The Best of Mackinac Island in Two Great Days

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Your Northern Michigan vacation isn’t complete without a visit to this enchanting island. So download this booklet “The Best of Mackinac Island in Two Great Days” and be sure to have an unforgettable experience.

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Mackinac Island became one of the nation’s favorite tourist destinations during the Victorian era. Tourists arrived on large excursion boats from Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland seeking cooler weather and a calming landscape. More than a century later Mackinac Island still evokes its romantic past. In large part this is due to the absence of automobiles. The island is accessible by boat or plane only.

Mackinac Island is home to 600 year-round residents. Each year the island hosts more than a million visitors, and in summer 500 horses work on the island. All this and more await you when you hikebike, tour by foot, on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage to explore Mackinac Island’s rich history and drink in the awe-inspiring landscapes.

Nestled in the sparkling waters of the Straits of Mackinac, the mighty Mackinac Bridge and ferries shuttling back and forth between Mackinaw City or St. Ignace form a picture-perfect backdrop. Mackinac Island offers spectacular landscapes and adventures for all ages. From family fun to romantic getaways, we’ve compiled our favorites into a two-day visit that you’ll remember for years to come.

Get a glimpse of the magic of Mackinac Island at! You’ll soon see why it’s the Midwest’s premier tourist destination. Located just 40 miles from Petoskey and 90 miles from Traverse City, a Mackinac Island vacation is the ideal getaway.

Here are three insider tips to get you started. You’ll get loads more useful information in your free download of “The Best of Mackinac Island in Two Great Days.”

Shepler's Might Mac ferry ride

Book a Ticket on Shepler’s Might Mac Ferry Ride

Consider timing your departure for Mackinac Island around Shepler’s daily schedule of Mighty Mac ferry rides. You’ll add about 10 minutes to the boat trip, but it’s totally worth it. The captain veers under the Mackinac Bridge for an amazing view of this stunning suspension bridge—from below! Have your cameras ready!

Fuel Up at The Chuckwagon

Jessie's Chuckwagon

Fill up with rib-stickin’ breakfast or lunch chow at this pint-sized eatery with a cowboy theme. The Chuckwagon is easy to miss, it’s that tiny. And there’s often a line, but the tables turn over pretty quickly. The Chuckwagon has been serving up south-of-the-border comfort food for some sixty years. It’s the place to go to mix with locals at the old-fashioned lunch counter. For breakfast, try the Mackinac Breakfast Burrito (a mountain of eggs, salsa, sour cream and veggies in a flour tortilla). Later in the day grab the “soon-to-be-famous” Bleu Cheese Burger, but don’t bother asking about the Secret Sauce. The staff at The Chuckwagon isn’t talking!

Anne’s Secret Tablet

Anne's Secret Tablet

Veer off-the-beaten-path and pay homage to 19th-century novelist Constance Fenimore Woolson. Pick up the trail off Huron Road and follow it through the woods to a dell where you’ll find a shrine to Fenimore Woolson in the form of a bronze plaque. The bas-relief plaque is engraved with lines from her popular first novel, Anne, the first half of which takes place on Mackinac Island. Learn more about Fenimore Woolson’s personal life and romantic heartbreak at Bonus: a stunning view of the harbor and Straits!

To get the rest of our suggestions for a great two-day visit to Mackinac Island download “The Best of Mackinac Island in Two Great Days” now. Then pack your bags, make sure your camera phone has lots of space and fill the gas tank.

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