Sunrise Coast Birding Trail

The Sunrise Coast Birding Trail incorporates 145 miles along U.S. 23. The trail takes flight at the mouth of the famed AuSable River in Oscoda and wings its way north all along the Lake Huron coast to Mackinaw City. Birders will delight in observing the  common, threatened, or endangered birds of our coastal and inland locations. The unique Kirtland's Warbler U.S. Forest Service managed habitat west of Oscoda is a destination where one may get a memorable glimpse of this highly vulnerable and protected species. The endangered Great Lakes Piping Plover also nests here along the northern shores of Lake Huron which  provide critical habitat for this fragile species. The spring Raptor Watch at the Straits of Mackinaw will thrill observers as thousands of these birds cross the Straits during seasonal migrations. Enjoy the journey as you travel this N.E. corridor of our great state. (Courtesy SCBT's website.)

Map of trails here.