Oak Island Update Part 2: Q&A with Rick, Marty & Alex Lagina

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The Curse of Oak Island is a television series that follows the trials and triumphs of a group of long-time friends and part-time treasure seekers who, when not on the trail for lost riches, call Northern Michigan home. The show is set against the backdrop of Oak Island, a tiny islet off the coast of Nova Scotia where, in 1795, a chance discovery of a closed, man-made pit—dubbed “the Money Pit”—sparked a blitz of excavations at the site. What lies within the bowels of Oak Island remains a mystery, though a bounty of clues suggest that something worth finding may be buried below.

Exploration of Oak Island is currently spearheaded by Craig Tester and brothers Marty and Rick Lagina. The three are supported in their efforts by a cast of family members—including Marty’s son, Alex—and island residents and experts. The Curse of Oak Island airs on Tuesdays at 9 on History.

After filming the finale of The Curse of Oak Island’s second season in Traverse City, Michigan, MyNorth contributor Evan Perry talked shop with Rick, Marty and Alex Lagina as they sifted through a bundle of letters sent by young viewers from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—where Rick and Marty grew up and first became fascinated with Oak Island.

Can’t get enough Oak Island? Read an interview with The Curse of Oak Island cast members when the first season aired in early 2014.


You’ve just wrapped up shooting the second season in Traverse City. Where do you guys stand? Season three?

Rick: [to Marty] I think we can maybe give a bit of a tease…

Marty: Careful, now.

Rick: Well, we got some data—refined data—from one of the instruments we sent underground. And it was quite revealing.

Marty: But we don’t know about season three, yet. We’re not even sure if History wants another season.

As kids in the 60’s, you two were originally attracted to Oak Island by a Reader’s Digest article, and now you get to pass on that interest to the next generation through your show.

Rick: We love the fact that people have been so enamored of the story.

Marty: Apparently a lot of people watch it as a family. I really like that.

Rick: What I like about the show is, well, usually when you turn on TV, it’s an “entertain me” experience—you sit in front of the TV, and you want to be entertained. That’s all. This show let’s you invest in it. It lets you almost interact with the show. What would I do if I were there? Where would I look? What do I think? Who did it? You can invest yourself in it, and rare is the TV show that allows you to do that.


What’s it been like trying to solve the mystery of Oak Island with your family?

Rick: There’s a legacy of family involvement on Oak Island. All these different families: the Blankenships, the Restalls, the Nolans…it goes on and on. Fathers to sons, and then to their sons.

Marty: Look out, Alex…

Rick: Well, when people say it’s a hoax—you scam someone and then run off—that’s not what’s happening on Oak Island. You don’t perpetrate a hoax through your family. The same families come back to it over and over again because they believe.

I remember what my mom would say to my dad when she found out we were reading about Oak Island. She’d say, “George, what kind of kids are you raising?”—as if she had no say in the matter, you know. But when we actually started on Oak Island—and this was when my mom first started suffering from Alzheimer’s—she said, “When you boys find what you’re looking for, you can put it right down in the basement once you get back.” My dad said, “Just do good with what you find. Do good.”


You traveled to Europe to follow a few leads. When you first invested in the island, did you ever think you’d end up in France?

Marty: When I stood up on the top of Montségur [a medieval French fortress] and looked out, I thought, Jeez, who would of thought that this would bring a couple guys from the U.P. here? Seriously?

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  • janette89

    Why have you not dropped a culvert system down the hole and stop the flooding? Really you guys are spending money and I can tell you how to get down to the bottom! !

    • Joe Scales

      The flooding is a natural consequence of the Windsor Formation beneath. What, you think there’s wooden lined flood tunnels bringing in sea water all the way from the ocean to a depth of a hundred feet or so for over two centuries now? If only modern infrastructure could last as long. The very notion is utterly ridiculous.

  • John Smith

    Shibboleth/ Sibbole:
    Masonic Secret Password also used on the river Jordan in Judges. Same Jordan John The Baptist baptized Jesus. It’s used to distinguish fee from foe. It’s meaning is Ear Of Corn! It’s most widely used meaning is to represent a secret language and allegorical symbol Ear of Corn!

  • John Smith

    To give you an idea…..

  • a citizen in fear

    I am not sure why you/they don’t try air, a high pressure air compressor, the hole you were feeding the die into, put a liner in it, and cap it, put 1500 psi into the sealed shaft and watch for bubbles. the high pressure air has to go somewhere, follow the path of least resistance, it’s common fact.

  • mike vela

    I agree that pressure would be the way to find the flood channels, and a lot cheaper than what they are doing now. pressure the best way to find a leak

  • Venchenza

    They didnt answer why they went to France… It is a Cajun treasure…thats why!

  • Big fan of the mystery. I’ve got to say all of you people involved are so brave, inventive and interesting. My hope is that everyone stay safe–no treasure is worth a human life.

    • Joe Scales

      There is no mystery. Go to criticalenquiry.org and click on the oak island tab if you want to see true research into this centuries old hoax. Or you could continue to believe the crap they sell you on the tv show.

  • Belinda Bailey Ferguson

    Hey Rick, I lived in Michigan twenty years and just over the border in Indiana now. I love it up north very nice up there. I was curious do you have a girlfriend? I’m not normally the groupie kind but I think you are very attractive and I love the passion you use in the following if your dreams. I would love to go on a date and get to know you. I promise I won’t ask for insider information about the show. Let me know?

  • shirley goodwin

    Can’t wait to see what happens tonight. My grown sons and I talk various scenarios as what we would do. It’s in our blood, my oldest is digging up the back yard as we have found gold along with quartz. It’s exciting watching oak island, like a good book can’t wait to the end to see what happens.

    • Joe Scales

      What happens will be… wait for it… nothing. In the end when the ratings get so bad for lack of true findings, the Laginas will shrug it off and say they were beaten by the Curse. Then they’ll open up a hotel…

  • Dorothy McCrum

    So disappointed in the “finale”. We never got to see what was found. No view of treasure. I am angry with History Channel for dropping the faithful viewers.

  • Ernesto

    What utter bullshit.

  • really?

    I’ve never heard of an investor too shamed to sue anyone, if half of what you say is true, he would have been sued many, many times over. Has he??? Nope. And for a guy who “vanished” he’s pretty much out there and easily found. He was on TV for crying out loud, how is that vanishing?? It isn’t. Many, many people have had ideas that didn’t work out, many investors have invested in products that didn’t pan out the way they were thought they should. Are they suing? No. Why? Because any investment is a risk, you risk what you are willing to lose. No product in development is a guaranteed success, not one. Investors are not stupid, they know that. Got a problem with him, be a man and take it to him. He’s easy to find on Facebook, because he isn’t hiding from anyone.

    • Stan D Mute

      Thanks for writing your thoughts Jovan. Why go to your Fakebook page when I’ve got you right here? And my comments aren’t for your benefit, they’re for the benefit of everyone who doesn’t know your sordid history in part due to your frequent name changes.

      • really?

        I am a woman who lives in NJ. But I get it, anyone who disagrees with you is Hutton Pulitzer??? Grow a brain.

        • Stan D Mute

          As if “a woman in NJ” couldn’t be Jovan Fraudlaw’s latest identity hustle?

        • really?

          Pssst, Einstein, look at what I comment on, most of it is based in New Jersey or Philly. And if you think HP would say half the stuff I say, you give him far too much credit. lol But Thanks for the laughs.

          • Ron Pristarius

            Actually guys there is not much of an argument. After a lot of archives came online it came to light that there was a treasure map circulating in the 19th century and this was what caused the hunt in the first place. But this detail was removed from the way the story was told since about late 60s as it didn’t keep the money rolling in. What the real problem is now is the currecnt research carried out by the ‘experts’ who have now turned up on Oak Island didn’t even go as deep as reading a newspaper or a contemporaneous record.

            So the game from now is either confess up or cover this up as a lot of them are aware this little embarrassing development. Watch who continues to try to sell you the story…….

  • really?

    To go one step further, The Laginas and Craig Testor are part of an INVESTMENT GROUP on Oak Island, not 1 investor knows for sure if there is anything under the island, are they going to be sued for conning their investors??? Yes, Hutton has had a few bad ideas, but to publicly state he is a con man and a fraud opens YOU up to a slander/libel suit. I guess I know why you do this here instead of saying it to his face…..

    • Stan D Mute

      Lagina and Tester have burned a lot of bridges with their rapacious energy schemes. Their enemies are legion. This reality TV nonsense is probably in part an effort to rehab their image among the sort who comprise local government in michigan – the busybody who watches “America’s got talent” or whatever and sits on the Township Board approving zoning proposals for new wind farms. Gotta build those windmills right boys? Get those federal tax subsidies while erecting massive white elephants that will never work as advertised and make life hell for the neighbors (ever here from anybody happy to live near a wind farm?). So Jovan Fraudyaw fits right in and probably has much to teach these guys. Maybe Lagina will alter his name by a letter and do the Bruce Jenner stunt for some more attention after this? Maybe Tester will man up and propose to Marty? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode to find out.

      • really?

        Now the Laginas and Testor are frauds and con men??? Wow, you had to really reach far for that one.

        • Stan D Mute

          Nice straw man.

        • Joe Scales

          Rick might actually be stupid enough to believe there’s treasure on Oak Island, but Marty is a lawyer, engineer and millionaire. He has to have done the research necessary to reveal that treasure on Oak Island is, and always has been, a hoax. Come on… you bury treasure and leave a tackle block hanging over it? Wouldn’t the more logical explanation be that you dug it up and took it away? If it’s even true, of course. Though the “legend” dates back to the late 1700’s, no historical record occurs until 1849. Does that year ring a bell? 49’ers? Gold fever? Treasure scams?

          Each and every true geological study from back as far as 1867, reveals only natural underground waterways and caverns particular to the Windsor Formation underneath. The television show, produced by Prometheus Entertainment… the same illegitimate outfit that brings you the lies and distortion of the Ancient Alien ilk… brings their same lies and distortion to the Curse of Oak Island. You want to know the real history? Go to critical enquiry dot org. There is absolutely no real, documented evidence that necessarily leads to any reasonable conclusion that treasure ever existed on Oak Island. No one with any true academic credentials that doesn’t have a financial stake in the matter will support this hoax.

          And yes Rick… it is a hoax. You never heard of the long con? Your brother bought this island as an investment into potential tourism and promotion from the television show. There is a history of buying and selling this island and a history of treasure speculators taking advantage of their investors. The only treasure to be had on Oak Island is from television ratings and the potential for tourism.

  • suepp

    Is the show over one or is it to continue

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  • donna white

    will there be another season of Oak Island,, I Hope.!

  • Alan Newton

    Alan Newton: I am an adhoc inventor 85 years old with about 65 years experience as a design engineer. I have designed and formulated method/hardware to reach Oak Island treasure vault also eliminating the water traps. .

  • Alan Newton

    Alan Newton: I am 85 year old design engineer/adhoc inventor. I have design/formulated method/hardware to eliminate the water trap problem and go directly to the treasure vault on Oak Island. Specialty equipment will cost less than $200,000.00 plus delivery. Use of your equipment plus your labor is additional.
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