Recent and Featured Features Articles

  • Pot Pies

    A list of editor’s picks for pot pies to be found throughout Northern Michigan.

  • Romancing the Riesling

    A look at impact the Riesling grape has had on the vinyards in Northern Michigan and the notice its getting on the international stage.

  • Christopher West, Lighthouse Saver

    An interview with Christopher West, a young man who organized the nonprofit Waugoshance Lighthouse Preservation Society to save the lighthouse from demolition.

  • Hard-Water Rush

    A profile of the people who follow the ice through Northern Michigan to share and indulge their passion for ice boating.

  • Hemingway’s Young Summers

    In 1919, Ernest Hemingway, physically and emotionally injured from World War 1, writes a friend asking him to join him to recoup in Northern Michigan, where Hemingway spent wonderful boyhood summers.

  • Water & Wine Weekends

    A list of three different wine weekends, including wine to try, water views to seek out and lodging options.

  • Governor Milliken's Environmental Legacy

    Interview with Dave Dempsey, author of William G. Milliken, Michigan’s Passionate Moderate.

  • 40 Irresistible Eats: Our 2007 Food Finds

    A list of 40 top food picks from all over Northern Michigan.

  • Into the Belly of the Ballast

    Venture down into the bowels of a 656-foot ocean freighter with four leading experts in aquatic invasive species as they test the ballast water in an effort to seal off a devastating pathway.

  • Lake Ice, Wild Ice

    An essay about the challenges of taming lake ice into a dependable skating rink and the pleasure found in just letting it go wild.

  • The Fire Not Forgotten

    The story behind Sheriff Frederick Ming’s involvement in the burnout of Indian Village in Cheboygan County.

  • How to Identify Poison Ivy

    How to identify poison ivy.

  • Improve Your Nature Photos

    Suggestions and gear for shooting outstanding nature photographs.

  • Phil Nowicki’s 8,773-foot Sausage

    Profile of Phil Nowicki from Rogers City, who made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1977 for making a 8,773-foot sausage.

  • Persevering for Clean

    Clean up of the vacant industrial site at Tannery Bay, on the St. Mary’s River just upstream from Sault Ste. Marie, is a testament to a communities willingness to push for clean land and water.

  • That's Ms. Alpha Dog to You

    Profile of Tasha Stielstra, one of the top female mushers in the Midwest. She and her husband own Nature’s Kennel and share what they know about sled dogs and the sport they love.

  • Discovering Watery Wonders

    Explore waterlife beyond fish in an inland lake.

  • Mike Boguth: Weather Wiz

    Interview with Mike Boguth, a meterologist with the National Weather Service post in Gaylord.

  • Q&A: Mike Conrad, White Birch Lodge

    We check in with Mike Conrad, who helps coordinate the weekly water shows at Elk Rapids’ historic resort, White Birch Lodge.

  • Sage at Odawa Casino Resort

    Short review of Sage at Odawa Casino Resort.