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Traverse City’s TentCraft is Redefining Work-Life Balance

With employees at the center of everything they do, TentCraft is redefining work-life balance. From childcare solutions to helping team members get...

Moran Iron Works Launches First Amphibious Dredging Machine

Moran Iron Works and Ann Arbor-based Watermaster NA have partnered in a venture to manufacture the unique Finnish-engineered AMD 5000 amphibious...

Traverse City’s eFulfillment Service a Multichannel Merchant Top 3PL

Northern Michigan's eFulfillment Service Inc. has been named a Multichannel Merchant Top 3PL (third-party logistics) for 2019, for the fourth year...

Shop Made-in-Michigan Mattresses at Harbor Springs Mattress Company

The Harbor Springs Mattress Company has been proudly hand-crafting mattresses in Northern Michigan for more than 14 years. In fact, it's one of only...

Traverse City Company Promethient Announces Partnership with Tier One Supplier Faurecia

Faurecia has become a strategic partner to Promethient, a Traverse City company with a focus on electronic manufacturing, and will hold a position...

TruSelf Organics Creates Natural Skin-Care Products for Growing Global Market

TruSelf Organics, a natural, organic, cruelty-free skin care line based in Traverse City, is aiming to change the face of skin care products as we...


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