Job Description

Radiologic Technologist


Under general supervision, operates standard, portable, and specialized x-ray equipment to perform radiographic examinations used for diagnosis and treatment. Provides appropriate patient care, processes digital images and instructs radiology students as needed.


Must have passed or is eligible for the examination of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Continued employment is provisional based on completion and certification by the ARRT within six months. Registered technologists must be in good standing.

Previous experience as a Staff Technologist preferred, but not required.

Previous experience in any Radiology subspecialty desirable, such as Special Procedures, Mammography,

Nuclear Medicine, MRI, CT or Ultrasound.

Maintains BCLS certification with annual renewal.


Receives functional supervision from the Coordinator of General Imaging and reports to the Managers or Director Radiology.


Cares for patients in the age category(s) checked below:

X All ages (birth & above)


Supports the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson Healthcare.

Embraces and supports the Performance Improvement philosophy of Munson Healthcare.

Supports Munson Healthcare True North framework where patients are at the center of all we do.

Uses effective customer service/interpersonal skills at all times.


Acknowledges that safety is a self-responsibility. Knows the physical requirements of the job and works within those guidelines. Performs job duties safely at all times, utilizing learned body mechanics and transferring/lifting techniques. Plans actions to promote safety. Reports any unsafe situation/equipment according to Hospital Policy/Procedure.

Is responsible for the care of those patients assigned to him/her from the time the patient arrives until they leave. Must be courteous, tactful and discrete in handling patients, with quality care and patient safety being the first concern.

Transfers and properly positions patients for examinations in order to obtain desired radiographic results according to physician specifications. Provides immobilization as required and protection in accordance with prescribed safety standards.

Selects and operates equipment, selecting proper technical factors on an individual patient basis. Handles equipment in a responsible, professional manner. Reports equipment failure to service engineer using proper forms and maintaining appropriate records.

Selects and loads proper imaging cassettes, using imaging markers correctly and consistently. Has images processed as required.

Is responsible for producing acceptable quality radiographs and practicing ALARA as determined by the General Radiology Coordinator, Quality Control Tech or Radiologist.

Assists physicians in performance of examinations by mixing and pouring contrast media, administering opaque media, holding and turning patients, assisting in sterile procedures, and other related duties as required. Assists in performing first aid as necessary.

Practices sterile techniques and prevents cross contamination. Maintains orderliness and cleanliness, including provision for the contamination free condition of rooms, equipment, and personnel.

Is responsible for the care of the radiographic room assigned and if unassigned, to those duties and responsibilities relating to his/her reassignment. Secures and returns supplies. Maintains room stock.

Maintains professional appearance by adhering to Dress policy of the hospital and Radiology Department.

Responsible for delegated areas of authority in the performance of routine or special procedures in the absence of the manager or General Imaging Coordinator.

Rotates within the department or other departments and shifts as required. May assist in the use of a variety of equipment or procedure not routinely taught.

Performs a variety of related clerical tasks as necessary.

Performs on call duty. If unable to report for work as assigned, must notify the appropriate person(s) and/or General Imaging Coordinator.

Takes advantage of opportunities for continuing education as provided by the department or seminars available for the various specialties.

Adheres to prescribed standards of Radiation Safety, proper collimation and patient shielding.

Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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