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  • Hometown Hero: Eleanor West

    An interview of Eleanor West, director of Camp Quality, a summer camp for children with cancer.

  • Skunk Shampoo

    Recipe for Skunk Shampoo.

  • The Bats of Mackinac Island

    A look at why bats love Mackinac Island and why we should be happy they do.

  • Hooking a Smallmouth Bass

    Tips and gear for hooking smallmouth bass and three lakes in Northern Michigan where fisherman will find them.

  • Bill Thompson: Iceman Climbeth

    An interview with Bill Thompson, avid ice climber in the Upper Peninsula and sponsor of the Michigan Ice Climbing Festival.

  • Backyard Project: Maple Syrup

    Easy instructions for how to tap the maple trees in your backyard and make your own maple syrup.

  • Wendy Wagoner, Savior of Native Plants

    Interview with Wendy Wagoner who helped establish the Eastern Upper Peninsula Northern Wild Plant and Seed Cooperative: to promote, propagate and protect native plants.

  • The Potluck Supper and 7 Simple Tips

    Potluck supper essay and seven simple guidelines for a successful potluck dinner.

  • The Fisherman Who Saved Fishtown

    Profile of Bill Carlson, third generation commercial fisherman out of Leland, who saved the fish shanties that have come to be known as the major attraction and historic site, Fishtown.

  • Snow Play

    Travel with snow at its heart including the Cherry Capital Winter WonderFest and Mackinac island’s Scenic Postcard Run. Information on music, events, outdoor snow activities and lodging.

  • Confession of a Carp Fisher

    A trout snob and fly-fishing obsessive gets drawn into the cult of carp.

  • Christopher West, Lighthouse Saver

    An interview with Christopher West, a young man who organized the nonprofit Waugoshance Lighthouse Preservation Society to save the lighthouse from demolition.

  • Carl Pellonpaa: Finland Calling

    Profile of Carl Pellonpaa, host of Finland Calling, the longest running variety show on television based in the tiny Upper Peninsula town, Negaunee.

  • Fishtown Preservation Society

    Profile of the efforts of the Fishtown Preservation Society to purchase Fishtown and their hopes to create a working history fishing port.

  • Winter Science: The Subnivean Zone

    Animals long ago discovered how to use the subnivean zone, a place near the earth that take advantage of the insulating nature of snow. A look at how wildlife uses this zone as well as how to take advantage yourself.

  • Dewey Blocksma: Art With Soul

    Dewey Blocksma walked away from his job as an emergency room doctor to become an artist and sculptor whose materials are every day objects of life.

  • Governor Milliken's Environmental Legacy

    Interview with Dave Dempsey, author of William G. Milliken, Michigan’s Passionate Moderate.

  • In Search of Bluegills

    One balmy night last summer two of my sons and a friend commandeered the kitchen preparing for their first solo fishing trip on the lake. It was […]

  • Hard-Water Rush

    A profile of the people who follow the ice through Northern Michigan to share and indulge their passion for ice boating.

  • Greg Jaris Unleashed

    Profile of artist Greg Jaris.