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Banquet Captain

Traverse City, MI


Posted on March 2, 2018

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About Banquet Captain

General Duties:

*  Willingness to accept the most effective role.

*  Responsible for the promotion of a safe and professional workplace through adhering to policies and procedures as outlined in the Great Wolf Resorts handbook.

*  Participates fully in Project Green Wolf, our company-wide environmental sustainability initiative, which includes, but is not limited to, recycling, waste reduction, and energy and water conservation.

*  Be punctual, dressed in uniform, for scheduled work time.

*  Always check in with the Banquet Manager or other Banquet Captain(s) upon arriving and check out with him/her before leaving.

*  Ensure the entire set-up and service staff services the client and his/her guests in a professional and efficient manner.

*  Know the features of the Lodge beyond the Conference Center and be able to describe and discuss them with guests.

*  Follow-up on any special requests, involving your Banquet Manager when you are unsure of how to handle a request.

*  Be the resident expert on the order of service for any event.

*  Know the specifics of every Banquet Event Order (BEO).

*  Be able to lead and conduct departmental meetings such as pre-meal and post-meal briefings.

*  Be able to lift, bend, and carry a minimum of 15 pounds (stacks of chairs, loaded serving trays, tables, etc.). 

Specific Duties:

*  Follow service standards as directed in the Conference Center Family Traditions.

*  Be able to read and interpret Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) and follow instructions from Banquet Manager.

*  Be prepared to lead and supervise banquet and lead housemen, banquet bartenders, and banquet servers in all aspects of providing items listed on all BEOs.

*  Organize and lead the Pre-Meal and Post-Meal Briefings, as directed.

*  Participate in leading and setting events up including moving tables, setting tables and chairs, buffet set-up, bar set-up, side stands set-up, tray stand placement and set-up, etc.

*  Prepare for the function as appropriate, including, but not limited to sample place and table settings, condiments identification and preparation, anticipating beverage needs, etc.

*  Be able to assign service stations to banquet servers, anticipating good, balanced working teams.

*  Coordinate the opening of the event room doors with the client and ensure the servers are in their stations, ready to warmly welcome guests and helping them get seated.

*  Establish the Order of Service as directed by the Banquet Manager or from the Conference Center Family Traditions. Maintain event timing to ensure service occurs properly and in a timely manner.

*  Maintain open communication with the Banquet Manager, letting him/her know immediately of any changes or needs.

*  Ensure all assigned side work is completed before leaving. Complete pre-work needed for future events.

*  Supervise and check the clean up after all functions; vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, clearing dishes from tables, re-organization of the back aisle or staging areas as assigned, ensure all equipment and supplies are put away in their proper storage areas.

*  Assist the Banquet Manager with administrative duties, as assigned, such as scheduling, time clock reviews, approving or managing overtime, calculations. 


*  Previous banquet captain experience a plus.

*  Able to read and interpret BEOs and other communication methods used in Banquets.

*  Knows other venues and aspects of the Lodge.

*  Able to speak with clients and guests and answer questions about the Conference Center and our capabilities.

*  Seeks assistance from other pack members or management when not able to answer a question from a client or guest.

*  Promotes excellence by providing superior supervision and leadership to the entire service team and to each client and guest.

*  Promotes team spirit and works collaboratively to achieve team goals.

*  Projects a professional and polished image that inspires confidence and trust.

*  Inspires others with enthusiasm and positive energy.

*  Demonstrates persistence, overcomes obstacles, and strives to improve skills and achieve goals. 


*  Ability to lift 30lbs.

*  Ability to stand/sit for long periods of time.

*  Ability to bend, stretch and twist. 

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled


Employer’s Job# 5000321737906

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