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Die Set Up & Repair

Traverse City, MI

Posted on March 29, 2019

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About Die Set Up & Repair

Set up, operate, and adjust stamping presses in the production of terminal and component parts using all safety equipment and/or controls provided for the particular job or machinery. Visually inspect parts and press for defects.

Perform setup and changeover procedures for progressive dies, including maintenance of dies, tooling, press operations, functions, and settings. The individual will be responsible for press ram adjustment, roll feed settings, progression setting, clamping dies onto press, press guard adjustment, pilot release adjustment, and other similar duties as assigned by production supervisor.

Make press, die, or tooling adjustments on in process jobs in order to comply with customer specifications. Regrind/sharpen tooling or make new tooling.  Perform routine safety checks on all presses, dies, and equipment.

Other duties include, but are not limited to, verify and feed raw material through the die, visually inspect first-piece samples, setup and operate all production equipment, adjust take up and payoff equipment through the use of basic press room hand tools. Assist in the training process DSU&R trainees when applicable and  DSU&O/Press Operators.

Requires a mechanical background, experience in the use of micrometers, calipers, and various other precision measuring instruments.

Ability to read and interpret blueprints, basic understanding of computers and work within stringent tolerances, and knowledge of S.P.C. (Statistical Process Controls).

Performing blueprint corrections and changes with Engineering Department

Completing paperwork relating to assigning work done to a particular “job”.

Cleaning scrap pans, machinery, and work area.

Occasionally banding stock.

Gives a preliminary evaluation of trainees.

Ability to analyze part drawings and proposed tooling, requiring a high degree of originality and imagination to visualize the tool and determine if it will meet the needs of the job and recommend changes where required.

Ability to check tool drawings for errors in dimensions, fits, and clearances.

Ability to plan, layout, and determine manufacturing methods and sequence of operations best suited to make tooling to design specifications.

 Ability to use advanced shop math including geometry and trigonometry to verify dimensions and make intricate calculations for hole locations, compound angles, contours, and reference points.

Ability to setup and operate all types of machine tools to perform difficult and exacting operations.

High school diploma or GED required.

Knowledge of arithmetic is required

Basic skills in oral and written communication

Must successfully pass a skills evaluation.

Requires you successfully complete the State approved DU&R apprenticeship program.

Certified DOL journeyman’s card.

Comply with all Environment, Health, and Safety {EH&S}rules and procedures.



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