The iconic City Park Grill in Petoskey (one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite local hangouts) is offering a dinner deal for the ages.

Each Friday in August, make dinner a breeze by reserving your meal ahead of time. Dinner includes an 8 oz. (or 10 oz. at additional cost) slow-roasted and lightly-smoked prime rib served with a garlic-rosemary au jus, white truffle oil mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. Single entrée for $23.95 for 8 oz. and $3 for each additional 2 oz. Reserve yours today for August 13, August 20 or August 27.

Did you know? The Annex, historically a saloon and billiard hall and today called City Park Grill, was a popular spot during Hemingway’s time in Petoskey and is thought to be the inspiration for the saloon in his story, “A Man of the World.” During Prohibition, The Annex legally sold soft drinks and illegally still served alcohol. The owner at the time, Frank Fotchtman, built secret underground tunnels to the Cushman Hotel and the Grill Café to export alcohol. The doors and openings to these tunnels are still visible, though the tunnels no longer exist due to city infrastructure. This historic saloon, now the City Park Grill, is located at 432 E. Lake St., Petoskey.

Photo(s) by Carly Paszek