Shoe repair is a skill that will always be in style. Because when your can’t-live-without sole wears thin, you need help! And the go-to place in Traverse City to get it fixed is at Gauthier’s Shoes and Repair near Tom’s West Bay. From fixing up a pair of high heels to refastening buttons on boots, or making leather shoes look brand new again, Brian Park is the pro to go see (read more about him here on!). The shoe repair manager and orthopedic technician met up with our MyNorth Media video crew to take you behind the scenes at Gauthier’s Shoes and Repair in Traverse City, teaching us how to repair leather shoes. Click “play” above to be amazed!

Learn more about Brian Park and Gauthier’s Shoes and Repair with the April 2016 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.

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Photo(s) by Kris Riley