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The Staff Sonographer functions as a healthcare provider who, working under the delegated authority of the supervising physician, serves as a medical imaging professional providing clinically relevant information to assist the physician with the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The Staff Sonographer role and responsibilities include providing diagnostic medical sonography services and its various clinical specialties. The Staff Sonographer activities are performed consistent with their education and training, and in accordance with facility policies and procedures and applicable professional standards. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS:

High School graduate or equivalent. Completion of college or hospital based Vascular or Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program or completion of Allied Health Program approved by the AMA. Sonography education, training, and experience in the specialty area(s) to be performed. Demonstrated competence in the specialty area(s) to be performed, including sonographer certification by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography Commitment to professional growth and lifelong learning (e.g., continuing medical education in the specialty area(s) performed, higher education, research, staff training, etc.). Ultrasonogragrapher I 1. Entry level Sonographer who is registered or registry eligible in at least a single RDMS subspecialty (ABD, OB/GYN etc.) OR 2. Registered Sonographer regardless of years of experience with only single subspecialty registry. (i.e. completed only ABD, OB/GYN or other single specialty)
Sonographers will perform basic ultrasound exams and procedures as well as limited vascular exams including but not limited to: Abdomen/Renal Small Parts General OB all trimesters Neonatal Head Thoracentesis Paracentesis Prostate biopsy Thyroid Biopsy Carotid Venous Doppler GYN SPECIFIC DUTIES Works in conjunction with a variety of other physicians. Must maintain working contact with several intra-hospital departments including Operating Room, Recovery Room, Emergency Room, Cardiac and Intensive Care Units. Supports the mission statement of Munson HEALTHCARE (MMC): Munson HEALTHCARE is the core of a regional health system. In partnership with physicians, we provide quality, compassionate, comprehensive and cost-effective services for improvement of the health of our patients and the communities we serve. Embraces and supports the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) philosophy of Munson HEALTHCARE: We are committed to the name "Munson" meaning excellence. We will provide services that meet our customers' requirements every time. Adheres to Exceptional Skills with People (ESP) House Rules at all times. Acknowledges that safety is a self-responsibility. Knows the physical requirements of the job and work within those guidelines. Performs job duties safely at all times, utilizing learned body mechanics and transferring/lifting techniques. Plans actions to promote safety. Reports any unsafe situation/equipment according to Hospital procedure. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned. Primary Responsibilities • Prepare exam room and ultrasound equipment to conduct sonography examinations in accordance with infections disease, sterilization, and patient safety protocols, policies, and procedures. • Assume responsibility for the safety of the patient during the sonographic examination. • Review patient medical history and supporting clinical information. • Ensure that the sonography examination order is complete, contains relevant information, and meets the standard of "medical necessity." Confirms two patient identifiers per MMC protocol on every patient prior to examination and/or performs time out procedure on all invasive procedures. • Evaluate any contraindications, insufficient patient preparation, and the patient's inability or unwillingness to tolerate the examination and associated procedures. • Communicate with the patient in a manner appropriate to the patient's ability to understand. • Follows MMC wash in/ wash out for every examination. • Use proper patient positioning tools, devices, equipment adjustment, and ergonomically correct scanning techniques to ensure patient comfort and safety, and to prevent compromised data acquisition and musculoskeletal injury to the sonographer. • Observe and maintain a sterile work environment during an Ultrasound guided procedure or in the Operating Suite in the presence of open surgical wound • Conduct patient clinical assessment and perform the diagnostic medical sonography examination ordered by the supervising physician in accordance with MHC Ultrasound protocols approved by the supervising Radiologist. • Performs examination completely and accurately with minimal supervision within appropriate time allowance. • Apply independent, professional, ethical judgment, and critical thinking to safely perform diagnostic sonography procedures. • Apply independent judgment during the sonography examination to ensure that appropriate anatomical, pathological, and clinical conditions are accurately captured in the examination images. • As necessary, acquire additional ultrasound imaging to facilitate optimum diagnostic results for the interpreting physician. • Identify and document any limitations to the sonography examination. • Review examination images, synthesize examination results, and prepare the preliminary findings for use by the interpreting physician. • Except as authorized by written facility policies and procedures, refer specific diagnostic, treatment or prognosis questions to the appropriate physician or healthcare professional. • Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality in accordance with privacy laws (e.g., HIPAA) and facility policies, and procedures. • Adhere to accepted professional and ethical standards. Equipment Use and Maintenance Primary Responsibilities • Perform quality control procedures to ensure that the ultrasound equipment operates at optimal levels. • Exercise responsibility to ensure that the ultrasound equipment is functioning accurately. Other Responsibilities • Assume responsibility for the preventive maintenance program for ultrasound equipment. Documentation and Reporting Primary Responsibilities • Document any incidental findings that might impact patient safety or patient care and provide that information to the interpreting physician. • Operate the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Other Responsibilities • Exercise responsibility for the maintenance and accuracy of facility reports, database records and logs. Quality Assessment/Quality Improvement Primary Responsibilities • Ensure that the sonography examination results meet the facility standards for Quality Assurance before findings are released for interpretation. • Work with the appropriate staff to ensure quality patient care. • Assist with the daily operation of the sonography facility. Other Responsibilities • Carry out Quality Assurance protocols and Quality Improvement measures within the facility. Health Care Team Interaction Primary Responsibilities • Establish and maintain collaborative working relationships with co-workers, administrators, and members of the health care team. • Foster a collaborative atmosphere with other members of the healthcare team. • Maintains professional appearance by adhering to Dress Code of the Radiology department. • May as needed, work off shift, weekends and/or participate in the modality's patient on-call responsibilities including holiday rotation Other Responsibilities • Assist with the education and training of sonography students and physician residents. • Must perform and be proficient at basic vascular studies (such as, caro

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