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Anesthesia Aide

Traverse City, MI


Posted on October 23, 2018

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About Anesthesia Aide


One year Anesthesia Aide experience preferred

Successful completion of Anesthesia Aide Orientation required.

Demonstrates competency in the operating room as pertains to Anesthesia Aides.

Computer skills are highly desirable.


Effective communication skills.

Demonstrates organizational, leadership, and teaching skills.

Some flexibility in scheduling required.


  1. Supports the mission statement of Munson Medical Center (MMC): Munson Medical Center is the core of a regional health system. In partnership with physicians, we provide quality, compassionate, comprehensive and cost-effective services for improvement of the health of our patients and the communities we serve.

  2. Embraces and supports the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) philosophy of Munson Medical Center: We are committed to the name “Munson” meaning excellence. We will provide services that meet our customers’ requirements every time.

  3. Adheres to Exceptional Skills with People (ESP) House Rules at all times.

  4. Acknowledges that safety is a self-responsibility. Knows the physical requirements of the job and work within those guidelines. Performs job duties safely at all times, utilizing learned body mechanics and transferring/lifting techniques. Plans actions to promote safety. Reports any unsafe situation/equipment according to Hospital procedure.

  5. Performs all specific duties listed in Anesthesia Aide job description.

  6. Provides leadership for and works effectively with the team.

  7. Assures effective communication within the team and between the team and other teams, departments, etc.

  8. Works in collaboration with Anesthesia for team decision-making and problem solving. Implements solutions and projects as appropriate.

  9. Is accountable to staff, surgeons, anesthesia, coordinators and OR management.

  10. Is responsible for maintaining a current orientation manual and orientation of new staff in collaboration with the OR Educator.

  11. Participates in inservice education for Anesthesia Aides as appropriate, including new procedures.

  12. Assists team members with development of skills and expertise.

  13. Makes daily assignments for all Anesthesia Aide scheduling.

  14. Ensures Anesthesia Aide accountability to daily assignments.

  15. Monitors progression of orienting Anesthesia Aides with Coordinators.

  16. Seeks additional educational opportunities related to leadership and communication skills.

  17. Maintains equipment and instrumentation.

  18. Monitors and maintains appropriate par levels of anesthesia general stock.

  19. Works in collaboration with anesthesia and pharmacy to assure appropriate medication supply.

  20. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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