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Trauma Program Manager

Traverse City, MI


Posted on April 26, 2018

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About Trauma Program Manager


Registered Nurse required

Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in State of Michigan. Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a nurse in Trauma/ED and/or Acute Care Surgery preferred.

Demonstrated administrative and supervisory ability, as well as ability to accept and implement change.

Demonstrated ability to lead/direct others and to work effectively with persons of varied background and education experience.

ACLS and Certification in trauma nursing required – trauma nursing courses may be acquired in first year of employment if not previously complete.


Reports to Executive Director, Surgery Service Line; collaborates closely with the Medical Director of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery program.


Cares for patients in the age category(s) checked below:

X_All ages (birth & above)


  1. Supports the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson Healthcare

  2. Embraces and supports the Performance Improvement philosophy of Munson Healthcare.

  3. Promotes personal and patient safety.

  4. Has basic understanding of Relationship-Based Care (RBC) principles, meets expectations outlined in Commitment To My Co-workers, and supports RBC unit action plans.

  5. Uses effective customer service/interpersonal skills at all times.

  6. Provides leadership in the administration of patient care.

  7. Provides leadership and direction to the Injury Prevention Coordinator for community and regionally focused injury prevention activities. Ensures that the most frequently occurring injuries according to the data from the registry are being addressed via injury prevention programs lead by the Injury Prevention Coordinator.

  8. Delegates to staff the authority necessary for the performance of their duties and ensures that adequate controls exist to render delegation effective.

  9. Provides leadership and direction in developing, reviewing and implementing nursing standards, policies and procedures consistent with hospital and nursing policies, medical care goals and JCAHO standards on the unit.

  10. Is knowledgeable about and ensures fair and consistent application of personnel policies.

  11. Assesses staff continuing education needs and plans to assist staff in meeting those needs.

  12. Develops and recommends annual Capital Equipment and Operations Budgets. Is accountable for maintaining the integrity of the unit budget, utilizes resources appropriately.

  13. Ensures evaluation of performance of all staff annually on a timely basis and recommends appropriate action. Maintains attendance records on staff. Provides appropriate corrective action according to policy.

  14. Interviews and selects new staff, assesses need for unit orientation and ensures provision of same and requires documentation of skills learned by employee.

  15. Recognizes and reports to the Executive Director, Surgery Service Lineand Quality Review all occurrences which might result in liability of the hospital.

  16. Demonstrates initiative and judgment in adapting or devising solutions to meet emergency or unusual conditions.

  17. Maintains own professional growth, demonstrates awareness of new trends in clinical practice, analyzes those trends for applicability to the unit, shares new information with appropriate others, participates in appropriate educational offerings.

  18. Identifies or assists in identifying problems involving staff, other departments and medical staff, and works with these groups as appropriate to define and implement solutions.

  19. Serves on committees as requested.

  20. Performs other duties assigned.

  21. Holds membership and actively participates in regional or national trauma organizations. Assumes day-to-day responsibility for process and performance improvement activities as they relate to nursing and ancillary personnel and assists the TMD in carrying out the same functions for the physicians

  22. Supervises the registry staff, injury prevention coordinator, and any other appropriate staff

  23. Maintains a minimum of 16 hours of trauma-related continuing education per year

  24. Coordinates management across the continuum of trauma care, which includes the planning and implementation of clinical protocols and practice management guidelines, monitoring care of in-hospital patients, and serving as a resource for clinical practice.

  25. Provides for intrafacility and regional professional staff development, participates in case review, implements practice guidelines, and directs community trauma education and prevention programs.

  26. Monitors clinical processes and outcomes and system issues related to the quality of care provided; develops quality filters, audits, and case reviews; identifies trends and sentinel events; and helps outline remedial actions while maintaining confidentiality

  27. Manages, as appropriate, the operational, personnel, and financial aspects of the trauma program. Serves as a liaison to administration, and represents the trauma program on various hospital and community committees to enhance and foster optimal trauma care

  28. Supervision of the trauma registry: Supervises collection, coding, scoring, and developing processes for validation of data. Desigsn the registry to facilitate performance improvement activities, trend reports, and research while protecting confidentiality

  29. Serves as an internal resource for staff in all departments, and acts as a liaison for EMS agencies.

  30. Participates in the development of trauma care systems at the community, state, provincial, or national levels.

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