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Local Retirees are Saving the Day for Small-Town Businesses

Here's how Northern Michigan retirees are finding jobs, and a sense of belonging, while saving the day for local small-town businesses. We take a...

Substitute Teacher: Changing Young Lives a Few Days a Week

Changing young lives a few days a week is the perfect way to give back to the community. Here's how two Traverse City healthcare workers chose...

20Fathoms is Changing the Business Landscape Up North

How a new Traverse City tech incubator, 20Fathoms, is nurturing fledgling businesses and a changing workforce Up North. This article first appeared...

Traverse City’s TentCraft is Redefining Work-Life Balance

With employees at the center of everything they do, TentCraft is redefining work-life balance. From childcare solutions to helping team members get...

20Fathoms Awarded $250,000 to Expand tccodes and tccyber

Traverse City's 20Fathoms has been awarded a $250,000 grant for tech education and workforce development. This funding will support the expansion of...

Session Charts Course for Traverse City to Grow as a Tech Hub

Traverse Connect hosted the first Economic Strategy Session of 2021. While the overarching theme of these events is focused on strengthening the...


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