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Safety Companion

Cadillac, MI


Posted on November 21, 2018

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About Safety Companion

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Current nursing student who has completed all requirements for program admittance as well as a minimum of 180 clinical hours. Must provide a completed skills/competency checklist. Obtain/Maintain CPR certification in adult maneuvers (child and infant may be required by some departments) at all times. Human relations and interpersonal relationship skills required. Effective verbal communication skills. Exercise courtesy, pleasantness, and tact in dealing with others in normal working contacts. ORGANIZATION Under the general supervision of the Nursing Pool manager and the Nursing Supervisor; receives delegation from a Registered Nurse. No managerial or supervisory responsibilities. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times. Recognize the patient record as a confidential, legal document. Implement fire and other disaster plans as directed. May be required to lift more than 35 pounds. Age of patients is dependent upon the specific populations cared for on the unit. SPECIFIC DUTIES

  • Supports the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson

  • Promotes personal and patient safety.

  • Acknowledges that safety is a self-responsibility and plans actions to promote safety.

  • Knows the physical requirements of the job and works within those guidelines.

  • Performs job duties safely at all times, utilizing learned body mechanics and transferring/lifting techniques.

  • Wears correct personal protective equipment when appropriate.

  • Reports any unsafe situation/equipment according to Hospital procedure.

  • Utilizes standard and/or isolation precautions as appropriate and applies infection prevention principles, including hand hygiene and medical asepsis. Exclusion: Will not interact with patients requiring airborne isolation.

  • Provides current clinical competency documentation that is approved by the hospital and is obtained from the nursing school of attendance.

  • Completes the designated hospital orientation classroom coursework upon hire (offered monthly): General Orientation (Monday- half day), Nursing Team (Tuesday- half day), and Body Mechanics (Wednesday- half day).

  • Completes the Behavioral Health Patient Healthstream learning module or class.

  • Works within the policies and procedures of the nursing service and the hospital, for example:

  • Fall prevention procedures

  • Infection prevention policies

  • Serves as a one-to-one Safety Companion only and follows all expectations of the role. Provides and documents any/all direct care (listed below) to the patient requiring a safety companion. Completes Safety Companion Checklist (Form #10420) for each patient served.

Direct Care Skills- All units

  • Prevent infection transmission by performing hand hygiene at frequent intervals and especially before and after every patient contact. Don correct personal protective equipment as appropriate.

  • Bathe as directed by nurse: bed bath, partial bed bath, shower, and tub bath. Perform back care for patients.

  • Prepare patients for meals, serve and remove trays, feed patient, pass nourishment and water as directed, assist patient in ordering food as needed.

  • Provide complete personal hygiene, including care of hair (combing, shampooing), electric shaving, oral hygiene, perineal care, give and remove bedpans and urinals. Performs routine (soap and water) incision care as part of daily bathing when delegated by RN.

  • Properly move and position patients as determined by patient’s diagnosis and under direction of the nurse. Assist patients into and out of bed, to and from stretchers/carts, into and out of wheelchairs/commode chairs and to and from toilet. Know and apply proper body mechanics and utilize transfer device(s) and/or mechanical lift device(s).

  • Ambulate patients as directed by the nurse.

  • Collect sputum, urine (clean catch and timed), and stool specimens.

  • Collect Specimen – Fingerstick Blood Glucose (as directed per department specifications)

  • Empty and measure drainage: urinary catheters, naso-gastric tubes.

  • Assist in accurate intake and output records by correctly measuring and documenting.

  • Know hospital procedures for morning, afternoon, and HS care and carry out on assigned shifts. Make patient beds, occupied or unoccupied, as directed.

  • Remove, reapply, and care for anti-embolism stockings and sequential compression devices when directed.

  • Care for patient’s personal belongings and appliances, clothing, valuables, dentures, hearing aids, contact lenses, possessions, flowers, etc.

  • Keep patient’s area and bathroom clean and in order: bed, bedside stand, and cupboards.

  • Observe, report and record vital signs (temperatures – oral, rectal, and axillary), radial pulse, respiration, blood pressure, O2 saturation, and standing weight.

  • Observe and promptly report any changes in patient’s condition or abnormal results (vital signs, intake and output, weight, etc.) to the Registered Nurse.

  • For all direct patient tasks, immediately after completion of the task, document results and other pertinent information.

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