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A Trio of Michigan Authors: Rick Bailey, John Marks & W.B.Weber

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June 22
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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McClean & Eakin Booksellers
307 E Lake St
Petoskey, MI 49770 United States
(231) 347-1180


McClean & Eakin Booksellers
231- 347-1180



We are excited to invite a trio of Michigan authors for a visit to the store on Friday, August 11th from 2 – 4 p.m. Please welcome Rick Bailey, John Marks and W.B. Weber for a book signing. This is a free event.

“American English, Italian Chocolate” is a memoir in essays beginning in the American Midwest and ending in north central Italy. In sharply rendered vignettes, Rick Bailey reflects on donuts and ducks, horses and car crashes, outhouses and EKGs. He travels all night from Michigan to New Jersey to attend the funeral of a college friend. After a vertiginous climb, he staggers in clogs across the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In a trattoria in the hills above the Adriatic, he ruminates on the history and glories of beans, from Pythagoras to Thoreau, from the Saginaw valley to the Province of Urbino.

Bailey is a bumbling extra in a college production of Richard III. He is a college professor losing touch with a female student whose life is threatened by her husband. He is a father tasting samples of his daughter’s wedding cake. He is a son witnessing his aging parents’ decline. He is the husband of an Italian immigrant who takes him places he never imagined visiting, let alone making his own. At times humorous, at times bittersweet, Bailey’s ultimate subject is growing and knowing, finding the surprise and the sublime in the ordinary detail of daily life.

W.B. Weber
A meteor hit Earth? It seemed unreal, but that is what was first believed when a supposed meteor hit Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, as investigations begin, the findings are that it was a small planet hitting Earth, and there is more to come with this disaster in W.B. Weber’s new science fiction novel, “A Planet Called Wormwood”, a multiple-character story. After the meteor/planet hit, changes start happening to several people not only in Argentina, but also in the United States. People are noticed as displaying animal-like behavior, with people attacking people for no reason and in violent ways similar to animal attacks. The survivors on Earth realize an infestation on Earth has taken place and time is running out on supplies, gas and lives in general. The multiple character’s storyline in “A Planet Called Wormwood” illustrates a survivor’s story of hope, faith and the resilience of the human spirit.

Indian River residents William and Brianne Weber are a husband and wife writing team. This is their first novel.

John Marks-“Beyond Madness 45*N”
His midlife crisis seemed to peak when Harlan Holmes, an ex-cop turned private eye, lost the son of his only client somewhere along the Leelanau coast—about 45°N.
The job initially seemed simple, more like babysitting than private investigation. Harlan was hired to look after his client’s son Leo while the young man attended law school away from home. But Leo, it turned out, was a determined gambling addict. And Harlan was clueless about the March Madness scam that Leo was running on some locals just before he went missing.
Complicating matters is Harlan’s client, Leo’s dad. It so happens, he’s a full-on wise guy, and he’s in town with a crew to micromanage the private eye who lost his son. When they learn about Leo’s fate, Harlan will learn that his midlife crisis has just begun.
John Marks is an attorney in Michigan. He previously practiced law in California and has taught classes at law schools in California and Michigan. John and his wife, Dena, have traveled extensively but enjoy most the time they spend close to home with their children and grandchildren.

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