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Patient Attendant

Traverse City, MI


Posted on April 4, 2019

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About Patient Attendant


  • To prevent causing harm to self or others, or to prevent dislodging of tubes, drains, IV’s, etc. Insures patient is not left unattended. This would include during bathroom visits.

  • Permit an ambulatory patient requiring no assistance to move around the room or ambulate in hall as directed by nurse.

  • Relays basic patient information to staff and summons unit staff whenever additional assistance is required in the individual patient room.

  • Participates in casual conversation and diversional activities with the patient such as playing cards, games, etc., if approved by the nurse. Ability to maintain positive interaction with all types of patients, significant others and coworkers in order to effectively care for the patients. Demonstrates sensitivity when interacting with diverse ethnic groups.

  • Provides comfort measures such as adjusting bed and pillows, and assist patients to reposition for comfort, when appropriate as directed by nurse.

  • Assist patient/family with menu selection.


High school diploma or equivalent. No previous specific experience required.

Patient Attendant Role Priorities


  • Maintain personal safety at all times. Position yourself between the door and the patient. Do not leave the patient alone for any reason.

  • Stay within an arm’s length of the patient at all times but never attempt to physically restrain the patient.

  • Prevent removal of any lines, tubes, or medical equipment.

  • Prevent a fall risk patient (yellow socks) from getting up without assistance.

  • Prevent patient from harming themselves with any object.

  • You may not eat or drink in the patient room. You may not utilize personal devices or cell phones while in the patient room.


  • Visually observes the patient at all times

  • If the patient needs to use the restroom/shower, someone must maintain visualization at all times. For an ambulatory patient who is allowed to get up, you may. For patients who require assistance ambulating or are a fall risk, the nurse or nursing assistant must.


  • Introduce yourself to the patient and let them know you are helping with their care.

  • Use respectful, non-judgmental communication. Interact with the patient as they tolerate. Offer a pleasant distraction to lying in bed in the hospital.

  • REMEMBER: Confidentiality is a patient right. You may not discuss, share, or post to social media anything about the patient or their care with ANYONE outside of the care team providing care on that day.


  • If you notice anything out of the ordinary or have concerns about your safety or the patient’s safety, immediately call for help.

  • If the patient attempts to get aggressive with you, immediately call for help.

  • If the patient is at risk for falls and will not accept redirection and continues to try to get up, immediately call for help.

  • If you need to leave the patient for any reason, summon staff to maintain constant observation while you are away.

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