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YMCA Launches Bootcamp-Style Program With a Twist

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May 15
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Grand Traverse Bay YMCA


Spring, Summer


Traverse City YMCA
3000 Racquet Club Dr,
Traverse City, MI 49684 United States
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YMCA Launches Bootcamp Style Program With a Twist —

As summer approaches, you may be looking for a fun way to get you out of the winter funk and back in shape for the beach and the trails and the endless summer fun.

For millions of Americans, exercise feels like a necessary evil and there are constantly contradictions of what’s “good for you” and dozens of questions around how to exercise “the right way.”

Does the amount of time matter? Does your heart rate matter? How do you know when you’re losing fat? Is it true that there’s no gain without pain?

The YMCA aims to address these questions and guide participants through the exercise experience in its newest addition to a growing line of bootcamps; this program is called Y-Zone.

“The difference with Y-Zone is that it’s centered on YOUR heart rate,” says Health and Wellness Director, Stephanie Carpenter. “Fitness is very individual
– everybody’s body is different, and everybody’s body adapts to exercise differently so it only makes sense to personalize your workout a bit more.”

This class features a heart rate monitor for each participant, with all participant heart rates displayed on a TV screen within the training room. Each person tries to spend most of his/her time in the green or yellow zones, indicating they’re working at 70-90% of their maximum heart rate. This is where fat loss is maximized.

“The maximum heart rate for each person is different,” explains Group Exercise Coordinator, Martha Videan, “it depends on variables like your age, height and weight. So unless those factors are the exact same as the person next to you, your maximum heart rate, and therefore your target heart rate zone, is going to be different than the others in the class.”

Three instructors lead you through a circuit-style bootcamp with equipment like TRX straps, water rowers, battle ropes, bosu balls and more. During your 30- or 60-minute class, the instructors aren’t focused on broadly encouraging you to push through, they’re focused on helping you stay in your target heart rate zone.

Though phrases like, “keep going!” “push!” or “go, go, go!” are typical key phrases in a bootcamp, you’ll hear something different from your instructors in Y-Zone. Either encouragement to keep pushing to your target heart rate zone, or warning to slow down because you’ve passed your target heart rate zone.

“It’s a really cool experience,” notes one participant, “At one station, I was running but the person next to me was walking briskly; we were both in the same heart rate zone, our bodies just needed different levels of intensity to accomplish the same thing. I loved being able to constantly see if I was pushing too hard or not hard enough.”

“It’s also nice to not have the pressure to keep up with the person next to you,” another participant chimes in. “The workout becomes about what YOUR body needs and where YOU are, not anybody else.”

The YMCA has piloted the class with both YMCA staff and County employees, receiving great feedback. “We’re really excited to introduce this program to the members,” says Carpenter. “We’ve worked really hard to make this a great experience and I think this concept will help a lot of people.”

Classes are fee based and will be available for both members and community participants. Additionally, companies are able to book private Y- Zone training for their employees for a flat monthly fee.

For more information, go to: www.gtbayymca.org/y-zone


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The Y’s Vision 2020 details what the Y hopes to bring to fruition for the Grand Traverse community by the year 2020:
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