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Linen Tech

Traverse City, MI


Posted on August 17, 2018

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About Linen Tech


High school graduate or GED preferred. Ability to speak, read and write English.


Working with management, team leaders and co-workers, facilitate creative problem solving and process improvement. There are approximately 10 work stations within the Linen Tech job classification. While most work station assignments are semi-permanent a Linen Tech may be assigned to any of the work stations at any time, based upon the needs of the company, as determined by management or shift leads. The work stations are: · Shift Leader – May perform work at any work station, but primarily will work in post-sort/handfold. On a shift-by-shift basis coordinates both the flow of work within the plant and deliveries. Facilitates creative problem solving and process improvement. · Hospital Based Linen Distribution (Munson Medical Center Only) – Linen Techs either weigh and fill linen carts on the day shift, or distribute carts throughout the hospital on the midnight shift. · Soiled Linen Sorting – Techs assigned to sorting stations, weigh and record linen carts, lift bags (may weigh up to 25 lbs) tear bags open, dump linen onto a conveyor and sorting linen by item into bulk carts. This assignment currently pays a differential of $1.00 per hour · Washer Operator – Operates the CBW or conventional washers and dryers. Bending and lifting required. This assignment currently pays a differential of $1.50 per hour. · Dryer Operator/Small Fold-Handfold – Positions baskets for the large dryers, stages linen for small piece folders. Working with the conventional washer operator, helps load and unload small dryers. Works on hand folding linen. · Small Piece Folders – Inspects linen to assure linen is clean and dry. Preps linen for folder when necessary (some items require folding in half) feed linen into folder. · Iron Operator – Shakes out linen to feed into spreader-feeder. Linen is ironed, folded and stacked automatically. Person receiving the processed linen separates it by size and places in stacks of 5 or 10, depending on item. Stacks are placed onto a conveyor for distribution. Currently pays a differential of $0.75 per hour. · Pack Room – Inspects, stacks, folds and packages o.r. linen to be sterilized. Must follow specific requirements of customer. Detail oriented work. Current differential of $0.50 per hour. · Distribution/Shipping – Receives processed linen from the production floor and packs bulk carts for shipping to customers. Weighs and records poundage for billing and shipping, Washes and dries line carts. Completes linen order on schedule by budgeting time and communicating product needs to shift lead. Communicates with management if an order is not received, or if a delay is expected. · Stamping/Seamstress – Inspects and either marks out or repairs linen. Maintains a record of discarded linen and time usage. Operates electric rag cutting machine and hot stamp machine to place identification on linen. Current differential of $0.50 per hour. Operates automatic folders or other processing equipment. Responsible for completing daily production forms and/or shipping forms. May be required to train new employees. Must meet production standards of assigned work station. Follows policies and procedures of assigned tasks. Responsible for cleaning own work area.

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