Quinoa, Spinach and Kale Salad

Northern Michigan Recipes: The Intentional Minimalist prepares Quinoa, Spinach and Kale Salad for spring. Northern Michigan Recipes: Find more of Kristin Celeste's Northern Michigan recipes on her blog, The Intentional Minimalist.


  • 9 Bean Rows organic spinach 9 Bean Rows organic red bor kale
  • Spring Hollow Farm organic beet micro greens
  • 9 Bean Rows organic radish
  • 9 Bean Rows organic red onion
  • 9 Bean Rows organic green onion
  • 9 Bean Rows organic thyme
  • Leelanau Cheese raclette cheese
  • Organic green onion infused olive oil (recipe link)
  • Food for Thought wild star thistle honey
  • Food for Thought organic wild leek vinegar
  • Food for Thought organic cherry honey mustard
  • Oryana organic sea salt Oryana organic quinoa


Add one half cup dried quinoa to three quarters cup water; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low, cover and cook for twenty minutes. Mince one tablespoon thyme and set aside. Remove cooked quinoa and stir in thyme, one teaspoon oil and salt to taste. Mix one teaspoon honey with one teaspoon mustard, one tablespoon vinegar, one tablespoon oil and sea salt to taste. Chiffonade one cup kale and slice one quarter cup green onions. Add two cups spinach in a glass bowl with kale, green onions, one cup quinoa and stir in two tablespoons dressing. Slice cheese, radishes and red onion to taste. Plate greens and top with cheese, radishes, red onion and beet micro greens.