spring salsa chicken

Spring Salsa Chicken Bok Choi Wraps

Northern Michigan Recipe: The Intentional Minimalist celebrates Northern Michigan springtime in this creative take on wraps! Northern Michigan Recipes: Once again The Intentional Minimalist blogger Kristin Celeste utilizes the very best of  local, organic ingredients in this creative new twist on wraps. Take these hand-held,fresh and sassy wraps on a lake-side picnic!

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Mince one half cup red onion and add to warm pan with one tablespoon oil. Cut one cup corn kernels off husks and thinly slice one cup asparagus. Drain and rinse one fifteen ounce can beans. Add corn, asparagus and beans to onion with one half cup salsa and cook for three minutes. Remove and mince two cups chicken from carcass. Add chicken to pan with remaining salsa. Zest lime and juice lime (reserving one quarter of whole lime). Add juice to pan, stir and remove from heat. Mince zest, mince two cups cilantro and stir in to pan. Remove stems from bok choi.  Add one tablespoon chicken mixture to center of bok choi leaf, fold bok choi leaves over and tie closed with chive. Garnish with cilantro, zest and sliced lime wedges.