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  • Hard-Water Rush

    A profile of the people who follow the ice through Northern Michigan to share and indulge their passion for ice boating.

  • Greg Jaris Unleashed

    Profile of artist Greg Jaris.

  • Foodie File: Nancy KellyChef/proprietress, Pellston Market

    Interview with Nancy Kelly, chef/proprietress, Pellston Market.

  • Gaylord’s Golf Mecca

    Description of the great golf courses in Gaylord.

  • How to Identify Poison Ivy

    How to identify poison ivy.

  • 40 Irresistible Eats: Our 2007 Food Finds

    A list of 40 top food picks from all over Northern Michigan.

  • Seduced by the U.P.’s Sylvania

    A canoe trip through the Sylvania Wilderness Area of the Ottawa National Forest, including Clark Lake, Crooked Lake and Florence Lake.

  • Pot Pies

    A list of editor’s picks for pot pies to be found throughout Northern Michigan.

  • Romancing the Riesling

    A look at impact the Riesling grape has had on the vinyards in Northern Michigan and the notice its getting on the international stage.

  • Discovering Watery Wonders

    Explore waterlife beyond fish in an inland lake.

  • Improve Your Nature Photos

    Suggestions and gear for shooting outstanding nature photographs.

  • Hemingway’s Young Summers

    In 1919, Ernest Hemingway, physically and emotionally injured from World War 1, writes a friend asking him to join him to recoup in Northern Michigan, where Hemingway spent wonderful boyhood summers.

  • Traverse Classics: Lessons in Beekeeping

    Traverse Classics: Heartache. Stings. Who knew that beekeeping would be so emotional?

  • Traverse Classics: Season's Belle—The Yellow Lab Retriever

    Traverse Classics: In the following excerpt from his book Season’s Belle, contributing editor 
Bob Butz tells the tale of his yellow Labrador retriever pup’s first spring and her transformation into a bona fide bird dog.

  • Traverse Classic: The Magic of the Hex Hatch

    For a few frenzied nights in
    a Northern Michigan summer,
    massive hatches of mayflies draw trout to the surface and anglers to the river’s edge in a strange dance of predator and prey.

  • Traverse Classics: Waiting For The Mail

    Traverse Classics: Today we want faster Internet, but in 1905, Northerners couldn’t believe their luck when a horse-drawn wagon pulled up with the day’s delivery.

  • Traverse Classics: Isadore's Secret of The Missing Sister

    In 1907, a nun vanished from Leelanau County’s Holy Rosary Church. Almost a century later, the case remains Northern Michigan’s most fascinating mystery.