Millie and Pepper Creperie

Millie and Pepper Creperie is a modern take on a general store in downtown Traverse City (read more here), with not only their signature unique products, but also a crêperie in the back of the shop, and high-quality espresso beverages and teas from Northern Maiden.

Owner Julie Hearne says, “Our crêpes are kind of a street-food version, handheld, typical of what you might find on a street in Paris. Since I have been telling people about doing crêpes, I’ve found that it’s one of those foods that provoke positive, emotional memories in people. I’ve heard so many stories about people’s favorite crêpes that they’ve had not just in France, but all over the country.”

The savory crepes are made out of buckwheat flour, which is naturally gluten-free. There is a selection of cheese (gruyere, feta and raclette), egg, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and few other ingredients to mix and match. The sweet crepes have Nutella, of course, with or without banana, sugar and lemon, cinnamon sugar, and salted caramel with or without banana. There are also crêpe-of-the-day specials based on seasonal produce.

Update: October, 2019: Millie and Pepper has entered into a new collaborative relationship with Northern Maiden Coffee, a pop-up serving high-quality espresso beverages out of their 120 South Union Street location. With this ‘business inside a business’ model, the M & P Creperie compliments their sweet and savory crepe options with both traditional espresso drinks, while also offering up exciting new signature beverages like the Espresso Old Fashioned and a selection of rare teas from China and Taiwan.

Northern Maiden’s proprietress Shannon Sidey explains “with Millie and Pepper’s attention to quality, it only seemed a natural fit for Northern Maiden.” Espresso service starts at 7am daily, with the exception of Tuesday.

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Monday 7am - 4pm
Tuesday & Wednesday 9am - 4pm
Friday - Saturday 7am - 4pm
Sunday 7am - 3pm

Serves Alcohol
Breakfast Lunch