Head to Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and visit this brewery for a true summer sip. We promise, the beer alone is worth the road trip.

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Maybe you can’t capture summer in a bottle, but Tahquamenon Falls Brewery & Pub Master Brewer Lark Ludlow comes darn close. Every August, she sends the sun-baked sweetness of the Yoop’s freshest ankle-high forest fruit—the wee and wild blueberry—cascading on a wave of bright wheat ale from tap to glass, a marvel that enjoys almost as much fanfare as the pub’s backyard waterfalls. What used to be Tahquamenon Falls State Park’s best-kept secret, known largely to locals (and tourists with lucky timing), has become a big driver for beer hounds eager to try the renowned ale.

things to do at Tahquamenon Falls

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Tip: If you plan to head up to Tahquamenon during the dog days of summer, you’ll likely see as many swarms of folks as you will mosquitoes, but trust us, a pint of this fabulously fruity yet subtly sweet and smooth ale is worth spilling a little blood. Oh, and those waterfalls in Paradise are pretty good, too.

Blueberries in the wild

Photo by Dave Weidner

Photo(s) by Shelby Soberalski