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Beer Guts, Muffin Tops and the Truth About Cholesterol

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February 21, 2013
6:15 pm - 7:15 pm


Performance Chiropractic
551 S. Garfield Ave
Traverse City, MI United States


Donald Piche
Dr. Julie Brons from Performance Chiropractic will offer insight on the issue of the ever-expanding American waistline and why we need to be concerned about it. Despite 1000’s of diets, thousands of low-calorie, low fat, and cholesterol- free foods, American’s top charts in the world when it comes to obesity and heart disease. It begs the question…why? Is it a lack of cholesterol drugs? Not enough diet sodas? Dr. Julie Brons will look at the underlying factors that are involved in the “expansion” of Americans. This engaging talk will look at why watching your waistline is important, and what exactly goes on inside a fat cell to perpetuate the problems.
This is a CAN’T MISS if you or a family member has been prescribed cholesterol meds or you struggle with weight issues. 
Space is limited and reservations are required. Make your reservation by calling Amy at 922.0110

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