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Violet Sugar

These forest flowers are pretty enough to eat! Try these simple spring recipes featured in Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.


Set a bowl of this violet sugar next to the creamer at a spring tea party, or use it to make violet cupcakes (see link below). Violet sugar is also wonderful stirred into iced tea and lemonade. Going to a spring soiree? Pour violet sugar into a pretty glass jar, tie a purple ribbon around the top, and give it as a hostess present.

Directions: For every cup of white sugar use 1/2 cup of violet petals. Rinse the petals and spin thoroughly in a salad spinner or gently pat off excess water with a paper towel. Pour half the sugar into a shallow bowl and spread the damp violets on top. Cover with the remaining sugar, then lightly crush the petals into the sugar with the bottom of a glass. Use a fork to break up the petals and completely stir them through the sugar. Cover the bowl with a dishtowel until the petals are completely dry, and then put in a covered container and store in a cool dark place as you would with sugar.