Job Description

Pool RN II B Med/surg/tele

Pool Placement:

  • Pool "Clusters" are:

  • Critical Care Pool will cover ED, A6 Recovery, B2, A2, A3, , A7, and ICU.

  • Telemetry Pool will cover A4, A7, B2, C2, A6 Recovery

  • Med-Surg Pool will cover C3 (Adult), B3, B3 South, B4, C4, D4, D5, C1R, D6.

  • Maternal/Child Pool will cover OB Couplets, C3 Pediatrics, And NI

    • Rotation of each pool nurse through the units will continue to ensure competency in each area so no one pool nurse is kept in one area all of the time (of course - patient care continuity will be factored into this.)
  • If all units are staffed appropriately, the pool nurses are given the first option of being HR'd.

  • Critical Care/Tele Stepdown Pool placement decisions are made in a joint effort by all charge nurses and the Administrative Supervisors.

  • Med-Surg Pool requests are called to the Nursing Office and assignments are made by the Administrative Supervisor and/or Department Assistant depending on the shift.

    Pool Practice

  • Pool Nurses will be oriented and maintain competency in all units they work.

  • Attend required competency skills labs for the units.

  • Complete any mandatory education required by unit/hospital.

  • Pool nurses are not "required" to care for neuro-trauma patients in the ICU. They may desire to become competent in this area of practice the training will be scheduled with the ICU manager/educator.

  • Pool nurses are not required to care for acutely suicidal, assaultive, 1:1 self-injury patients on D6.

  • Pool nurses are not required to care for patients in active labor, or acutely ill infants in NICU

  • Pool nurses will maintain practice within the guidelines and "standards of care" developed for each unit.

  • A Tele-Stepdown nurse may be asked to work in a "critical Care Area" to care for a patient with "Stepdown Orders" but is unable to move due to a bed shortage issue.

    New Candidates

  • Orientation to units will be individualized to reflect nurse's experience.

  • Nurses hired into the pool should have at least one year of Critical Care/Tele Stepdown/Med-Surg experience.

  • Nurses hiring into the pool will be asked to make a 2-year commitment in the area hired to.


  • The Pool nurses are required to work every other weekend.

  • Each Pool member is required to pick up 2 holidays per year.

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Munson Medical Center
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