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An Evening with Jeff Daniels

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February 19, 2011
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Grayling High School auditorium
Old 27 North
Grayling, MI, MI United States


Front Row Concerts

Perhaps you know him from his films: “Dumb and Dumber”, “RV”, “Escanaba in Da Moonlight”, “Good-Night and Good Luck” and “Terms of Endearment” among them. You might even know that Jeff Daniels, the actor, lives in Chelsea, MI.

On Saturday, February 19, 2011 Jeff Daniels, the singer/songwriter, will be in concert at Joseph Stripe Auditorium in Grayling, at 8 pm.

He’s been playing guitar and writing songs since 1976, but did not begin performing them until much later. “I was in New York finishing up the Final Mix of ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT,” he said, “…organizing my songs, getting ready for this little fundraiser at the Purple Rose Theatre (in Chelsea) in a couple months. It seems someone had suggested that if I were pushed out onstage with a guitar, people might actually pay money to see what happened. In the non-profit world of fundraising, this is known as a “good idea.”

A good idea indeed. Since then his performances have regularly sold out to audiences comprised of those who are fans of his film work, those who are just curious to see whether or not he really can play and sing, and those who love and appreciate good, live performance.  Jeff Daniels is a gifted guitar player, singer and songwriter who is as funny as you’d expect, but who also can bring you to tears without warning. As an instrumentalist, his skill is far beyond “good enough to get by”.  He has proven that he is not an actor who sings, but an accomplished singer/songwriter whose musical talent does not require the support of his acting.

He sings about being from Michigan, trains, dogs, and the things that make a life with a soulful voice that brings to mind Lyle Lovett or a young Tom Paxton. As for the songs, he says I’ve been writing songs for over thirty years. I don’t write hits. I don’t send out demos to famous singers. I just write songs. They’re my diaries.” He now has 5 CD’s to his credit.

The concert is a production of Front Row Concerts, and sponsored by the Grayling AuSable Artisan Village (AAV). The AAV is a non-profit organization whose purpose it is to promote opportunities for the arts and artists in north central northern Michigan, through galleries, classes and live performances.

Tickets are $25 and on sale now at Flowers by Josie in Grayling, and on line at www.frontrowconcerts.net For more information call Front Row Concerts 231-238-0054.

All seats are general admission.

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