osma acres farm

Osma Acres Farm CSA

Our farm is structured as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) organization and we will also be operating as a MIFMA Farmers Market.. We accept a few new members each year; as existing members move and as we expand our produce growing areas; currently at 5 ½ acres.

Our farm has been authorized by MI and US Agriculture agencies to accept Bridge Cards and Senior Fresh Produce certificates. We also accept Credit and Debit cards.

Our farm grows catnip, culinary herbs, vegetables, raspberries, strawberries and gourds for crafts. We use organic fertilizer. We do not use any insecticides, herbicides or genetically modified seeds or plants. We also market heritage seeds through our website.

Our growing season has previously been short due to our location very near to Lake Superior; our annual produce plantings are based on the climate conditions; this will change in 2014 with the implementation of a high tunnel greenhouse which will be heated and provide produce for 9-10 months per year. Our produce sales have been limited to farm club members with excess going to farmers markets and charity food banks; this will change in 2014 as we expand produce production with implementation of the green house operation. We will be open 3-4 days per week from May through November. (Courtesy their FB page.)

Photo(s) by Osma Acres Farm