Photo Submission Guidelines

Share a photo with our readers!

Are you a pro photographer who’d like to share a photo and have us link to your website? Amateur who wants to share that one great shot of Northern Michigan? Check out our Daily Photo Gallery and send your submission to! Include your name and the location where the photo was taken along with any other related caption information.

Submit photos for print consideration in our magazines

Prism Publications and MyNorth Media employ a staff photographer who is responsible for the majority of the photography in our publications. Feature stories are tightly concepted and shot one year in advance of publication. Department pages are shot two months in advance and are often partially filled with stock photography purchased from outside sources. Photographers most likely to be contacted for stock inquiries are professionals with significant online stock libraries of Northern Michigan who can provide digital imagery within 24 hours of request.

Feature assignments are scarce, but if you have a body of work that lends itself to a feature story, we are interested in seeing it. Features are 6-12 pages in length and require a refined edit of around 20-30 images that tell a story. We are interested in stories about nature and the environment, regional culture, personalities, the arts (visual, performing, literary), crafts, food & dining, homes and cottages, history, and outdoor activities (e.g., fishing, golf, skiing, boating, biking, hiking, birding, gardening). Our coverage area is the L.P. from Pentwater north and the entire U.P. We prefer first publishing rights.

Stylistically, we prefer a contemporary editorial look with natural-looking lighting. We do not publish images with heavy-handed use of HDR or special effects. Please familiarize yourself with our content and style via our magazines and website before submitting your work.

At this time we are especially interested in building relationships with photographers with editorial experience who live in the following areas : Petoskey/Harbor Springs area, Gaylord area, Northeast Lower Michigan, Mackinac Straits area, Western Upper Peninsula.

Acceptable Formats

The Art Director will review unsolicited, professional-quality portfolios in one of the following ways, in order of preference:

  1. Online portfolio
  2. PDF contact sheets or slide presentation via email
  3. Non-returnable CD containing JPG images accompanied by a printed color index.

Due to the volume of submissions you will not necessarily receive feedback or acknowledgement unless we choose to use your work. Portfolios deemed acceptable are kept on record for future reference.


Feature assignment rates are $400-$1,000 based on complexity, number of images required, and time involved in shooting.

Stock images are purchased according to the following rate scale for all of our products:

One-Time Print Rights Plus Indefinite Web Usage

  • Magazine cover: $400
  • Special section cover: $250
  • Web site only, indefinite: $25 per photo
  • Print photos: $50–200 on an individual basis

Terms for Assigned Photography

By accepting an assignment, you agree to the following terms and conditions: Prism Publications purchases single-issue usage rights to all images and retains film/files until date of publication. All film/files remain the property of the photographer and may be picked up after publication. Digital media will be destroyed or returned upon request, and a single copy will be kept on file for archival purposes only. The photographer may resell and publish images used on interior pages 3 months after the publication date, but not sooner; cover images may be resold no sooner than 12 months after the date of publication. Prism Publications reserves the right to use all images on any page or cover of the issue in which the images appear; to use images in connection with the original story on our Web site (with photo credit) indefinitely; to use images in connection with the original story for promotional displays; to use the resulting layout in digital formats with appropriate links to photographer’s web site or email; and to use images within the context of their layouts for promotional purposes (i.e., the use of an image of the magazine cover in a house ad or other promotional media). Usage in subsequent issues will be purchased according to standard stock rates.

We DO NOT accept:

  • Unsolicited slides, transparencies, or photographic prints. We are not responsible for damage to unsolicited material, and we cannot guarantee its timely return.
  • Photos shot on color negative or prints.
  • Digital imagery with inadequate resolution for full-page and/or full-spread usage. (Spread: 5,000 px by 3,300 px. Page: 2,550 px by 3,300 px.) Resampling or “rezzing up” is not acceptable.

Email submissions to:

Mail submissions to:

Gail Snable, Art Director
Prism Publications / MyNorth Media
125 Park St. Ste. 155, Traverse City, MI 49684


Updated 05/25/16
Rates and/or terms may have changed since this information was updated.