents to Cairo.”

            “Heinrich Schliemann would not have discovered Troy, along with
            the Mycenaean sites Mycenae and Tiryns from his idea that Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid, actually reflected historical events”

            No, skepticism only pushes on true discoverers to find the real truth to mysteries!.

            They realize the logical evidence discovered will weigh in their favor, and one day prove that something of great importance is or was buried at “Oak Island”.

          • jerry satter

            i am just trying to empty a pit full of water not reinvent the wheel.columbus did not discover america Blame the teacher not the child,1922 travel in egypt was really really slow.

          • Robot

            Columbus did discover both Central and South America on his third voyage. He was not the first to arrive in North America as that distinction goes to the Vikings.
            The difference between “Skeptics” and “True Discoverers” is that Skeptics see the Money Pit as “half full of water” and Discoverers see it as being “half empty”.

          • jerry satter

            i believe its a pessimist and an optimist,and again why put charcoal on a platform unless your going to burn it! am i the only one that sees this obvious solution.

          • Robot

            Charcoal, which is the ash from the burning of the ships wood + Clay, from the ground + Coconut Fiber, which is an excellent matting and resilient to salt water = Cement
            This creates a powerful waterproof sealant, equal to Fiberglass (which had not been invented then).

          • jerry satter

            you are correct in its wet state. but this platform was above the flood level so it was dry, oak, coconut fiber pitch charcoal in its dry state is unbelieveably hot and puts out a lot of BTUs.I cant imagine burning a ship when it was easier to just scuttle it and sink it , it wasn’t clay it was wax and pitch and putty and they didn’t need much of that. All the fuss about the coconut fiber is hype. It was used in the hold of ships for years as a packing material to keep things in place so they did not shift around in the high seas.

          • Manuel Correia

            Robot, im from S.Miguel island of azores, i admire your knowlege and percepction of the oak island history, i share the same opinion , that the treasure have been removed long time ago , and like you say the money pit was just used to hide the treasure, just used once. In actualy i hope explorers can find what was hidden in that cave , to close that chapter and see if was just money ,or something else like docments(remember that liquid mercury was found generaly used to preserve paper)
            [email protected], i leave my mail if you want to share some story or fact Robot

          • Robot

            Hi Manuel

            I have email you my Celestial Map of where the Freemason’s Treasure Vault is

            The Freemasons used the information supplied by their esteemed friend and
            associate Sir Francis Bacon to build the Oak Island Money Pit for their purpose
            to change the course of mankind.

            I trust that we today are capable of understanding what this treasure’s true
            purpose was to be and how we have all benefited from it!

          • Arthur Irving

            Charcoal has been used for many things in the past. Lighting passages, symbol’s, drying agents, and many more.

          • Arthur Irving

            Moron, Columbus didn’t discover America. There were people Living here. Does that mean that if a native american or Canadian went to france or England that they could make claim to discovering those like places?

    • Hank Wanky

      Well that’s interesting. It could explain why no one has found treasure in the Money Pit and could explain the fairly simple cipher on the stone (i.e. if the stone were meant as bait, you’d want to make the cipher fairly easy to translate). But the coconut fibers found on the island are supposedly carbon dated to around 1260 to 1400, centuries earlier than the events in your theory. Also you’re making a lot of very specific factual claims. What are your sources?

      • Robot

        Yes, it is very hard to believe that anyone who built and placed their treasure in a pit would be foolish enough to tell whoever was looking for it how much farther to go and what they would find.

        Unless they had a logical reason for doing so!

        I have spent 20 years researching and have extensive proof backing up my theory.

        The Free Masons had a diabolical plan, but never imagined the investigating power of today’s internet.

        I hope to post more of my evidence and look forward to knowledgeable forum members challenging my theories.

        Discarding all the items found within the Money Pit, it is still hard to discount a key piece of evidence as proof to whom may have built it. That evidence lies with the use of the Coconut Fiber found within the Main Shaft and Flood Tunnels

        My theory for “The (Untold) Story of the Oak Island Money Pit” does not support the carbon dating of the Coconut Fiber to be between 1260ad and 1400ad, with 1330ad being between those dates

        It was done at a University in Saskatchewan, during the 70’s, and I along with others believe the results are in error.

        This time frame has led to many earlier dated theories of Vikings, Knight Templars, and Druids with all of them using the Coconut Fiber for their construction during this time period.

        Investigating into the history of the Coconut Tree shows that although it originated in Malaysia during the latter 1200ad, it did not cross over to Africa, Europe, South and Central America until mid-1550ad with the Coconut Fiber not available for use until the latter 1600’s.

        Unless the Vikings portaged their ships to the Atlantic Ocean, the use of Coconut Fiber was not accessible to them

        It is interesting that the “Free Masons” choice and use of Coconut Fiber was by no means an accident, as the coir fiber is relatively waterproof, and is one of the few natural fibers resistant to damage by saltwater. By bonding Coconut Fiber with clay and ash (from the burning of their ships), they produced a strong sealant which would last a very long time.

        I would like to call for a more recent carbon dating to be done on the found Coconut Fibers

        • Hank Wanky

          While the free mason stuff is interesting (and maybe they were behind all of this), one of the most important books about Oak Island was written by Reginald V. Harris, who was a 33rd degree mason in Nova Scotia. I haven’t read the book, only references by others, but he chronicled the history of the treasure hunt, correct? Wouldn’t he have known about any masonic connection and if the masons had removed any treasure in the past?

          • Robot

            The Free Masons’ organization today and before , is very different from the re-established 1717ad English Masons of Washington Shirley and Benjamin Franklin.
            I do not believe that Reginald V. Harris was aware of this theory prior to his death.
            It has taken many years to unravel this connection to the Free Masons.
            I do credit him for a very important find which is the corner stone for the rediscovery of the lost cavern.
            When the final chapter is revealed he will receive his credit.

          • Arthur Irving

            RV Harris was a member and Master of St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 1 and that was why I commented that we would have known if there had been any relocation. there was a stone found in annapolis royal with what appears to be a square and compass, with the date 1306 on it if that helps you.

        • jerry satter

          the rock told how to rebuild the pit after it was burned

        • jerry satter

          coconut fibers were leftover debris they threw into the bay

          • Arthur Irving

            Most of NS was clear cut some one hundred to two hundred years ago for the french, english spanish etc. as their own forests and types of wood for strength were over exploited back then as found in Point Pleasant park during the hurricane, all trees were second growth from around one hundred and eighty years ago.

      • disqus_HiRqE6Oj0d


    • Applied Science

      Hi robot. I have read your posts on here and agree with much of what you have to say. The only part I question is the removal of the treasure. You state that lights are what attracted McGinnis to the island, as the Masons were removing the treasure. The problem is, wouldn’t McGinnis and his friends have discovered the spot where they just dug a 20 foot deep hole on the other side of the island where you claim the actual vault is? Instead the spot they thought was peculiar was the money pit site where what appeared to be a sinkhole with a block hanging from a tree. One would think they searched the whole island, as it is realativly small. I for one think the exact location was lost to time and that it remains on the island wherever that may be. Also very strange that all of a sudden 2 members of Rick and Marty’s team are Freemasons. I think they are looking for it too and want to keep it a secret. As you state the Masons of today are not the same as the old world members so none of them in America would have been privy to the knowledge. Thank you for your time and I welcome a theory.

      • Robot

        Yes, I agree that when the American Freemasons brought their ships to Oak Island in 1795 to retrieve their treasures it was these ships lights that were visible to the early discoverers of Oak Island.
        These Freemasons knew exactly where to make the entry hole to the Treasure Vault.
        It was easy to camouflage this entry, I would presume a large bolder is where this entry is.
        What I have never divulged (until now) is that this Treasure Vault is really located, I would presume from my calculations to the Star – Gamma Cassiopeia roughly 50 feet off the Island under the ocean.
        The Cornish Tin Miners were expert miners and in Cornwall, England would tunnel under the ocean, at times so near the ocean floor one could hear the waves inside their tunnels.
        This to date has prevented any modern treasure hunters from using radar or sensors to locate it.
        The entry hole made by the Freemasons would have been a gradual sloping hole down into the Vault.
        The Money Pit was an obvious bait taken by these treasure hunters and all the past treasure hunters to date.
        Once the water trap was sprung and the door closed it was as good as Fort Knox locking out any unlawful entry to proceed down it and once again up into the Treasure Vault.

        • Joe Scales

          Certifiable. Truly certifiable…

      • Robot

        Yes, It was the American Freemason’s ships lights which were seen by the first discoverers when these Freemasons returned for their treasurers.
        They knew the precise location of their Treasure Vault and all they had to do was dig a small inclined entry into it and camouflage this entry with rocks or vegetation.
        I will divulge here that I now show the location for this Treasure Vault to be located at the tip of the North/West end of the Island and to be located roughly 50 feet off shore.
        Their marker Star Gamma Cassiopeia shows with the triangulation this to be the fact.
        The Cornish Tin Miners dug tunnels in Cornwall out under the ocean’s floor looking for tin.
        Some were noted to have been so close to the ocean’s floor that you could hear the waves inside them.
        This is why to date no treasure hunter has been able to locate this Vault from the surface by sonar or metal detecting.
        The Money Pit played its part as bait to the earlier discoverers and most all treasurer hunters to this day, as they spent their time and effort trying to dig this obvious location up while all along like the doors to Fort Knox it was tripped and sealed to all intruders protecting any entry through it up into the Treasure Vault.

        • Applied Science

          Your theory about a tunnel upwards from the money pit, that was never intended to be used again, is interesting and plausible. I don’t doubt the skills of the miners at the time and digging under the ocean is possible, especially in clay which is almost impervious to water. However it seems unlikely in my opinion the Masons would have been able to excavate a pit under water on the ocean floor in one night. Did they have under water breathing equipment in 1795? Seems like a large undertaking for the time period. I believe the treasure, whatever it may be, is at the money pit area. Digging a vertical hole that deep to bedrock would have been a huge project at the time. My concern at this time is that the treasure may have been destroyed by all the digging and core drilling done over the years. If it was manuscripts buried down there, they are surely lost. One drill bit is reported to come up with parchment on it.

          • Robot

            No, they would have entered this Vault from an inclined entry starting on the “Shore” and going down under the ocean floor.
            Once again!
            Nothing is at the bottom of the Money Pit except the collection of garbage placed there by these Freemasons.

          • Robot

            The American Freemasons only had to make a small inclining trench from the shore down into the Treasure Vault offshore.
            Once they had removed the treasure they could push the excess dirt down into the vault and camouflage the entrance.

    • Arthur Irving

      You really don’t know what you speak on. Masons swear an allegiance to the Queen and the royal family as has been since inception.It doesn’t matter if your an american Mason, a british mason, Canadian, chinese, russian, etc. All take the same oath of allegiance. I honestly believe that those who believe this are from the same stock as those who persecuted the templars in 1306-11 Aka Friday the thirteenth. The Catholic church has persecuted masons and projected us as masons only because they were denied the treasures which were their own. All Masons or Templars in the beginning times had their own fortunes, and the system they devised Aka Banking system, protected travelers from not only thieves but those appointed by the church to pursue taxes levied which was normally everything a traveler had with them and for the greater good of God, Remember that Templars were the ones who protected the beliefs of God, not the church. And there is more on the Catholic Church being the devil’s advocate as there is about Masons wanting to control the planet. When have you seen the church give much or anything but pittance to the poor or the needy. while the masons take a vow to protect the Poor and needy and have demonstrated this without asking to ever be mentioned in their efforts even to present day. So please get a unbiased opinion or study of what you speak before you put your words in motion.

    • GA NonPartisan

      Why leave the treasure behind in the first place? Very few people ever buried treasure, including pirates. And when they did, it was under dire circumstances when they didn’t have time for anything else. An endeavor of this magnitude would certainly take some time. Also, any evidence supporting your theory is based on hearsay as there is no documentation of McGinnis’s claim or any other evidence whatsoever at Oak Island pointing to a treasure repository. The evidence isn’t lost, there’s no evidence that it existed in the first place. This is a money pit, but only because there was never anything there to be found in the first place. Like several Templar/Mason legends, there’s never a shred of evidence to support these theories. All of these so-called secret societies are patently absurd, creating these “legends” to attempt to foster mystery about their members.

      • Robot

        I can answer the one question you did ask of me.

        In 1762 during the Seven Years’ War between France and Spain against England it was appearing that England was outgunned and could lose this war.

        The Freemasons knew what happened to Countries and especially Secret Societies that were sacked by their conquerors.

        They made a decision to build Oak Island as a depository for all their treasures and these Treasures would remain there until the situation changed, or the Americans (as what eventually happened) convinced them that they should be the new protectors of the Freemason’s Treasury.

        • Joe Scales

          Robot, you imbecile, the 7 Years War was fought mainly in the various colonies and central Europe. Though the French at one time may have planned to invade Britain simply to pressure them to give up the fight, it wasn’t realistic at the time, nor was any possible conquest of England. Fringe theorists such as yourself with no applicable education simply pollute the internet with this garbage, making up history to suit your rather insane speculative purposes. Do the human race a favor and read a real book by an author with true academic credentials.

  • Scotty Wilson

    Go to Homedepot.com & type in ECHO Pas in the search ~ These attachments I have used in clearing an acre of over growth ~ 3 of those attachments I believe would do you wonders in clearing the muck out of the swamp ~ Along with an extension or 2 ~ I’d love to come muck around but I’m poor ~ Get er Done (;o{> Grappling hooks & long tow chains might go faster ~ Be Safe

  • Keith McFarlane

    Hello Marty et al you adventurous and yes perhaps obsessed folks.
    I have been privileged enough to be able to watch the programs regarding your quest for treasure or whatever on Oak Island on the History Channel, which I have watched with great interest recently here in Trinidad W.I.
    I have been on an extended contract, working in the Oil & Gas Industry (3D Designer) here in Trinidad for just shy of 10 Years and 10 years rotational contract in Nigeria West Africa prior to that.and am due to head back home to Scotland next week, after which….who knows.
    One thought has come to my mind which you may consider stupid and wasteful of your time, but I thought , why don’t you guys just sink a couple of steel Caissons (say 15ft Diameter) down both the money pit & site 10x or whatever. Doing so, would isolate any inflow of liquids from any tricky boreholes or whatever, that who knows refined and manufactured.

  • Duke Pethes

    Hey Rick & Marty, are there going to be more episodes after the find? Let me know please

  • phil martorelli

    I too have been interested in Oak Island for many years and would like to see you solve the mystery. Nobody will go through all the trouble to dig a money pit then bury a treasure somewhere else. That said, I also don’t think anyone would dig a deep hole, put a treasure on the bottom, then build flood tunnels that when activated would flood the pit so much that even they could not retrieve the treasure. Somewhere above where the flood tunnels were activated they dug a horizontal tunnel, built a vault, sealed the treasure, then back filled the tunnel. I would guess that the tunnel runs towards the opposite side of the island. I would use ground penetrating equipment, and start about 50 feet away from the pit to try and cross paths with the shaft. If ground penetrating doesn’t go deep enough I would excavate a trench to seek deeper depths. Good luck, Phil

  • Paige Baker

    Just a question. What if the reason that there are hits and then no hits on the metal detectors, is that the treasure is floating on something? I was just thinking on the points as underground tunnel systems, and that idea come up.

    • Robot

      If the deciphering on the marker stone at level 8 was correct and the treasure contains 2 Million pounds of gold, then the weight of this would definitely not float.
      It would also show up as quite a noticeable hit on any metal detector.
      The sensitivity of these metal detectors may have been hitting junk metal spread out over the swamp.
      If the quantity of gold is correct, it would represent 24 million troy ounces of gold, valued today at over 40 Billion Dollars
      This is not including collector’s value on rare coinage.

  • rose morgan

    I thought the last pieces of rock that were pulled up from the swamp looked like they would match the pieces of rock in the shape of a diamond on the map. I also thought the map from the metal detecting experts that showed the red and orange was reliable. I hope you guys find whatever the red from that map indicates because that was what looked the most promising. Best of luck, we’re all pulling for you.

  • Beatrice

    When will the series return????

  • jerry satter

    i dont think the treasure hunter brothers look at this website they have not answered one question

    • Evan Perry

      Hi Jerry,
      The Lagina’s certainly don’t manage this page; they may look at it, but I wouldn’t expect any responses from the two.
      Evan Perry

  • jim capps

    During the last meeting at the end of the series I saw a group of men seated around a table wearing poker faces and Mona Lisa smiles. I feel they were hiding the fact they believed they had found a cache of treasure and maybe a way into the “Money Pitt” tunnels without digging. This is my impression and there were events during the last show to support this hypothesis. Rick went out in the swamp with a metal rod to probe for the “Misery stone”. He was accompanied by the metal detector representative. They located a signal with the metal detector they had with them. Rick found a sizable flat surface under the water that was over and around the source of the signal. He was so excited he jumped in and stood on what I believe he said was a stone surface. The other guy jumped in with him and stood there outlining the signal with his detector. Rick later approached Marty with their discovery stating they found “The Vault”. They went back to the swamp and cleaned out the area and found a coin as well as exploring the area with the large detector. The group met again and discussed the amazing results of their survey. They returned with a diver who removed a couple of rocks and debri. I feel he also outlined the stone surface they were standing on but did not reveal this while they were filming. Rick feverishly cleared the area to assist in this endeavor. They ended with the signal mysteriously disappearing. I believe this was a rouge to close the story so they can later come back with the right equipment to remove the large stone cover of “the Vault” and possibly discover a way into the tunnels. If i am correct i would recommend continued secrecy. Beware of men in black suits and sun glasses, soldiers without insignias and black helicopters without numbers. I have enjoyed your escapades so far and look forward to further coverage of your endeavors.

  • Robot

    One has to ascertain how much past evidence, affidavits and historical stories are required or needed to convince and prove ones’ theories to others.

    It would compare to the Billions of people today who believe in their found Faith through recorded stories, without providing the claimed ancient hard evidence (Ark of the Covenant, Holy Grail, Rod of Moses and Golden Tablets, etc.).

    Like Heinrich Schliemann’s discovery of Troy from his theory that Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid was a true story, other searchers have also found laid up treasures from believing in recorded stories.

    Yes it is important, but not necessary to locate and prove past evidence.

    It is more important and necessary to proceed with investigating from these stories to try and locate “new” evidence that will help prove or disprove the existence of a treasure buried at Oak Island.

    Time is of the essence that we move ahead to try and solve this mystery before nature by the threat of global warming with rising ocean waters, destructive storms, lost existing markers, or encroaching land developments all hinder future possibilities.

    I commend the Lagina brothers with their faith in these stories and with them committing their time, effort and resources to try to confirm it.

    I trust the knowledgeable discussions on forums like this will help add to it and hope to add new evidence with my recently researched theory as to where I believe the Treasure Vault is located.

  • Evan Perry

    Hi all,

    Thanks for keeping this forum alive. I wanted to give a little follow up about the show:

    The Curse of Oak Island has resumed filming as of early 2014—the show was picked up for another season by the History Channel. I’m not sure how many episodes will be broadcast for the second season, and I also don’t know when it will be televised. However, it’s a conservative guess that the next season will run from 8 to 13 episodes (based on my assuming the History Channel would want to expand the length of the season) and that it will be broadcast in the winter, as most of the filming and excavation/exploration work will take place in the summer of 2014.

    I also want to say that the Laginas and those attached to the Oak Island excavation do not review the contents of this page; Marty, Craig and Shari were very nice to do the interview, but they are very busy will other, more pedestrian projects.

    I can say with certainty that the Laginas, Testers, and all involved with this project are motivated by discovery and transparency—the very notion of their having a TV show evinces their willingness to share their results with the public. So speculate as you please; just be aware that their work is framed as a TV show, so of course certain information that one might expect to be obvious may be withheld for dramatic purposes. Those participating in this forum are likely to be the most interested in actively learning about Oak Island and its history, but the TV show is designed to appeal to a much wider audience. While I would love to personally discover more about the goings-on at Oak Island by speaking with the Laginas et al., I prefer to allow the show to speak for itself. Ultimately: In Rick I Trust.

    Evan Perry

  • Evan Perry

    Hi all,

    Thanks for keeping this forum alive. I wanted to give a little follow up about the show:

    The Curse of Oak Island has resumed filming as of early 2014—the show was picked up for another season by the History Channel. I’m not sure how many episodes will be broadcast for the second season, and I also don’t know when it will be televised. However, it’s a conservative guess that the next season will run from 8 to 13 episodes (based on my assuming the History Channel would want to expand the length of the season) and that it will be broadcast in the winter, as most of the filming and excavation/exploration work will take place in the summer of 2014.

    I also want to say that the Laginas and those attached to the Oak Island excavation do not review the contents of this page; Marty, Craig and Shari were very nice to do the interview, but they are very busy will other, notably more pedestrian projects. I wouldn’t recommend attempting to contact them.

    I can say with certainty that the Laginas, Testers, and all involved with this project are motivated by discovery and transparency—the very notion of their having a TV show evinces their willingness to share their results with the public. So speculate as you please; just be aware that their work is framed as a TV show, so of course certain information that one might expect to be obvious may be withheld for dramatic purposes. Those participating in this forum are likely to be the most interested in actively learning about Oak Island and its history, but the TV show is designed to appeal to a much wider audience. While I would love to personally discover more about the goings-on at Oak Island by speaking with the Laginas et al., I prefer to allow the show to speak for itself. Ultimately: In Rick I Trust.


    Evan Perry
    [email protected]

  • Robot

    Why Pirates had little need to build the Money Pit

    With my theory I believe “Pirates” did not play a part in the building of the Money Pit at Oak Island.

    Pirates had little need to build a private bank such as the Money Pit at Oak Island when there were more than enough Banks, Financial Houses and Merchants living in New York during this time period to accommodate them.

    Pirates such as Every, Morgan, Tew and the famous Captain Kidd bribed New York’s governors for protection and used these Financial Houses to launder their treasure. Captain Every was so prolific at this that he was one of the few pirates to retire back to an estate in England with benefits.

    Many of the men we call pirates today were legal privateers acting with the full blessings of England.
    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”
    It was only if they attacked British ships or after England signed peace treaties with their enemies were these privateers labeled again as pirates.

    During the Golden Age of Piracy many of these famous Pirates chose to live in New York while Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon was appointed as colonial governor (1701 – 1708).
    Governor Hyde’s flamboyant manner of dressing was only surpassed by his reputation as the worst corrupt governor Britain ever appointed to an American colony.

    Captain Kidd lived in a mansion in New York and was also involved with the construction of Trinity Church.

    It was only later when England proceeded to rid their colonies of this corruption and pirating that many moved on.

    England encouraged loyalist merchants and privateers to move to Nova Scotia as part of their reaction against the growing revolution in the American colonies and these colonies’ willing acceptance to trade with France and Spain against British embargos.

    Many British privateers operating out of Lunenburg Nova Scotia attacked these ships and used Halifax merchants similar to those operating in New York to exchange their booty with.

  • Robot

    Please view my posted Freemason’s Celestial Map showing the location of the “Treasure Vault” on Oak Island.


    Unlike a Pirate’s Map written on a piece of paper with trees and rocks for markers, my research shows that the 18th Century Freemasons were far too intelligent to rely on any man made printed maps or natural markers to relocate their Treasure Vault.

    The treasure they buried was far too precious to be subject to possible destruction from the actions of man or nature.

    These Freemasons were navigators, astronomers, and mathematicians who I believe used indestructible Celestial Markers for their map.

    I believe from my research that they used such a map for their Treasure Vault at Oak Island.

    This Celestial Map was derived from their past Grand Master of Freemasonry and their esteemed member of the Royal Society of London, Sir Francis Bacon.

    Francis Bacon left many clues to where this treasure would be located and on following these I believe I have located where the Treasure Vault at Oak Island is.

    I used my computer’s 18th Century’s Celestial Program with the time and dates supplied by Bacon’s clues to reconstruct the markers the Freemasons left behind, the location of the Money Pit and the final destination of the Treasure Vault.

    Final proof would require persuading the Lagina brothers or Fred Nolan (if this specified location is on his property) to proceed with digging the necessary 20 foot hole.

  • Robot

    Time is of the essence that we move ahead to try and solve this mystery before nature by the threat of global warming with rising ocean waters, destructive storms, lost existing markers, or encroaching land developments all hinder future possibilities.

    Or with today’s announcement – The Government of Canada!


  • Bill McCuan

    have you dove around the island to look for an entrance

  • Ellen

    I beleive the oak island mystery was a water treatment set up to treat black water to provide a constant source of grey or even fresh water nessesary for sea going trips. The oaks were for ship repair or housing.

  • Steven Clark

    Marty, I work in construction and have built some structures below a water line. Have you thought of building a Caisson around a small area like where you found the “8” coin? That way you could pump the water out of just that one area and see exactly what your digging around. That way you would not have to drain that entire swamp, just the enclosed area.

  • Justin Barrie

    I work as a welding and gas distributor and have a couple ideas. I’m sure someone has come up with this but just in case, I wanted you to see it. I believe you could cap 10x and fill it with gas in order to push the water out and produce bubbles on the surface above any potential vents. The process would be rather simple assuming the existing shaft has a good seal. A flat sheet or better yet domed cap would be placed over the existing shaft. A valve would be placed on the cap for filling. If resources allow a camera with a winch could be installed below the cap to track progress. The chamber then could be tested for potential outflow by dumping a few small tanks into the pit to determine the resistance so you will know what amount of gas will be needed to completely flush the chambers. From this point there are a few options.
    Nitrogen 12 pak. A steady flow unit capable of delivering 1968 cubic feet of nitrogen. Second would be gp’s (gas packs). Stored as a liquid these cylinders deliver 5500 cubic feet of nitrogen but are a little slower due to the gas having to evaporate in the cylinder but they are available in 500 psi output units. 4 or five of these tanks should be able to push that water down as long as there aren’t too many ways out. Finally is the nuclear option. You could have a liquid nitrogen tanker hook up and dump the entire load into the shaft. That should push all of the water out and leave a distinctive sign on the surface as to where any vents might be. Ideally a helicopter would be on site to verify and mark outlet points

    • Robot

      There has been over 40 tunnels, shafts, drilled holes, some horizontal shafts, all in the vicinity of the original Money Pit Shaft.

      Today they are not even sure of which hole is the original shaft.

      My map does locate where the original shaft once existed.

      One of the best engineering reports written is by John Whitney Lewis with his notes of 1957.


      It corroborates with others that the Money Pit’s depth was 171 feet.
      Numerous drilled holes showed that the bedrock was located around the 230 foot level.

      My theory is that Cornish Miners dug the pit down to bedrock and then built their spiral tunnel to the Treasure Vault at the 105 foot level
      This was a spiral circular tunnel 3 feet 10 inches wide by 6 feet 4 inches high. It conforms with Cornish Tin Miner’s specs whom I believe dug these tunnels.
      They would pull the treasure on wooden sleds (one was found on Oak Island) behind them in a spiral low incline formation up to the Treasure Vault.

      The stone inscription stated what one would find “2 million pounds 40 feet below in this shaft”.
      When it was translated as 2 million pounds what it really meant was 2 million pounds of metal

      The Freemasons needed a location to dispose of all the metal canons, ballast, and parts from the scuttled Spanish Galleons, their buried patriots, and other evidence.

      One must look North West of the Money Pit to find the final location of this spiral tunnel’s destination!

  • Robot

    The Flood Tunnels found on Oak Island
    The ingeniously engineered flood tunnels were added after the Money Pit Shaft and the Treasure Vault was built.

    I believe these 5 tunnels funneling into 1 from Smith’s Cove and the possible same tunnels from South Shore Cove were the design of James Brindley (1716-1772).

    James Brindley was a master engineer in Britain who used the technique of “puddling” for the construction of canals and later for dams.

    Puddling is the process of lining a channel with puddle clay to create a watertight barrier.
    Puddle clay can be described as (blue clay) which was found in abundance within the Money Pit Shaft and these Tunnels.
    Blue clay is not indigenous to Oak Island and no previous explanation as to its purpose for being there has ever been explained. (Note coincidentally a thread on this forum discussing Blue Clay)

    The unique ocean tide associated with Oak Island allowed the workers to build these 5 tunnels out into the bay while the tide was out.

    In order that these tunnels did not fill up with debris with each tidal movement a filtering system was devised.
    This consisted of the (famed) coconut fibers along with rocks, gravel and eelgrass.
    Eelgrass was used in Europe and especially in Holland to seal dikes.

    The construction of the main tunnel met up with the 5 feeder tunnels at a junction box just a short distance from the shore.
    This junction box was located in the 1800’s when a local cow fell through the ground and had to be rescued.

    The final construction of this booby trap prior to the back fill of the Money Pit Shaft was the placement of the air lock at level 8.
    Once this was sprung the Money Pit Shaft was destroyed with the ocean water filling the Pit up to the water table.

    Fortunately, the treasure would always remain dry and secure up in the Treasure Vault until ready for it to be retrieved.

    • nicole

      Do you belive they will do more shows of the curse of oak island because it seems to have no info on anymore shows.

      • Robot

        Hi Nicole

        Evan Perry stated 3 months ago

        “The Curse of Oak Island has resumed filming as of early 2014—the show was picked up for another season by the History Channel. I’m not sure how many episodes will be broadcast for the second season, and I also don’t know when it will be televised. However, it’s a conservative guess that the next season will run from 8 to 13 episodes (based on my assuming the History Channel would want to expand the length of the season) and that it will be broadcast in the winter, as most of the filming and excavation/exploration work will take place in the summer of 2014.”

        I am hoping that after they have tried searching the swamp they will concentrate on the northern part of the island where i show my clues to the location of the Treasure Vault.

    • Joe Scales

      Five Fingers? Two words: salt works.

  • matt

    I figured it out!!! Holy shit I figured it out! Thanks to mathematics I figured out how to get to the bottom.

  • matt

    You may think I’m nuts but I solved the riddle….. 12 years of studying this phenomenon and I finally got the answer. It may only be a theory but it all comes together please listen to me. Don’t dig anymore it won’t get u there. That’s what they want u to do the more u dif the worse it gets. The first thing u have to do to get there is so simple the math adds up and I promise this will work no matter how many water traps are present. There’s many man made traps to disguise the simplicity of the riddle they left years ago. Please don’t think I’m nuts I really figured this out and no one has to die. Gosh I can’t believe I wasted so much of my life for such a simple answer. Have those Lvaginas brothers contact me.

  • matt

    Oh freaking auto correct! Lagina brothers

  • timothy clifford

    Hello my name is Timothy Clifford and could possibly have some vital information for you and your partners not only will it give you a better outline of the island for the time period in witch whatever is laying beneath the surface but a more direct path for the future your can email me at [email protected]

  • edward diaz

    I like the number 8 pirate/spanish coin they found on oak island. I also like the fact that they have a new member working with them who is an expert in studying William Shakespeare.

    • Robot

      The Spanish 8 coin sells regularly on eBay for .99 cents


      Although Petter Amundsen is a well respected authority on Sir Francis Bacon’s connection to William Shakespeare, he is wrong as to where the Freemasons “Treasure Vault” is located.

      From deciphering Sir Francis Bacon’s clues the Treasure Vault lies at the opposite end of the Island.

    • Joe Scales

      There are only self-proclaimed experts on that show. In the best case scenario you could call them enthusiasts. Worst case? Outright frauds.

  • edward diaz

    Did John Wayne try to explore the island too one time?

    • Robot

      No he was did not!
      He was an investor in a drilling company out of California which was used to try a drill hole on the island.
      The Drill was not successful and was a disappointment to the investors.

      • Joe Scales

        Investors have been disappointed for about two hundred years now concerning Oak Island. These days, the investment is in television ratings and fooling the gullible to believe in a fairy tale.

  • Guest

    I saw the show and the hebrew manara is supposed to be underground.

    • Robot

      Please show!

  • edward diaz

    The hebrew menorah candles is supposed to be underground of oak island.

  • Ron white

    Have you consider building an air lock over the shaft. Then using compress air you can push out the water to excavate the bottom of the shaft. This was used building the Holland Tunnel

  • Ron white

    Have you consider building an air lock over the shaft. Then using compress air you can push out the water to excavate the bottom of the shaft. This was used building the Holland Tunnel

  • Steven Mazal

    Is there anyway I can join you all in the search. I Have been reading this for years and BELIEVE there’s somthing there please contact me at [email protected] if possible thanks best regards steven

  • Stacy Bruner

    I just watched the episode with the Norwegian film maker who’s name escapes me at the moment & found what he presented compelling especially if there was truly a Freemason/Templar connection. My thought is that perhaps the points on the Tree of Life are like tumblers in a combination lock, so only those who knew whereabouts of each point, the correct combination & the order in which to trip them could access the treasure without the booby traps being tripped. Those who have been digging and searching all these years don’t have that key, they aren’t in that 33 degree club. I have a feeling that even if they could figure out the combination that members of that club I mentioned already likely moved whatever that treasure was someplace else. They always seem to be several steps ahead.

  • Martin Stenger

    I was just watch the episode that talked about how a prior experiment was carried out using dye. I believe that should be repeated, but this time use different colors for each hole. Have divers in the water watching for exactly where the dye comes out of. I also recall the excavation of a pirate ship. The ship was in sixteen feet of water. They built a retaining wall around the ship and then pumped the water out. It worked rather well. I think if you do a sound echo imaging you will get a better idea of what is exactly there buried under the swamp. First I suggest that you do the dye first. But it might be easier to keep the water out if it is frozen. Ice is easier to handle than water. Also if it was buried by who you think it was i would be paying attention to mathematics. Good luck happy hunting. Stay safe. Hope i have given you some ideas.

  • Gene

    Marty, as a retired maritime engineer why not cap the bore hole and pressure test it and see where the air comes out. We use to pressure test ships compartments at 2 psi and also use air pressure to blow water out of a flooded compartment. I believe this would work with your bore hole. I am looking forward to your solving this age old saga and if this helps you then all the better.


    they have played the odience, marty and craig have already found the treasure. they have enough money to escavate area. and work the swamp like la brea tar pits with beams and pumps, use escavaters, and their combined knowledge, so their liars, i can see through the lies. I am an engineer. these guys are just screwin around and not geting the job done right. IDIOTS!

  • Joshua Carter

    Hey Marty and Rick,

    Have you every thought to try to dig a diversion ditch next to the triangle swamp?? By first digging a pond like hole then when its completely dug, connect the swamp and drainage pond by digging a connecting canal etc. I would dig it from both ways and then break the dam or dig out the earth separated the swamp and pond. I believe that would divert the water enough to allow you guys to work around the swamp etc. Also, the area that you dig the retention pond, should or could also serve as a side excavation! By that I mean; even though you are only digging the pond for drainage, it still is a part of Oak Island being dug up. So, maybe you will find something there as well. Just a thought. I have a lot of other ideas that could help. My name is Joshua Ray Blankenship. I live in Jacksonville Florida. I am 29 years old. I use the name Joshua Carter as a stage name for my music etc. Its a family name and my mothers real last name. I have 2 uncles named Dan and David Blankenship too! Kinda funny. I’m not sure at all if I’m related to the Oak Island Blankenships. I know they used to live in Florida. And Dave looks a lot like my Uncle Danny too. Anyway, I hope you guys see this in time. Good luck! You guys are living out your childhood dreams and you all have already done enough to spark the people interest in the legend of Oak Island, and enough to get your names in the legend of the Island as well! So, don’t give up at all.

    Look all over the island too! One of my theories is that if the Island was a ship wreck type event or scenario. Then maybe the sailors, captain, crew etc, hid the treasure until they could return. I know that’s what some people have already said. But, I you think about it. It could be or could of been; that way back when the Money Pit was created, the captain or someone in charge would of possibly hid the real treasure or gold or money etc from the rest of the crew or pirates or whomever. Guarding it maybe. But maybe they were up to stealing it from their own men, or crew, or partners, or even their Kind!!!

    Think about it. Why would you risk or even expend the time to build the Money Pit trap/device etc? Even if you planned to return someday. Perhaps the captain or leader, had a fake treasure. either fake gold (which has been found there before too) or just empty treasure chest filled with rocks etc. Maybe the Captain scuttled the Ship on purpose, just like the Pirate Black Beard did to his ship, when he purposely stranded most of his own crew on a sand bar so that he would have to share the treasure with so many people.

    Maybe the Oak Island Situation is a similar situation to Black Beards betrayal of his own crew! It could of even been planned years or months in advanced. With another get away ship stashed close by to Oak Island. So that the captain and his inner circle to use to get away with the treasure. I mean its not that hard to imagine a Spanish treasure Galley captain getting the idea to steal the god etc from the King and split for good. He would be in the New World and that would be a good place to hid and lay low for a while. Also, to be able to melt down the gold and silver so disguise the origin of the Gold bars, coins, chains. silver and whatever treaure was there.

    Maybe the men building the Money Pit were being distracted by being ordered to dig and build the island many traps, pits, tunnels, box drains, coconut fiber beach, man made swamp, etc. Some people even say the Money Pit was build using slaves. So, the captain or officers would have no problem hiding the treasure, and no reason to have to show the worker or slaves anything at all. Just give them treasure chest full of fake gold or just rocks for the weight. Then the Money Pit would be completed, holding a false treasure. Giving a false sense of security to those involved, because of the man-power needed to recover the treasure from the pit. Also, the knowledge of the many booby traps or tricks that guard the treasure. So, they would be thinking to themselves, that they are really burying a real treasure, because nobody would waste the time and effort etc, to bury and safeguard nothing!

    Have you ever thought about the fact that to build the Money Pit and surrounding site, it would require many many men for workers, planning of engineers, Oak Trees seeds or saplings, the coconut fiber, and the time and effort to construct the Money Pit etc, The ship or ships to get to the island etc?! Where would they get it if it was just one ship that accidentally wrecked there??

    Is it possible that there were 2 or more ships that wrecked there? Think about it. What if the other ships were not treasure ships but slave ships, supply ships, or military ships for protection of the one treasure ship etc. That would explain where they got the supplies, Oak trees, Slaves or workers, coconut fibers, timber etc. Maybe the Oak trees that were planted there, were a visual marker. But, maybe they were being transported back to Europe for gardens etc and were just planted there because the ships needed to be partially unloaded to make room for the extra men and crew of the wrecked treasure ship!

    Otherwise, the Money Pit builders would of either left the island and returned with the supplies needed to build the Money Pit and other stuff etc. or just so happened to have them on a treasure ship! Why and how would they ever leave and come back for the treasure if they had a way to leave the island and go home in the first place.

    Like I said before, what if the captain or captains of a few different ships were in cahoots with each other to steal the Kings treasure. If there was only one ship there to start, then maybe the captain and his cohorts had a ship or ships stashed near or on the island to help them get away and leave the crew there digging a Money Pit and burying fake treasure. Meanwhile, their captain and his officers etc, were stealing the real treasure and using the stashed ship to get away!

    Perhaps, that is why the Money Pit was never dug up by the people who buried it! Isn’t that weird? It would take many many people to construct and create the Money Pit. So, why wouldn’t at least one of them ever come back for the treasure they knew was there??

    Maybe the Money Pit was a diversion, and the real treasure is hidden off the coast or on another surrounding island or another part of Oak Island even!! Perhaps, the crooked captain had his crew and men building the Money Pit and gave them treasure chests full of worthless rocks etc, while he hid the real treasure somewhere near the Money Pit, but much much easier to retrieve and recover. Even in a place that only a few or even just one or two men could dig up and recover the treasure fairly quickly and easily. That way, the rest of the crew would be convinced that the treasure was safe until they ALL came back to get it eventually. Yet, maybe the captain and/or officers jumped ship somewhere on the way back home to get the salvage ship. Maybe they jumped ship with a stranger or even a partner that they planned to come across on the way back home. They could of even had that other ship or ships supplied and ready to dig up the real treasure that is hidden on or near the Island etc. Then they could just hurry back to Oak Island area and recover the treasure themselves without the help or knowledge of the crew and men that helped to dig and build the Money Pit! They would then be free to go spend the treasure however they wish!

    So, what I’m saying is that maybe the Money Pit is a Diversion and Distraction!!! But not to fool the people of this time, but to fool the very people that dug and constructed the Money Pit Itself!!! Otherwise, why would the Money Pit never have been dug up by at lease one person that helped put it there? Maybe they never returned because when they saw or realized that the Captain had jumped ship or left them there even, they realized then or a little bit later that he had betrayed them and stolen the real treasure. Therefor they never returned to Oak Island to dig it up or even if they were stranded there by the captain. They would realize they never actually saw the treasure itself being buried or put into the Money Pit, therefore they didn’t even try to dig it up while they were right there on the island. They just realized they god screwed and just tried to get home and cut their loses etc!

    Thanks! Joshua Ray Blanksnship 2014

  • cynthia

    why don’t you look into it might just save you money and time :
    Satellite Images Provide Blueprint for Ancient Egypt By Jennie Cohen Satellites orbiting 400 miles above earth have revealed numerous hidden ancient sites across Egypt, including 17 pyramids, 1,000 tombs and 3,100 settlements, the BBC reported this week. The pioneering project, which fused cutting-edge infrared imaging with the historically low-tech field of archaeology, was funded by a grant from the BBC and spearheaded by Sarah Parcak, an Egyptologist and assistant professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


    Satellites orbiting 400 miles above
    earth have revealed numerous hidden ancient sites across Egypt, including 17
    pyramids, 1,000 tombs and 3,100 settlements, the BBC reported this week. The
    pioneering project, which fused cutting-edge infrared imaging with the
    historically low-tech field of archaeology, was funded by a grant from the BBC
    and spearheaded by Sarah Parcak, an Egyptologist and assistant professor at the
    University of Alabama at Birmingham.

  • cynthia

    Rick & Marty this is interesting how they have found they have also found ancient cities etc. also under water etc.

  • Leroy Kirbie Jr.

    Craig I dont know if u know what what witching is mbut I have used it to find lots of things under grown from water lines a elet. Lines u can find a water hose that has nothing in it u have to beleave that it will work I know it dose I have dont it for over 40 years I can not say it would work for u but the water going in the money hole if there is more then 1 way the water is getting in I can find the way it is getting in my number is 8177277919 my nane is leroy

  • Leroy Kirbie Jr.

    If there is mine shafts it will find them as well

  • marcuslucky

    I have an idea how to dig the site without water falling
    back in. My name is marcus lucky iam from sc iam an x Marine ant way if
    you would use metal plate that are wavey and pile them into the ground
    around the site so that it makes a squre around the site then remove
    the the dirt at each level using pumps as you go weld the plates
    together once first level it met pump water out so the welding can be
    done. Then place mover of the plate on top pf other plates and continue
    until dept is reached. there will be a loto of water until you reach
    below water level that feeds the site, pump out remining water and there
    you go the plates can be removed and relocated if needed. the important
    thing is rthe design of the plates they must over lap. Well tell me
    what yu think i can make a model if need be my email is [email protected] thanks and good luck

    • Ed Hellwig

      For a marine, your english is terrible but I think you are on the right track. Rick is using the same technique that engineers use to dig down to weld sewer & water pipes together. The squares of wood, if they are are strong enough, will allow them to pump out the water them protect them from mud slides while digging deeper pits in the swamp. I wish them the best of luck & wonder if they have considered using ” honeycomb” to support the drilling rig when drilling in softer soil. The company I worked for in 1969-1970 tried to Get a government contract to make honeycomb. Although we could not meet government specs. We still created a very strong landing platform for

  • joey pittman

    Well my name is Joey Pittman and I work for a drilling company called Terra Sonic International…….and we specialize in pulling up core samples from ground surface, up to 500 feet, or more. We use a vibration plus rotation, to cut out pieces of the earth like a 10 ft long 4 inch in diameter, cookie cutter. Sand, clay, wood, rock we cut through it all and have an over 90 percent recovery rate. We are online so luck us up…….that’s Terra Sonic International…

    Thank you Joey Pittman

  • Sad American

    I have figured out the water system (boobie trap) The block and tackle was bait! A decoy! The system is so simple it’s brilliant! Think of the elbow under your sink. I don’t know who put it there or when but I can answer the mystery of how to get what ever is buried there. I don’t want to reveal publicly. Get me a email address or pay phone number And I will share my hypothesis. NO SHIT! I got this! It won’t cost you a thing to listen!? I can save you millions. If you find it based on my solution maybe I could get a small piece. You need to hurry I have a tumor in my chest might be nice if I could leave something for my grand kids. Think about it?

  • John

    Hi, I know how to stop your water problem, and if you find a spot you want to search underground I can help for a few dollars of course.

  • Marc

    I know what the language/writing is on the tablet you found at 90ft. You can contact me. I also know how to translate it. It may really surprise you where it originates from, although once you know, it will make perfect sense to you.

    • Marc

      By the way, I just caught one of the episodes, so I am not sure how much you have discovered or if you already know the cipher.

  • Jim Wynn

    If you notice the eight point “star” IS very similar to the original Templar cross. What if the symbol was adopted by the natives of the area because they saw it when the Templars came. I’d like to see a concerted effort at finding all the points of the “tree of Life.” I think the shaft that lies below the Mercy Point is going to be the key that leads back to the moneypit.

  • lisa gillaspie

    why don’t you guys dig while the ground is frozen that way the booby traps with sea water won’t fill in the holes? You guys could dig up a lot of swamp with it frozen.

  • Darryll Allen Devine

    I am surprised this area has not been given more attention as it is obvious the people who keep proclaiming the island is smaller than it was in the 1700’s have their own agenda’s: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/41599096?source=wapi&referrer=kh.google.com
    Could it be with the destruction previous committed by an irresponsible treasure seeker coupled with visually the island as it currently is, be masking the real treasure and truth of Oak Island as the island obviously is NOT smaller but rather larger.

  • Herman Thiele

    I recently read the book 1421 by Gavin Menzies, The year china discovered the world.
    The chinese used coconut husks to repair ships. This may be why coconut husks were found on Oak Island. Also they would build elaborate canal areas in coves so they could pull ships in for hull repair. This may be a clue to why the swamp is there. There are many interesting facts from years of research in this book.

  • Don Williams

    Not quite certain how this works, but here goes. I was checking a picture of a tablet found on Oak Island .It purported to claim that it indicate a treasure buried below the tablet- one that was not discovered at that time or since. I looked at the tablet and realized that it is actually directions that someone went to great lengths to create and is a set of directions for the layout of a “cross”, an “arc” line, and the site locations of marker post sighting holes. The box-shapeed “C” (there are three of them) locate markers on the Coast(s) that were used to establish the lines that formed a cross. The hole locations would be indicated by a “dot”. Depending upon what post hole is indicated, one or more dots was used. It even indicates the lay-out, in order of progression. of the holes and the sighting across the cleared areas- these are indicated as rectangles that almost look like the out-line of a box standing on its’ end. The second figure would have been a “location” layout indicator – part of the “legend” in the instructions. When this is laid down on a map, the “indicator-lines” that cut across the triangle would lead back “to”. or come “from”a focal point that may well have been the site where a treasure may have been buried, This site is a considerable distance to the west of where most searchers have looked for treasure.Just thought that my observations and interpretations might be of interest to someone.

  • Don Williams

    A piece of one of the large logs used in constructing the “coffer dams” should be taken to a forestry lab technician to try to determine “when” the tree was cut down for use as building material. A technician or specialist will be able to use a cross-section to cross-reference against samples that show the growth rings in the wood. They have samples that go back before we began to form our “civilizations”. Trees from all areas of the planet have identical growth rings, no matter what part of the planet they grew on. It is one factor that is consistent in plant growth and has been used previously to confirm dates, When a tree is cut down, it is no longer able to produce any circular (at least in cross-section of the trunk) growth rings. This helps to confirm the time frame when the plant was growing and to give an accurate date.

  • tseahawks208

    Curious about water level. Since water seeks its own level, what is the elevation of water in money pit with respect to sea level.

  • goose gosselin

    looking to contact marty or rick -re hand written ledger of years past while digging the money pit.

  • Don Fegan

    Hi Marty,
    Have you ever wondered why the swamp keeps filling up with water after you tried to drain it? You need to find the shut-off valve! Suppose the symbols on the tablet represent something else other than what was said? For instance, the squares would be doors, the Cs would be tunnels, the long narrow windows would be shafts; then you have two vertical lines one with a horizontal line that goes through the top portion and the other has two horizontal lines one on top and the other on the bottom. In this case, being an upper and a lower level. The tablet also shows two triangles one solid and the other that has two lines going through it. Suppose these lines represent a switch that you can’t see? In order to find it, you need to figure out where the 3,4,5 triangle lies. The hidden switch can be found adjacent to the other triangle that is visible in the lower right hand corner. Think Francis Bacon for this one. Remember, you need to find the shut off valve. Only then will it stop! Good hunting :)!

  • shep

    The 8 pointed star is a compass

  • Namsniper

    The biggest treasure I see is all the money being made by “History Channel.” Most of the footage of “finding artifacts” has been staged. It’s all too phoney, and dragged out for the full monetary effect.

  • carrol p

    THE SEVENTH MAN HAS ALREADY DIED ! Regarding last nights episode (Dec.2nd), when Alex went to the Masonic Temple in Nova Scotia, they brought out books with members names. There were two members who did some digging on Oak Island. One of the men reached down and picked something off the point of the pipe they had brought up, put it in his pocket and promptly left. He tried to buy the land they had dug on, but a few days later died of a heart attack. That makes 7.

  • carrol p

    P.S. and Freemasons coming out of the woodwork ! They seem to forget to mention that they are Masons, until looking at the Templar coin last night.

  • Marc Robichaud

    You take a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. You can attach as much hose as you want 300 feet. mount a camera some wheels on the end. send the hose down twist the hose for left and right.
    approach what you want. Simply turn on the vacuum and suck up what you want selectively.
    The vacuum is powerful at close range. I sucked a coat into one. I use these machines and have seen first hand what can be done and its possible and cheap.

  • Marc Robichaud

    The drill holes are wide enough. Save yourselves a million bucks and get the treasure tomorrow.
    Spare us all from the 3 year wait. I don’t care who gets it I just want to see whats down there.

  • Robot

    Lets get “Real”!

    Draining the Money Pit Shaft is not going to happen

    They have tried 1000 Gal per hour pumps to no avail.

    There are 2 Tunnels built into the Shaft from the Ocean.

    No Amount of Pumping or Sealing will solve this situation.

    The Money Pit was Designed to flood and destroy the Shaft forever.

    The Freemasons never had to go down this shaft again!

    They knew where their treasure was in the Treasure Vault and could access it at will!

    • Joe Scales

      Geology long ago ruled out man made flood tunnels on Oak Island. The water underneath the island occurs naturally within the Windsor Formation. There is absolutely ZERO evidence for man made flood tunnels, though with all the digging that occurred there for nearly two centuries, you’d think maybe someone would have found one. Besides, wooden lined flood tunnels are going to carry sea water to the middle of the island at a depth of nearly a hundred feet for how long now? Over two hundred years? If only our modern infrastructure could last a fraction of that time.

      Please quit making things up. You flood the internet with drivel.

  • D Baker

    I would like to pass along an idea to Rick and Marty. No need to drain the swamp to dig. Do it in the dead of winter when its frozen solid. The frozen water can support heavy equipment capable of digging thru the ice and frozen ground below. Use warm water to rinse and shift the ground for any buried artifacts. Easier than working in muck.

  • Marc Robichaud

    There is always a way. They need to try cheap methods as well. even to get 5 or 6 gold coins.
    The information of whats down there is worth as much as treasure. If they found one coin from the vault. The investor’s would come running.

  • Marc Robichaud

    Another reason why that carpet cleaning truck mount idea would be good. Is that when they drill those holes they run a huge pipe down the small hole all the way to the vault to prevent flooding. The carpet
    cleaning hose would even function great under water. The truck mount could fill a bathtub sized tank
    full of gold water whatever. Turn it off drain the water then turn it back on without even pulling up the hose. Keep doing it until its full of gold thats a lot of material to bring out of the vault and it would work.

  • Marc Robichaud

    They use truck mounted carpet machines to clean up floods bring on the water.

  • Carla Dore

    I was wondering why you wouldnt drill the swamp in winter when ground is frozen and more stable

  • Don Fegan

    Hi Marty,
    I have a question for you: On a previous episode, you mentioned about giving the “swamp” another try. Have you ever wondered why you didn’t have any luck emptying it the first time? The answer is simple! You need to find the hidden switch that will shut the water off. If you don’t do this, then all your efforts will be for nothing.
    From what I’ve read on Oak Island, there indeed was a simple access to what is the treasure vault. The infamous safe that is being protected by two very secured doors. However, since the excavation began a very long time ago, that access was destroyed by the many individuals who tried to uncover it causing the water to fill up in the main tunnel making it impossible to get at. But there is a way to stop all of this, you need to find the “hidden switch” that controls the output of the water. If you can do that, then and only then, will you be able to drain the swamp without a problem. You need to look at the triangle that has two lines going through it. That’s your switch! On that note I’ll leave you with this: I’ve been watching your show since the beginning and everyone that you have brought in to analyze the symbols on the chart have been writing off the triangle that has two lines going through it. Why is that? Suppose this is the “KEY” to the whole ,thing? Never write nothing off! This symbol means something! And you know what? It could hold the answer that you’re looking for.

  • William Zimmerman

    Just a idea on the dye test. Instead of using just water to make the dye course through the drains how about making a metal cap over the hole making it tight, ad a few pounds of compassed air and look for bubbles with the dye. the bubbles will continue till the trap can be found and marked. Good luck.

    William Zimmerman
    [email protected]

  • Adam Kelley

    Just watched the latest episode of “Oak Island”, the one where Marty goes to the south of France ! Marty, I would suggest you and Rick get ahold of a book titled “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, written by Henry Lincoln and Michael Baigent ! It will answer many of your questions about Rennes Le Chateau and the history of the Cathars ! It will explain the Albegensian Crusade and the purported treasure of the Cathars and its journey from Montsequr through Scotland and its escape from France in 1307 !

  • Robot

    Hi Applied Science!

    Yes, It was the American Freemason’s ships lights which were seen by the first discoverers when these Freemasons returned for their treasurers.

    They knew the precise location of their Treasure Vault and all they had to do was dig a small inclined entry into it and camouflage this entry with rocks or vegetation.

    I will divulge here that I now show the location for this Treasure Vault to be located at the tip of the North/West end of the Island and to be located roughly 50 feet off shore.

    Their marker Star Gamma Cassiopeia shows with the triangulation this to be the fact.

    The Cornish Tin Miners dug tunnels in Cornwall out under the ocean’s floor looking for tin.

    Some were noted to have been so close to the ocean’s floor that you could hear the waves inside them.

    This is why to date no treasure hunter has been able to locate this Vault from the surface by sonar or metal detecting.

    The Money Pit played its part as bait to the earlier discoverers and most all treasurer hunters to this day, as they spent their time and effort trying to dig this obvious location up while all along
    like the doors to Fort Knox it was tripped and sealed to all intruders protecting any entry through it up into the Treasure Vault.

    • Joe Scales

      National Treasure was just a movie Robot. From Disney, no less.

  • Plethera

    i don’t know if this is a new idea . if the dye they put in the shaft proved the flooding shaft went to the bay, drill a test hole in the area were the single shaft starts. the water they draw up should have the dye in it. once you know where the shaft is , drive the steel plates, in an arc across the path, the kind used to build the coffer dams for the big dig in Gillette’s parking lot , this should inhibit the flooding. the angle and the depth of the pit looks like the coffer wall could be a shallow as 50 feet to stop the water, also a small blasting charge closer to the shore would likely cave it in.

  • Jerry schafer


  • Jerry schafer

    Sorry I was having issues logging on. I believe pumping the water out is not a viable option. I was wondering if a top plug could be build over the pit, then compressed air will push the water back out the flood tunnels to the ocean. They used something similar back in the early 1900’s In New York City to build the foundations of the bridges. Could this be a viable solution to get the water out? Thank you for your time and good luck

  • Tom Schroth

    The swamp looks a lot like the all seeing eye from above triangle shape vegetation in upper middle looks like eye .

  • Gene

    I believe the treasure vaults were built when there were two islands and then backfilled and layers of posts & flood traps put in as they backfilled. Dams at each end were built first and then drained. Some of the dirt came from the swamp. Gene

  • Robot

    Was Sir Francis Bacon a Master Designer of Home Land Security?

    The ingenious designers of the Treasure Vault at Oak Island were men such as Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Francis Bacon, Washington Shirley, and Benjamin Franklin along with others, who over Centuries devised their cumulative plan.

    Bacon through his writings left many clues and riddles which his followers used with the construction of Oak Island.

    Riddles the likes of:

    How could a treasure be buried at Oak Island but not on Oak Island, buried under water but not get wet?

    Like a child’s riddle:

    Where can you find an ocean without any water?

    These Freemasons planned on the infrequency of man to use his mind to “Think outside the Box”.

    Like the old western movies where the bank robbers plant the dynamite at the front of the one foot thick metal safe’s door when it was obvious that the walls surrounding the vault were only made of brick and mortar, these Freemasons knew that any treasurer hunters would first come knocking at their front door.

    The Freemason’s door could have been the envy of Fort Knox with its Money Pit’s Shaft consisting of a 170 foot impervious thick entrance made of dirt, wood, cement, metal and armed with traps of water and possibly poisonous vapors.

    To date, the Freemason’s logic has been sound, in that for 250 years no Treasure Hunter has been able to crack this safe’s door.

    This same logic shown may also be these Freemason’s weakness, as they too are governed by it and will not deviate from it or the laws of geometry or mathematics.

    I believe their compulsion to leave bread crumbs, clues, and riddles to challenge the wisdom of those who follow will eventually divulge the location to their treasurers.

    They never imagined the ability of today’s Treasure Hunters to share information on forums like this, information such as:

    Francis Bacon’s first attempt at a Treasure Vault:

    Dr Orville Ward Owen, a follower of Bacon’s ciphers followed instructions in a Baconian cipher and discovered a mysterious underground chamber beneath the bed of the River Wye, in the West of Britain. Although it was disappointingly empty, further Baconian ciphers were to be found carved on the walls.


    The ability of the Cornish tin miners in Cornwall, England to tunnel under the ocean floor with some of their tunnels approaching so close to the ocean’s floor that today one can hear the ocean’s waves from within.

    The computer technology of a program like Stellarium which can map the celestial markers used by the Freemasons to mark their final location to the Vault.

    The problem I did experience was in trying to determine the Logic as to why they would have constructed a tunnel from the Money Pit all the way to their Treasure Vault at the top of the North/West end of the Island.

    It could not have been solely to distance the treasure from the door (Money Pit) or be more accessible for the returning ships to retrieve it.

    Their Logic had to be something more.

    It was only after my triangulation pointing to the whereabouts of this Vault showed the Treasure Vault was located a short distance off shore that I realized I too needed to “Think outside the Box”.

    The Treasure is not “On” Oak Island but “At” Oak Island, located roughly 50 feet off shore, 20 feet under the ocean’s floor, contained in water tight cement, wooden lined Treasure Vault.

    When the American Freemasons returned they only had to make a small inclined tunnel originating from the shore down into the Vault located 20 feet under the ocean’s floor to retrieve their Treasures and once finished hide this small entrance.

    • Angela Anderson

      I so wish that I cold personally be there with you both to discover the money Pitts and th holy graile. I personally hope and pray that you both find the trueth, I really would love the opportunity to be there, when it really is found. A true believer In you both. Please include me. I love this quest for the trueth. i wish that I was there.i

    • Angela Anderson

      I want to be there! I believe in what you want the world to believe. I know, the Holy Grail, is yet to be discovered. I am just a low income woman, but I do believe in you two, trying to prove to the world, that there are a lot of secrets buried, and I believe that you both, are on to something, that will change everything.

    • Angela Anderson


      • Robot

        Hi Angela
        The Lagina brothers have been busy with their search and to date have not requested the assistance of others or myself.
        I am also hoping that in the future this may change and they will seek the involvement of people like yourself.
        I always thought that it will take Believers like you to solve this mystery.
        When the previous Money Pit (Enoch’s Temple) was discovered it was said that only the 3 Sojourners of true heart were allowed to discover it.

        • Joe Scales

          Really Robot? The Laginas don’t want you? Why not? They allow other nuts on the fringe with no academic credentials to speculate wildly on their show.,..

  • mike

    why green dye??? why not RED or a very bright color

    • Joe Scales

      Green dye was used to make a false positive find more likely, thus enhancing the contrived drama that is the television show. Woods Hole Institute had already done this test years ago. It was a bust then as well. Come on now… flood tunnels dug over two hundred years ago and they last to this day? If only the infrastructure beneath our modern cities could last a fraction of that time.

      Flood tunnels have always been a myth. The water underneath flows from natural cavities and waterways inherent to the Windsor Formation.

    • Guest

      Green dye was used for the potential of false positive results to build fake drama that is necessary for “reality” television. This test was done by Woods Hole Institute a few years back and was also a no go. There are no man made flood tunnels on Oak Island. All water underneath occurs naturally with the Windsor Formation.


    Pic of oak island looks like a Blood hound nose with manufactured swamp collar. If a dog eats a valuable item it comes out it’s rear end of the island. Best bet would be intestinal area of a dog if in a chambered box not flooded out with water and clay.

  • James billings

    Marty. I am sure you have a plan to get down to the money pit but with the work that I do I might have a good plan to get you there faster. If you and your brother are interested hit me up and we cantalk about it to see what you think.

  • Chuck

    Mr. Lagina, I hope this reaches you. I wonder if your team has considered the possibility of the money pit being the drain for the swamp? I mean, if I were the Templars or whoever buried what, I’d bury it where the swamp is now, then flood it with those flood channels. Then make the hole the one way to drain the swamp and reveal the location of what’s buried there because of it being a certain depth it could counter balance the water from the swamp and it would go to the money pit. At 90 feet, the plaque may have told you to be careful when flooding the hole from the correct flood channels. The one that runs to the swamp. Make sense?

  • donedwards

    Guys, There was a translation of the stone found at 90 feet that was published in 1967 or 1968. I read it while I was in Vietnam. It differs slightly from the most recent interpretation.

    It was then read that “At this depth, place bags of barley ( a number was given) in the inlets.” Barley will quadruple it’s volume when wet. Corn will not.

    I expect cement slurry would work best, but you need to find the shafts first. Why not skirt the shoreline with sonography. The shafts wouldn’t be that deep on the shoreline. Plug them first!

    The other option would to be to sink a twenty foot cement casement around the chamber and pump like hell!

    Good luck!


  • Chanelle Spears

    They should some type of camera device down 10 x and see how far and where it goes . Like the ones they use in the ocean to see creatures at the bottom of the sea

  • Interesting stuff. Though I study and write about different areas of history and esoteric sciences, I’ve enjoyed the broadcast and revisiting this enigma. The solution and probably the Island’s history is easily gleaned by running a search engine on the collective works of Lord Verulam, if in fact one has discovered ALL that those are. Armed with such a filter, my 12-year-old child saw the solution as immediately as I did. It’s laughably simple and we are amazed that we can find no obvious internet corroboration. Two words, “water freezes”. I believe the solution was that simple. “Let compounds be dissolved”…

  • Debbie Rice

    I have a monitors book of the free masons which may or may not be of use to you,,, how do i send it to you?? Its dated 1927 and has several instances that i think may be clues ,,, would love to send it to you!!

  • Nick

    I think that this show is a complete history channel joke.Because like all new and old shows on this channel were more better because they did not replete the same sene over and over again filming oak island in the same area and they never once on both season ever show were the money pit is and if there is they aren’t showing it on tv.However this old man name Dan Blankenship knows were it is and he is not telling which means that on the show when he said I would love to find it.Really he is lying to the world and viewers on not telling even those two rich guy who are trying to find it and they will never find it because no treasure of any kind whatever people believe is not there and why would the knights bury it there.

  • nini

    How can I submit my idea to get to the bottom of the money pit? It WILL work and involves no more digging.

    contact [email protected]

  • mike

    why green dye???
    you should use red or something bright

  • Northstar

    The Treasure was removed from Oak Island. It is kept in the most obvious place, I cannot believe nobody is talking about it. Robot was right “New World Order” (Think People) The only thing the Lagina’s might find buried are Shields, Swords and Clothes that the Templars used to wear.

    • Joe Scales

      Robot makes up history as he goes along.


    If you find the ARK , Please Do Not Give it to Isreal, you will start a world war..
    Build a Shrine or a special building in Novascotia

  • Pappy

    I would like to contact Marty Lagina if any one can help thanks. My email is [email protected]

  • Chuck L.

    Mr. Lagina, since you’re drilled roughly 150′ have you ever considered running a fiber optic camera into the pipe support to see what you have drilled into?? And would you not think that this would help you in knowing what you’ve drilled into…

  • Vance

    Hey guys I’m one of the crews biggest fans

  • troy combs

    I believe the shape of ur swamp is explained in the devinci code, it is the symbol of a women, the point guys where u found the coin will be your doorway, it speaks about the symbol for man in women in the templars books. I believe you might discover what you seek look at that shape in all the ways. man one way women the other.

    • Joe Scales

      The Di Vinci Code is fiction. You do know this, right?

  • troy combs

    lol i thought about that tonight

  • al lastname

    Good day rick, you probably already looked into this but when you were over in Europe and looking into the Nights Templar one of the crosses, the cross beam was at an angle and then there was a stone tablet that had the templars handshake with the index finger pointing, these angles were very similar. just and idea?

    • Joe Scales

      Looking for such symbolism constitutes confirmation bias. The Lagina’s trip to Europe was brilliant only in a comedic sense. Like when the kid brings up the corn theory. Priceless!

  • Robin Wilhelm

    Hey fellas…enjoy the show. Regarding locating the flood tunnels…how about sealing the top of 10x and pumping air into the shaft. This would force water out of the flood tunnels and cause the openings to ‘bubble’. This would be more accurate to locate the flood tunnel entrances in the ocean, since air bubbles would be pretty consistent in rising to the surface, rather than dye, which spreads out and creates a wide area of possibilities. This air stream could also be maintained while diver(s) mark the entrances, and then close them off.

    • Joe Scales

      You do know Dan Blankenship used dowsing to determine the location for the 10X dig, right? Yeah… dowsing.

  • Gene walker

    What if the well where the dye was put down was capped and a large compressor was hooked up to it to pressurize and squeeze the salt water back out the vents Once the air reaches the ocean it will bubble out the vents to reveal the the entrance were the salt water is coming in. Smoke can be added to make it easier to see from the shore and air

  • Terry Gipe

    I am not A treasure hunter but have an idea that might work. Just repeat the Dye test and seal up where the dye comes out. Then try pumping out the shaft. sounds simple but should work. I am a retired combat soldier and combat engineer, with over 25 years experience, with some understanding of hydro dynamics. It might work. only with all that water for so many years I don’t know about the integrity of the shafts.

    • Joe Scales

      What do you know about the Windsor Formation? Limestone? Naturally occurring underground waterways? That’s all there is beneath Oak Island. Man made flood tunnels have been ruled out as a matter of geology. And what, you think wooden lined flood tunnels bringing seawater for all that distance to a depth below 90 feet is going to last for over two hundred years? Modern infrastructure beneath our cities can’t even hold up for a few decades.

  • Arthur Irving


    I was browsing through and came up with a bit of new film which may give you more thought on your project. Take a look and decide for yourself.I found it interesting

  • ron garcia

    Marty, I have some information that may save you time and money as well. I have watched your program and I’m hoping you’ll find the arch of the covenient as I’ve always wanted to know more about it, I’d like to live long enough too see the real thing on tv. There is someone I think you should contact Professor Sarah Parcak who is archaeologist egyptologist, she has maped over several thousand buried sites in egypt, using Satellite Archaelogy which can pin point for you exactly were your traps and any structures that are buried, you could use a overlay from her and p[lace it over a map of the island and see exactly were you need to explore. Professor Parcak, works at the University of Alabama. I truly feel it would be too your advantage to contact her. Best of luck, I know you’ll find more than you think.

    • Joe Scales

      Sure, there was treasure in Egypt, which was historically and archeologically documented. However, there is no such historic or archeological record for any treasure on Oak Island. It was based on a story about boys finding a tackle block over soft ground. Like anyone who is going to bury the Ark of the Covenant in a sinkhole on Oak Island is going to leave a tackle block over it??? Even if that history were true… and it isn’t, because the named “young boys” were actually near middle aged adults at the time in question… wouldn’t the more obvious conclusion be that someone left such evidence behind because they dug something up and took it already? But that is of course assuming their is any truth to the original fairy tale. Is it any coincidence that this treasure story has not historical record prior to 1849? Does that year ring a bell? Gold fever. Treasure fever. Gullible people being taken advantage of by land speculators with the promise of getting rich. Even the story is similar to other tall tales of the time with young boys, inscribed stones, booby-traps, etc. But ever since 1867, each and every true scientific survey of Oak Island revealed no man made flood tunnels or underground caverns; just natural underground waterways and caverns common to the Windsor Formation underneath.

      No one with any true academic credentials that doesn’t have a financial interest at stake in this hoax believes there to be any treasure on Oak Island. But you’ll find plenty of hucksters, charlatans, and downright frauds with no academic credentials pushing some fringe theory from Templars to Aliens all having a stake in Oak Island.

      Get some real information on this. It is out there if you truly can handle this hoax debunked. Otherwise… continue the fantasy. There’s always someone to sell you one.

  • Jim Farley

    First off I pray that you guys strike it rich , I can’t get enough of the show. I’m a professional at detecting and would LOVE to help you find it , is there any way?

  • Tom Lassek

    Ahoy –

    I recommend that you pressurize the “system”. Not expensive since you have access to pressurization equipment in your business – e.i., the fracking process. You can work with positive air pressure in a working environment, that is to say, once the water is pressed out.

    Pressurize the system – drink beer – sit back and wait.

    • Robot

      Hi Tom
      There has been over 40 puncture holes made by past drillings.

      I believe their opportunity for this method has long expired!

      • Tom Lassek

        Robot Entity –
        Putting a Money Pit under pressure will force the water out. Where the water goes at this point is not an over riding issue since the goal is to dig down further. A hydrologist’s opinion would be of benefit.

  • johnhowe

    try using explosives underground to seal the tunnels

  • Angela Anderson

    I want to be a part of your expedition, you discoveries,

  • Robot

    Calling all Deciphers!

    I believe that the Decipher Stone found in early 1800’s at the 90′ level in the shaft at Oak Island was translated wrong.

    I believe I have found the true translation!


    My research shows that it was not of ancient Berber Script and not even the ancient Freemason Script, but of 17th and 18th Century Alchemist Codes.

    Let me know how you would translate this?

    One needs to decipher these symbols to the “Key”.

    As for example the pointed up triangle is the Alchemist’s symbol for Gems (Jems) whether this is symbolic for the letter (J) or (G) or actual treasure stones.

    The pointed down triangle is water (Agua) is it an (A) or (W) or actually water, ocean, etc.



  • Joe Gallo

    Marty ever thought of building a sea wall in between the road and the swamp . with ether telephone poles or corrugated steel driven down to the bed rock then draining the thing

  • James Raymond

    Would you consider looking for the “Lost Dutchman Mine” in the off season ?

  • Jessica Fisher

    The curse seven must die. You thing the curse will be broken and treasure found when the first blood be the seventh?

  • Jessica Fisher

    Ok here is what i dont understand. Soo… many people have been their looking for many yrs. BUT…. no one ever decided to look in a big hole in the ground and question it? A part of me wants to believe no one ever saw the hole , and the other part makes me believe this is all a set up. ( could the president or government have made this all up? Meaning … they make a hole, make everything look as if its been there for many many yrs. Basically what im saying is could they have plotted everything too keep everyone thinking, and the biggest spending money? Watching the history ch, reading about it, nothing makes since. I know being the 1st ones too find the treasure is a huge thing but i think there moving too fast. Point being when you do something like this it takes alot of questioning. I wish for 1 wk i could sit and talk with them. 🙁

  • Jessica Fisher

    Money could be an issue on what they have 2 work with. All your ideas sound nice, but again the cost. If you have what it could take too make things alot easier for them, why dont you offer the material? Or ask if they would like your help?

  • Shannon gay

    hello my name is Shannon gay from Coffeyville Kansas maybe you guys should look into doing the dye test over again and use the smaller pipe because 10xis obviously plug off at the bottom so none of the dye got into the incoming water that’s why it did not work

  • katlyn weimer

    Rick were you scars seeing the rivers go down so far and 1 of all
    1. Lose communication
    2. Getting stuck on debrief and pipes how do you feel about that?

  • joedy stull

    Mr lagina I can stop the water from coming into the money pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is not a joke!!!!!!!!I know the answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m not crazy or pulling your leg I have the answer!!!! I sent you my phone number!!!!!!!!!!!!I will give you $ 10000. if I am wrong.And i am not rich.I am sure of what I c do and you will be also if you talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!! draining the swamp is no necessary to do what I know!!!!!

    call 717 817 4013

  • carrol p

    When Marty & his son went to Grand Masonic Lodge in Nova Scotia to look for stone with symbols on it, found it had been removed from money pit by J.B. McCalley & displayed in bookstore window in 1868 but disappeared. They were told though, that Joseph (J.B.) McCalley was a Mason along with James Pitblato were both members and were also both drilling at the pit and that one day Pitblato brought the drill up & pulled something off the bit and put it in his pocket, left & went into town to try to buy section of island they were digging on. But before he could, he died of a heart attack. My question is: Is he the UNKNOWN person on the list of names, who have died trying to find the treasure ? And if he’s not, then he is the 2nd to die because McCalley & he removed the moneypit stone in 1868, so he died somewhere around that time and the next death was Maynard Kaiser 1897, then Robert Restall Sr. & Robert Restall, Jr and Cyril Hiltz & Carl Graeser all four in 1965. So if you count James Pitblato in 1865 before Maynard Kaiser in 1897, then Hiltz & Graeser were number 6 & 7. CURSE IS DONE & JUST WAITING FOR MARTY & RICK TO FIGURE HOW TO BRING IT UP !

    • Joe Scales

      There is no true evidence that the “90 foot” stone ever existed. Just think about it for a minute. It allegedly was found in the early 1800’s and lost in the early 1900’s. Within that hundred years or so nobody wrote down what was inscribed on it, nobody traced it and once photography was available, nobody photographed it. The inscription portrayed today only came about around 1949 in a sensationalized book on the topic based on hearsay from a “reverend” who knew. Like surely a reverend wouldn’t lie.

      From the very beginning, this story has all the earmarks of classic treasure hoaxes, and with the gullibility of today’s television audience, even an old chestnut such as this can be paraded around as fact.

  • joedy stull

    none of that is necessary.I know the answer None of you are even close to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joedy stull

    I can prove what I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis Kurasz

    Just a possible warning, there are
    some theories that the Arc of the Covenant may have been radioactive. In the
    off chance that there is any relevance to this you may want to have a Geiger counter
    on hand at that Oak Island dig!

  • Crystal Cabot

    Take yourself back in a time machine of much lower ocean levels. The caves of legend are probably filled with water now, so a computer chart given ocean water levels hundreds of years ago may help in drawing accurate historic charts. I have an intense interest in underwater civilizations, a great loss of human history is under the oceans now. You need a team of scientists, satellite infrared technology, because the water is now the problem. We love your show, and admire that you would stake your personal fortunes on this adventure.

  • Darryl Hubley

    I am originally from the mainland and am inquiring about ho I may contact the brothers via email? I have a few suggestions. I know the area well and am quite interested.

  • Rob Hill

    I used to work for Scientific Drilling International. We did lots of business in Nova Scotia. I think they could help with the instrumentality used to visualize the interior of the chamber.

  • Susan (Dreux Breze) Kozey

    Marty,and group, Look up my family’s home in France, Chateau de Breze in the Loire valley, I think you’ll find a blue print that may be of some help to your quest.Thomas the second was my 6th great grandfather. Good Luck!

  • Joe Scales

    Sorry to spoil the fantasy, but treasure at Oak Island is and always has been a hoax. For an excellent, thoroughly researched expose on the fraud, manipulation and untruths that continue to this day via Prometheus Entertainment and the (alleged) History Channel, further promoted by nearly every other unschooled, conspiracy/fringe crowd imaginable, see criticalenquiry dot org and look for the Oak Island tab.

    • Robot

      You remind me of those skeptics that do not even believe in a “Wet
      Paint Sign” for when they see one, they must touch the paint to prove that it is indeed wet!

    • Joe Scales

      Sorry to disrupt your rampant speculation and unfounded ravings with actual referenced sources dispelling the Oak Island hoax. Oh, I miss the early days of the internet when it was populated by some truly educated folks with actual insight. Now, any nut can get on a computer and poison the well of knowledge.

  • James McElhone

    I know of a way that you can get the water out and locate where the water is coming in.

    I have no problem sharing this info.I just need to know that it is getting to the people that needs it.

    I also read that same (readers digest)

    I hope this gets to someone that I can explain in detail. James McElhone at jama2kwic.com
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  • Edmond Nicolas

    Every time I watch the episode of the cursed Oak Island on History chanel with Rick Lagina and his two brothers Alex, Marty and their team, I see the search for evidence of the Templar went from the Oak Island to Southern France. and I believe there is another clue that is located far in the East, in my hometown in North Lebanon, where the Templars took the last stand among the Maronites against the Muslim army.
    The attached picture is one of other three more stones with carving where the people in the area believe the carving are clues for a secret hiding place of an ancient treasure.
    I personally documented the pictures the last time I visited my hometown.
    Sincerely, E. Nicolas

  • Hugo Magallanes

    hello, I am a regular follower of his TV show, in the chapter where
    they use environmentally friendly ink as a method of searching for
    channels that fill the wells, I would suggest them to use sound waves
    (ultrasound), would suggest placing an ultrasonic transmitter in the
    bottomless pit, and ultrasonic receivers in a boat that tracks the coast
    to locate the input channel, it is known that the sound in sea water
    spreads faster than in air (1500 m / s). I hope to further examine this
    approach, it sure could be of use. I am an engineer in electronics and
    I’m order to contribute my ideas in relation to the detection of sound

    • Joe Scales

      Woods Hole already did the sonar testing to debunk this hoax. Geologist Robert Dunfield also determined that the water beneath Oak Island occurs naturally pursuant to the Windsor Formation beneath, which feeds from the ocean about 3/4 of a mile away from the island:


      Each and every true scientific study is buried by those promoting the myth of treasure on Oak Island for their own personal gain. The only treasure to be had is television ratings and the potential for tourism. Don’t be fooled by a reality show. There was never a rational, historical or factual basis for buried treasure on Oak Island. It is a fairy tale, and a fairly common one at that.

  • Susan lavalle

    There is a story on the net that say that Rick died. Please tell me that this is not true.

  • john alexander

    Has gpr been used along the beach at suspected areas where the water traps may be? Trenching the beach areas where red dye was mapped? I’m slender and dive using pumped air, no tanks. I can fit through a 20″ diameter opening. Do you have a measurement of the pressure at the target depth?

    • Joe Scales

      It’s all been done before and debunked at that:

      That this farce continues to be promoted by Prometheus Entertainment… the same poisoners of the well of knowledge responsible for Ancient Aliens ought to make you a bit more skeptical. Treasure on Oak Island is an age old hoax; built on lies, folklore, hearsay and now disingenuous reality tv programming.

  • Soren Kuhlmann

    Just watched the last episode of season 2. one can get hooked up very easily and it is fun to come up with your own theories and solutions. I just thought that the money pit could well be a massive deception. Whatever is down there ( if anything is actually there) was originally not intended to be retrieved. If it is so difficult to get down there nowadays with all the technology and wisdom at hand, it must have been absolutely impossible for people centuries ago. Pirates hid treasures to reclaim them in future, so they would not have gone through this amount of trouble to bury their loot. If it was indeed the nights templar hiding artefacts and gold that should never be retrieved, they should have thrown everything overbord while crossing the atlantic. It would have had the same effect. I think this “money pit” was built for hunters to keep concentrating on this spot and either give up hope of finding something or put all their efforts just on this spot. The pit might be a deception to focuse away from the real treasure resting place. I think the “man-made” swamp should be examined a bit more. This was well done centuries ago and hunters would not have been able to notice that. Whatever there is, either down the money pit or in the swamp, must be big, as no one would go through such an amount of trouble for nothing. This is just an idea, that might be wrong. Who knows? Let’s leave it up to the Laginas to find out.

  • Alan Newton

    I am 85 year old design engineer with about 65 years experience solving engineering/design problems. Experience in high volume plastic electromechanical toys, mechanical design (Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut), marine instruments, etc. I have designed and priced equipment to reach treasure vault (under $200,000.00 plus delivery and your equipment and labor) Anticipate about 200 feet depth, water traps are eliminated by process..
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  • Alan Newton

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  • Alan Newton

    alan newton address correction: 67 Wareham Lake Shore Drive (not 167)

  • Alan Newton

    Alan Newton: I am an 85 year old design engineer/adhoc inventor, holder of U.S. and foreign patents, have about 65 years experience. I have never failed to solve engineering/design problems. I have design/engineered the solution to reach the treasure vault on Oak Island. Your water trap problem is eliminated by use of my special equipment. Cost of the equipment is less than $200,000.00 plus delivery from fabricator. Use of your equipment plus your own labor is additional cost (intangible). One of my project designs was a downhaul winch for Lockheed Missiles and Space Corp. British Columbia in 1969. This winch is still operational to this day, it hauls a diving bell up to 2500 feet down in the ocean with a 15,000 max pull force (5/8 inch wire rope). It was the only winch I have ever designed. William Beran (Lockheed’s engineer saw the static test and okayed the delivery. Several years ago I accidentally contacted the chief engineer at Ikona Gear Co., British Columbia and he said he was the maintenace engineer for the winch and he rode it down to 2,000 feet undersea. He said it was owned by Canocean who obviously did oil well projects. My list of inventions is pretty vast and if you wish to discuss the past and potential future please consult me. Meanwhile if you are a prudent person you will contact me and we will make solving Oak Island a straightforward solvable project.
    Alan Newton
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  • Alan Newton

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