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Nursing Assistant CNA Living Moments Unit Tenderc

Traverse City, MI

Posted on October 28, 2017

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About Nursing Assistant CNA Living Moments Unit Tenderc

Job Description
LOCATION: Traverse City, MI
FACILITY: Tendercare Traverse City

This position is a Certified Nursing Assistant who is specifically educated and trained to provide supportive services to residents residing in specified dementia care units.  Performs supportive services to dementia care unit residents as they perform their daily routines, including assistance with dressing, grooming, bathing, walking, eating and other functions of living. Conducts activities and shares common functions with other members of the healthcare team on the unit. Assists in providing a positive physical, social, and psychological environment. Follows all Center policies and procedures.

1.Dementia Unit Responsibilities
*  Adheres to the Dementia program philosophy and principles
*  Provides supportive services to dementia unit residents based upon their care needs.
*  Ensures dementia residents are able to perform their activities of daily living augmenting their functions as needed.
*  Assists licensed nurses in identifying changes in resident behavior or condition and reports these to the nurse or Program Coordinator
*  Assists residents in meal selection, eating, and cleaning up meal area after each meal.
*  Remains current with continuing education specific to the dementia unit.
*  Involves interested family members in the supportive care and services to their resident.
*  Assists in integrating resident’s behavior into the normal living pattern of the unit.
*  Assists with structured programs and activities throughout the day.
2.Assists with resident/patient care needs and comforts including but not limited to:
*  Assists or gives oral hygiene and mouth care.
*  Assists with bathing functions and dressing/undressing as necessary.
*  Assists with nail care, shaving, and hair care.
*  Assists with lifting, turning, positioning and transporting residents.
*  Makes both occupied and unoccupied beds (as assigned).
*  Keeps residents/patients dry (i.e. change gown, clothing, linen, etc.) when he/she becomes soiled or wet.
*  Assists resident/patient with bowel or bladder functions.
*  Checks residents/patients frequently to assure that their personal care needs are being met.
*  Answers call lights promptly.
3.Assists with nursing functions as follows:
*  Measures and records vital signs.
*  Weighs and measures residents/patients.
*  Collects specimens (i.e., urine, stool, sputum).
*  Prepares and gives enemas.
*  Provides daily indwelling catheter care.
*  Performs diabetic urine testing.
*  Turns bedfast residents/patients at least every two hours.
*  Provides daily range of motion exercises.
*  Checks restrained residents/patients at least every thirty minutes and releases restraints every two hours for range of motion and takes to bathroom. Maintains an accurate record of restrained residents.
*  Assists with care of the dying resident.
*  Maintains accurate intake and output records.
4.Performs food service functions including:
*  Prepares residents/patients for meals (i.e., take to bathroom, wash hands, oral care, take to, from dining room, etc.)
*  Serves food trays. Assists with feeding as indicated.
*  Records the residents/patients food fluid intake.
*  Serves between meal and bedtime snacks.
*  Keeps resident’s/patient’s water pitchers clean and filled with fresh water on each shift.
*  Performs after meal care (i.e., clean residents/patients hands, face, clothing, brush teeth, take to bathroom, etc.).
*  Notes and reports changes in resident/patient eating habits especially those on diabetic diet.
5.Assists with keeping nursing and resident/patient care area neat, sanitary and orderly.
6.Appropriately records all cares given into CareTracker and other records as appropriate, and charges for supplies.
7.Participates in the Interdisciplinary Plan of Care (“IPOC”) process as assigned.
8.Follows work assignments and schedules.
9.Complies with laws and regulations applicable to position and acts in accordance with Center’s Compliance Program.
10. Attends and participates in in-service training, performance improvement (“PI”) committees and other meetings as scheduled and directed.
11. Treats all residents, visitors, and staff with courtesy.
12. Works overtime, holiday and weekend hours as scheduled.
13. Assists in orientation and training of employees as assigned.
14. Safety
*  Knows and follows center rules.
*  Demonstrates proper use of equipment. Reports equipment needs or repairs.
*  Follows center smoking policies.
*  Reports and documents any incidents or accidents of residents, staff or visitors to the appropriate center personnel.
*  Performs duties, which may include transportation of residents, as assigned in Center Disaster Plan.
*  Uses required protective equipment.
*  Follows infection control standards, policies and procedures.
*… For full info follow application link.

EOE M/W/Vet/Disabled

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