Job Description

Logistics Technician I


  • High School Graduate or GED

  • Physically capable of handling/processing freight over an 8 hour period

  • Physically capable of lifting up to 50 pounds

  • Physically capable of standing/walking over an 8 hour period

  • Possesses skills which reflect detail, accurate results

  • Good comprehension and communication skills

  • Is flexible to changes to work schedule

  • Ability to work well with others

    Continuous successful work experience of two or more years


    Depending on work assignment and site location, the Logistics Tech 1 reports to the Site Manager Logistics. Has cooperative working relationship within their site locations with Directors, Managers, and Supervisors/Coordinators. Involves daily working contact with co-workers, hospital staff, visitors and medical staff personnel.


  • Ability to use mechanical lifting equipment with proper training

  • Counts Par locations to facility specific areas

  • Picks supplies accurately according to pick ticket

  • Packs, lifts and package supplies according to requirements

  • Stage and prepare products for shipping

  • Stocks, rotates supplies and checks expiration dates in assigned locations

  • Accurately records all additions and subtractions from inventory using MMIS

  • Accurately logs and delivers supplies if required

  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned

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