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Dentist P15

Manistee, MI


Posted on March 13, 2018

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About Dentist P15

Job Description

Provide Dental Services to prisoners at assigned Correctional Facility and other Dental Clinics, as assigned. These Dental Services include, but are not limited to: diagnosis, operative/restorative, surgical (including extractions), and prosthetic treatment. To document and record patient treatment information, as required by Dental Program guidelines, to ensure performance compliance of supervised Dental Staff, to provide patient care in accordance with established and perceived “standard of care guidelines” and to maintain the facility Dental Clinic operational modalities at MDOC Dental Program standards. Possession of Controlled Substance and U.S.D.E.A Registration is preferred. This is a test-designated position. This position has direct contact with and supervisory responsibility over prisioners for more than 50% of work time. This position is located 100% within the secure perimiter of a Correctional Facility.

Required Education and Experience

Education Possession of a Doctorate of Dental Surgery or Doctorate of Medical Dentistry degree.

Experience No specific type or amount is required.

Additional Requirements and Information

The Department of Corrections will not hire individuals who have been convicted of a felony or who have felony charges pending, in accordance with Public Act 140 of the Public Acts of 1996.

Michigan licensure as a dentist.


Equivalent combinations of education and experience that provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities will be evaluated on an individual basis.

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Position Description:

Salary: $35.84 – $56.47 Hourly

Location: Manistee, MI

Job Type: Permanent Full Time

Department: Corrections – Oaks Correctional Facility

Job Number: 4739-17-11

Closing: Continuous


Agency: State of Michigan

Address: 400 South Pine Street Lansing, Michigan, 48909

Phone: (800) 788-1766


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