Zesty Garlic Chop Salad

Northern Michigan Recipe: The Intentional Minimalist puts together a Zesty Garlic Chop Salad that has everything but the kitchen sink--but still comes out tasting like Northern Michigan! The Intentional Minimalist blogger Kristin Celeste Shroeger puts together a Zesty Garlic Chop Salad that is a melange of Northern Michigan flavors, combining local eggs, salad greens and of course garlic. Look for more of Kristin's fresh and tasty recipes on her blog, The Intentional Minimalist.


  • 9 Bean Rows napa cabbage
  • 9 Bean Rows salad greens
  • 9 Bean Rows pea shoots
  • 9 Bean Rows garlic scapes
  • Spring Hollow Farm amarenth micro greens
  • 9 Bean Rows eggs
  • Garlic
  • Birch Point Farm radishes
  • Black Star Farms verjus
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Lemon
  • Raw brazil nuts
  • Crushed red pepper
  • Sea salt


Steam one-two eggs per salad for ten minutes, flip eggs to other side and stem for ten more minutes. Cool steamed eggs in ice cold water for five minutes, peel and set eggs aside. Add one half cup nuts to processor and puree into powder and set aside. Mince one clove garlic, zest lemon, mince zest, juice lemon, mince one tablespoon garlic scapes and mince one tablespoon mint. Add four tablespoons oil to jar and add two tablespoon verjus, zest, juice, scapes, mint, one eighth teaspoon crushed pepper and season with salt. Per salad, chiffonade one cup cabbage and two cups salad greens. Add cabbage and greens to large glass bowl, stir in two tablespoons dressing and let sit five minutes. Slice one quarter cup radishes per salad, remove yolks from eggs and slice egg whites. Plate one half cup pea shoots, layer with one cup greens, layer with another half cup pea shoots, another cup of greens, then with radishes and egg whites. Top salad with one half cup micro greens, a tablespoon nut powder, a few garlic scapes and drizzle with dressing.