Job Description

Nursing Assistant


  • High school graduate or GED equivalent.

  • Concise, legible handwriting or printing. Computer knowledge preferred.

  • Human relations and interpersonal relationship skills required. Effective verbal communication skills.

  • Exercise courtesy, pleasantness, and tact in dealing with others in normal working contacts. Able to present a good hospital image to the public.

  • Aptitude and willingness to engage in all aspects of patient care.


Under the general supervision of the Unit Manager, receives delegation from a Registered Nurse.

No managerial or supervisory responsibilities.

Work subject to frequent interruptions.

Maintains patient confidentiality at all times. Recognize the patient record as a confidential, legal document.

Obtain/Maintain CPR certification in adult maneuvers (child and infant may be required by some departments) at all times.

Implement fire and other disaster plans as directed.

May be required to lift more than 35 pounds.


Cares for patients in the age category(s) checked below:

 Neonatal (birth-1 mo) Young adult (18 yr-25 yrs) Infant (1 mo-1 yr) Adult (26 yrs-54 yrs) Early childhood (1 yr-5 yrs) Sr. Adult (55 yrs-64 yrs) Late childhood (6 yrs-12 yrs) Geriatric (65 yrs & above) Adolescence (13 yrs-17 yrs) All ages (birth & above) No direct clinical contact with patients 

Age of patients is dependent upon the specific populations cared for on the unit.


  • Supports the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson

  • Embraces and supports the Performance Improvement philosophy of Munson Healthcare.

  • Promotes personal and patient safety.

  • Acknowledges that safety is a self-responsibility.

  • Knows the physical requirements of the job and works within those guidelines.

  • Performs job duties safely at all times, utilizing learned body mechanics and transferring/lifting techniques.

  • Wears correct personal protective equipment when appropriate.

  • Plans actions to promote safety.

  • Reports any unsafe situation/equipment according to Hospital procedure.

  • Has basic understanding of Relationship-Based Care (RBC) principles, meets expectations outlined in Commitment To My Co-workers, and supports RBC unit action plans.

  • Uses effective customer service/interpersonal skills at all times.

  • Utilizes standard and/or isolation precautions as appropriate and applies infection prevention principles, including hand hygiene and medical asepsis.

  • Completes the hospital general orientation and the nursing assistant training program appropriate to previous work experience.

  • Attends unit staff meetings, inservice programs, workshops, and seminars to maintain current knowledge in clinical practice and patient safety.

  • Works within the policies and procedures of the nursing service and the hospital.

  • Assists with the medication storage, stocking, transportation, and checking of expiration dates as delegated.

  • Completes tasks in a timely manner. Prioritizes tasks and is able to structure shift accordingly:

  • Participates in receiving a report on patients.

  • Prioritizes care with the nurse based on the assignment.

  • Anticipates and re-prioritizes tasks based on changing patient situations.

  • Seeks out needs of the unit and performs tasks independently:

  • Offers assistance to others when time is available.

  • Surveys rooms for stocking needs, removes unneeded equipment every shift.

  • Assures patient needs are being met before leaving unit.

  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned (may include but not limited to: delivering mail, running in hospital errands, making copies, minor filing, filling pamphlet racks, preparing admission or discharge materials, stocking linens, escorting patients or visitors to other parts of the hospital, minor intermittent housekeeping tasks, paging as requested, checking for and removing outdated supplies, or serving as a safety companion**)

     **Safety Companion Role and Responsibilities are outlined separately 

Basic Nursing Assistant Performance Standards- All units

All skills denoted by an asterisk * are competency based and should be performed under the direction of the Registered Nurse and under direct supervision until the nursing assistant has demonstrated the skill and a completed competency/skills checklist is in the employee's file.

  • Prevent infection transmission by performing hand hygiene* at frequent intervals and especially before and after every patient contact. Don correct personal protective equipment* as appropriate.

  • Bathe as directed by nurse: bed bath, partial bed bath, shower, and tub bath. Perform back care for patients.

  • Prepare patients for meals, serve and remove trays, feed patient, pass nourishment and water as directed, assist patient in ordering food as needed. Carbohydrate counting as directed.

  • Provide complete personal hygiene, including care of hair (combing, shampooing), electric shaving, oral hygiene, perineal care, give and remove bedpans and urinals*. Performs routine (soap and water) incision care as part of daily bathing when delegated by RN.

  • Properly move and position patients* as determined by patient's diagnosis and under direction of the nurse. Assist patients into and out of bed, to and from stretchers/carts, into and out of wheelchairs/commode chairs and to and from toilet. Know and apply proper body mechanics and utilize transfer pad* device and/or mechanical lifting devices*.

  • Ambulate patients* as directed by the nurse.

  • Collect sputum, urine (clean catch and timed), and stool specimens.

  • Empty and measure drainage: urinary catheters-, naso-gastric tubes.

  • Assist in accurate intake and output records* by correctly measuring and documenting.

  • Admission and discharge* according to hospital policy. Prepare and transport patients between departments as necessary.

  • Know hospital procedures for morning, afternoon, and HS care and carry out on assigned shifts. Make patient beds, occupied* or unoccupied*, as directed.

  • Measure, apply, and care for anti-embolism stockings* when directed.

  • Obtain equipment and apply sequential compression devices* when directed.

  • Assists in the post-mortem care* of patients.

  • Apply when directed by nurse, hot and cold non-sterile applications*

  • Provide observation and care to disturbed and/or restless patients.

  • Maintain safety of patient at all times: maintain bed or chair alarms* and/or restraints* as needed, and perform hourly rounding* as directed by nurse.

  • Care for patient's personal belongings and appliances, clothing, valuables, dentures, hearing aids, contact lenses, possessions, flowers, etc.

  • Keep patient's area and bathroom clean and in order: bed, bedside stand, and cupboards.

  • Observe, report and record vital signs* (temperatures - oral, rectal, and axillary), radial pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and SpO2 monitoring.

  • Observe and promptly report any changes in patient's condition or abnormal results (vital signs, intake and output, weight, etc.) to the Registered Nurse.

  • Responds to lights as appropriate; communicate patient's requests to nursing staff.

  • Care of equipment and supplies.

  • Clean all soiled equipment and return to proper area.

  • Clean or return special equipment to proper areas when indicated: suction machine, special trays, and instruments.

  • Keep clean and in order: supply and linen cupboards, blanket warmer, pantry, soiled utility rooms, and treatment room, specialty carts.

  • Apply and remove oxygen tank regulators*

  • Recognize and use accepted abbreviations and terminology at all times.

  • For all direct patient tasks, immediately after completion of the task, document results and other pertinent information.

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