Any time is a great time to visit a waterfall in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but May is especially rewarding. The rivers are still surging from spring rain and snow melt (frothy and gorgeous!), and, bonus: the mosquitoes and biting flies are still pretty dormant.

The May 2017 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine features a beautiful story about spending a weekend visiting Northern Michigan waterfalls near Marquette. With an essay by Upper Peninsula author Ellen Marlene Airgood and photos by Aaron Peterson, the story is beautiful, eloquent and useful (directions to several waterfalls, lodging and dining suggestions). Read it here!

This video by Aaron Peterson will also inspire. It puts so much of Aaron’s emotional intuition and visual skills on display. Fun and awesome experience to watch.

In the magazine, Ellen Airgood mentions that waterfalls express the endless optimism of the Earth. You’ll feel that kind of promise in this video, as well.

Get your copy of the May issue of Traverse Magazine.

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Photo(s) by Aaron Peterson