Job Description

Pharmacy Tech II

*Current shifts (all rotating): M-F 0600-1630 or 0830-1900 (0700-1730 during holidays or training), Sa-Su 0700-1730. Will require every third weekend coverage.


Under the general supervision of the Pharmacy Director, but according to specific procedures and protocols as overseen by a licensed Pharmacist, and ordered by a physician, prepares and dispenses medications. Oversees the receipt, storage and pricing of pharmaceutical goods. Prepares, processes and maintains pharmacy records.


  • Analytical competence to calculate charges, dosage, convert units of measure, complete requisition and credit documents, prepare floor stock pharmaceuticals for pharmacists approval, detect inconsistencies in stock requisitions, monitor inventory, and prepare and maintain records.

  • Positive interpersonal skills necessary to communicate with associates and physicians.

  • Computer literacy.

  • Physical endurance for almost constant standing and walking, as well as moderate lifting, bending and reaching.

  • Level of knowledge equivalent to that ordinarily acquired through a post high school technically accredited Pharmacy Technician program.

  • Experienced in the preparation of TPN, chemo, and I.V. admixtures as well as other sterile products in a laminor flow hood.

  • Current certification as a Pharmacy Technician (PTCB).


 Not applicable, no clinical contact 


 _____Exposure to blood and/or body fluids __X__Exposure to hazardous chemical, pharmaceuticals, or nuclear exposures __X__Continual bending, lifting, pushing, pulling up to an equivalent of associate's weight _____Minimal lifting, pushing, pulling, bending... __X__Continual standing _____Continual sitting _____Sporadic keyboarding, sitting, standing, min.-med. lifting/pushing/pulling/bending _____Utilization of personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, gowns, boots, etc) _____Continual keyboarding 


  • Prepares patient prescriptions for dispensing by pharmacist; selects correct pharmaceuticals and prepares for dispensation by counting or otherwise calculating proper dosage; packages, bottles, and labels medications, prepares extemporaneous and sterile products including but not limited IV's, chemo, TPN, etc.

  • Enters complete medication orders into the electronic patient profile analyzing patient charts for allergies, weight and other factors for inclusion on profile.

  • Performs routine delivery and pick-up of medications including controlled substances.

  • Receives floor stock requisitions and examines such for appropriateness of types and quantities of medications requested. Contacts Nursing units for order clarifications, and explanation of altered or unfilled orders.

  • Prepares floor stock pharmaceuticals for delivery in accordance with established stock lists. Prepares stock solutions according to written formulas and (when necessary) repackages and labels select items under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.

  • Restocks pharmacy dispensing units with appropriate type and quantity of medications. Rotates stock and reviews expiration dates to avoid waste.

  • Notifies appropriate associates of inadequate stock levels or related problems by direct communication or written entry in daily order log.

  • Credits unused or discontinued medications to appropriate patient through computer crediting. Returns or disposes of (unusable) medications according to procedure.

  • Receives pharmacy supplies. Inspects invoices and packing slips for accuracy, unpacks goods, and verifies accuracy of shipment by comparing type and quantity of goods received with purchase order.

  • Correctly stores items according to temperature light and safety specifications.

  • Maintains current listing of drug inventory items kept in pharmacy, nursing units or other Medical Center departments; maintains files of previous purchases for reference purposes.

  • Packages and returns goods to vendors according to prescribed procedures.

  • Destroys drug products according to departmental procedure when so directed by authorized Associates.

  • Prepares and tracks controlled substances according to Hospital protocol.

  • Assists in the generation and delivery of various medication information and/or usage reports.

  • Monitors specific activities of non-certified Pharmacy Technicians.

  • Performs job responsibilities in an ethical, compliant manner consistent with the organization's values and the Hospital's Corporate Compliance program, policies, procedures and protocols.

  • Applies PI concepts and methods throughout related activities.

  • Performs other related duties as requested.

  • Encourages subordinates and works in a safe and healthy manner to prevent injury or illness.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of the work being performed and are not exhaustive lists of duties or requirements of the position.

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