The good folks at Buckets of Rain are holding their annual downtown Traverse City music event, a song-a-thon, starting August 20. They need volunteers to sing and play. Heed the call!

Dear Artists, Songwriters, Performers, and Students: You guys are the heart and soul of the live music scene here in Traverse City, and I’m here asking you to step up and “Sing for Someone Else’s Supper” at the 3rd Annual “Song For Hope” Songathon here in downtown Traverse City. It supports Buckets of Rain, a 501-3c charity that uses recycled materials and your donations to grow fresh vegetables in the blighted areas of inner-city Detroit. (Read the Traverse Magazine feature about Buckets of Rain.)

Beginning on August 20, local musicians of all genres and styles will perform the Woody Guthrie classic song “This Land is Your Land” for 74 hours straight, once again setting a World Record in the process. The event raises money so we can reach our goal of a million servings of fresh vegetables in 5 years. We’re already delivering hundreds of thousands of servings to shelters, school programs, and soup kitchens in areas where you simply cannot buy fresh vegetables, because there are none for sale. Our efforts not only feed those who need it the most, but also nurture a sense of community and pride in neighborhoods that have been fresh food wastelands for years. Visit for details. Please sign up to perform for a few hours by clicking here.

Or if you prefer, call Buckets or Rain at 231.357.0199 or for info. It is fun, gratifying, and much appreciated. Tell your friends, help make a pledge, and together, we can turn Music into FOOD!

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