Give this darling town on Crystal Lake an extra hug for its Christmas parade award for Best-Decorated Emergency Vehicle (December 8 this year). And let us tell you, these first responders know how to decorate! Then spend the weekend just wandering the shops. Here’s a peek at the gifts you’ll find.

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Thymes Candle in Copper Bowl | $50
Crystal Crate n’ Cargo, Beulah, 231.882.5294

Cuddle (Handleless) Mugs | $21.50 each
254 South, Beulah,

Chikie Boots | $142
Luna Boutique, Beulah, 231.882.7359

L’Artiste Lace-Up Boots | $139
Luna Boutique, Beulah, 231.882.7359

Metal Reindeer  | $125
Crystal Moon, Beulah, 231.651.5009

Pine and Cotton Boughs | $15 each
Crystal Moon, Beulah, 231.651.5009

Petoskey & Pearl Necklace, $148 | Abalone Earrings, $32
Jackleen’s Jems, Beulah, 231.882.2390

Hang Anywhere Double Hammock | $69.99
Crystal Lake Adventure Sports, Beulah, 231.882.2527

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Photo(s) by Kris Riley