Pickled Baby Beet Hoagie

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  • Farm fresh local baguette
  • Local raclette cheese
  • Farm fresh local mustard greens
  • Farm fresh local cilantro
  • Pickled baby beets and french breakfast radishes (recipe link)
  • Local cherry honey mustard


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Per hoagie, slice a six inch long baguette and slice baguette in half. Per hoagie, slice four one eighth inch slices of raclette cheese. Lay raclette cheese slices on bottom half of baguette and place in oven for five minutes or until raclette cheese begins to melt. Per hoagie, remove one half cup mustard greens from stems and two tablespoons cilantro leaves from stems. Remove bottom half of baguette from oven with melted raclette cheese. Place mustard greens on top of melted raclette cheese. Slice a few pickled baby beets. Top mustard greens with one quarter cup of pickled baby beets, pickled red onions, pickled french breakfast radishes and cilantro leaves. Spread one half tablespoon cherry honey mustard on top half of baguette and enjoy!