OTR Broker and Dispatcher

Job Overview: The primary role of the Over the road (OTR) Broker and Dispatcher is to schedule drivers to pick up and deliver loads to customers or vendors. Broker also negotiates prices with customers, searches out new customers, and networks with existing customers.



  • Driver logs, working hours, and equipment record keeping
  • Knowledge of D.O.T. rules and regulations
  • Anticipating weather concerns in front of your drivers
  • Manage relationships with drivers, customers, other brokers, and vendors via telephone and email
  • Plan for logistical contingencies should issues arise
  • Coordinate and manage efficient loads to remain cost-effective as a company
  • Combine shipments and routes effectively for drivers
  • Determine the best delivery methods and negotiate rates directly with vendors and customers
  • Treat perishable commodities carefully
  • High computer literacy is a must
  • Competent in email, internet usage, Microsoft Word and Excel, and able to learn trucking software

It's also important to realize you have to be focused on the job from start to finish; there is rarely any downtime and you'll be taking calls and managing routes all day. For this reason, you must be highly organized and able to handle high amounts of stress.

Company Name
Michibay Fruit, Inc.