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Low & Steep Slope Roofing Foreman

Buckley, MI


Posted on March 9, 2018

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About Low & Steep Slope Roofing Foreman


  • Identifying safety related issues and correcting those issues including making sure that all members of the crew are meeting OSHA safety standards.
  • Working with project supervisor to set daily goals and then directing the crew to meet those goals.
  • Coordinating project activities with interior operations of the building or the homeowner’s schedule.
  • Protecting the building and building content for any projects that they are working on.
  • Understanding the overall roof assembly being installed and overseeing the installation of the materials into a complete and functional roofing system.
  • Understanding how materials and roofing systems go together and come apart in order to complete repairs to existing roofing systems.
  • Communicating with members of the crew as well as project supervisor and/or business owner.
  • Maintaining project sites in a neat and orderly fashion.


Skills Required

  • Ability to identify specific types of roofing materials and implement proper installation and repair methods.
  • Ability to use all hand tools associated with roofing installation including simple hand tools and specific roofing related tools.
  • Ability to identify safety hazards on project sites and take corrective measures to eliminate or reduce risks associated with those hazards.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both in written and oral communications with crew members and project supervisors. The ability to listen is a critical aspect of communications.
  • Physical ability to lift and maneuver heavy weighted objects including materials and equipment.
  • Ability to work at heights as well as access heights from a ladder.


Education Needed

The roofing foreman position does not have any specific education requirements. It is recommended that any individual in a roofing foreman position take training offered by the manufacturer of the products and systems they will be installing. In addition, leadership skills are critical. Building leadership skills will provide a firm foundation for growth as a roofing foreman.




There are no specific qualifications required to pursue a job as a roofing foreman. To be successful as a roofing foreman a candidate should be committed to consistently enhancing their skills and abilities. This includes both technical skills and leadership skills. Being able to lead and direct others is a critical skill to master as a successful roofing foreman.






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