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Grawn, MI


Posted on August 10, 2018

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About Paramedic/Firefighter



Classification: Paramedic/Firefighter (full-time and part-time)


Primary objectives / Responsibility of Position

Including but not limited to:


  1. The Paramedic/Firefighter must be able to perform life-saving functions without the resources that are normally available in the hospital setting. He/She must be able to function independently in the event of a communications failure.
  2. Shares in the responsibility for the care and transport of the sick and injured, in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the State of Michigan, Blair Township EMS, and the Regional Medical Control Authority.
  3. The Paramedic/Firefighter must act appropriately using his/her own discretion to maintain control and organization of pre-hospital scenes while following written/verbal Medical Control protocols and orders.
  4. Shares in the responsibility of protecting persons, homes, businesses, assets, and properties from the threat of fire or any possible disaster potential in accordance to policies and procedures set forth by Blair Township Emergency Services.
  5. Performs fire suppression, prevention, and rescue operations as per NFPA and/or Department standards.
  6. This position reports to the Blair Township Emergency Services Director, Sections Chiefs, or Direct Supervisor as per the determined chain of command.


Other Specific Roles and Responsibilities


  1. Shares in the responsibility of the EMS and Fire department complex cleaning and routine up-keep.
  2. Shares in the responsibility of maintaining Blair Township’s fire hydrant system.
  3. Shares in the responsibility of maintaining and ensuring that emergency apparatus is clean, stocked, and prepared for service at all times.
  4. Ensures that assigned personal protection equipment, uniforms, and turnout gear are clean and in good working condition.
  5. Will perform work-related duties as assigned by immediate supervisor, Section Chiefs and/or Director.


Professional Relations:


  1. Participates as requested in community outreach and the education of other health care professionals and the general public.
  2. Respects the needs and rights of co-workers, patients, and the public.
  3. Assists in promoting and maintaining positive relationships with the EMS and Fire fields.
  4. This position dictates a high degree of confidentiality.






Professional Performance Standards


Patient Care


  1. Performs initial and on-going assessment of each patient.
  2. Able to independently direct the prehospital care of patients at the level of Advanced Life Support(ALS). (Level II Paramedic/FF Role)
  3. Works under direct supervision of a Level II Paramedic during ALS care if designated as a Level I Paramedic/FF.
  4. Accurately, thoroughly, and professionally documents patient care utilizing the prescribed electronic patient care charting system in a timely manner.
  5. Collects data in a systematic and continuous manner. This data is accessible, communicated, and recorded.
  6. Utilizes the appropriate Medical Control protocols: Recognizes and communicates pertinent changes in health status to the on-line medical control.
  7. Performs techniques and procedures as ordered by a physician or outlined in the Medical Control Authority Pre-Hospital Protocols.
  8. Operates and drives EMS vehicles in a safe manner and in due regard to public safety.
  9. Able to make appropriate patient care decisions based on patient assessments, strong clinical judgment and the best interest of the patient.
  10. Able to maintain quality patient care during prolonged transports to the appropriate receiving facilities.


Fire Operations:


  •      Follows proper fire ground accountability and operates within the fire ground chain of command.


  1.      Uses proper personal protective equipment at all times.
  2.      Maintains proper fire ground radio and verbal communication.
  3.      Ensures personal facial grooming is such as to operate safely during fire operations.
  4.      Operates and drives fire apparatus in a safe manner and in due regard to public safety.




  1. The Paramedic/Firefighter is required to efficiently operate highly complex communication telemetry equipment, which is the primary link to the emergency physician as well as other responding emergency units.
  2. Coordinates by radio with other public safety vehicles, personnel, and agencies.
  3. Must be able to speak English fluently.


Operation of the Program:


  1. Participates in Fire/EMS staff meetings.
  2. Attends all mandatory meetings and completes all assigned trainings as determined by management.
  3. Communicates safety concerns to his/her immediate supervisor.
  4. Assists in the development and implementation of standards, methods, and tools to improve patient care, fire suppression, fire prevention, and rescue operations.
  5. Acts as a preceptor to new personnel and students for orientation to policies, procedures, protocols, equipment, and their role with the Fire/EMS systems.









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