Monk Jams from the Keweenaw Peninsula

Way up at the Holy Transfiguration Skete Society of St. John Catholic monastery on Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, six brothers devote themselves to a common life of prayer and work. They embrace evangelical poverty, chastity, obedience and stability of life. And they make exquisite jam.

Even during the holiday rush for their preserves and bourbon-laced fruitcakes, there is a quiet peace inside the kitchen of their the Lake Superior-weathered shop, the Jampot. We refer to their creations fondly as monk jam: thimbleberry, wild blueberry, brandied peach—close to rapture—black cherry jams, wild crabapple, wild sugarplum. All jars are blessed as they head out the door. The monks’ sunshiny orange marmalade is beautifully tart; we love the idea of a breakfast sandwich made with crisp strips of thick-cut bacon on baguette toast laden with butter and orange marmalade. This quirky but scrumptious English breakfast treat is lovely, melting and perfect for Christmas morning. The brothers sell a citrus trio with one jar each of tart lemon, lime and orange marmalades. Find an order form at