Maple Leaf Farm and Creamery CSA

Maple Leaf Farm is in a very exciting time right now. We have been teaching goat classes (how to raise your own goats) and cheese classes. We are venturing out to teach more classes, how to grow in the hoop house and how to cook the food you grow. How to preserve the food you grow. How to cook with honey instead of sugar. How to cook and eat gluten free. We have lots of ideas so we are applying for a grant so we can build a cheese plant and a licensed kitchen so we can teach all the things that we want others to learn. We love our goats and there are so many things you can use them for. The milk can be used for cheese, butter, and for all your cooking needs. It makes everything taste so much better. So many people that are lactose intolerant can use the goat's milk. We are hoping to build on to the barn and add more miniature animals. Lots of exciting things happening. We are planning another goat class this fall on September 20&21.Cheese classes coming this fall,they will be announced on Facebook. We are working on a cook book with healthy recipes (it is good stuff). Goat milk soap will be available on line soon or can be picked up at the farm. Keep in touch! (Courtesy their FB page.)