Job Description

Intern Pharmacy


Interns must have started their first professional year at an accredited School of Pharmacy.

They must be registered with the Michigan State Board of Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Intern.

Previous pharmacy experience is desirable.


Works under the general supervision of an assigned Pharmacy Manager. May receive instruction and direction from the other managers or Pharmacy Director. Receives day-to-day instructions/supervision from staff pharmacists. Has contact with the medical staff, nursing personnel, and other hospital ancillary staff.


After completing training can prepare medications for dispensing but must receive final check by a registered pharmacist before products can leave the pharmacy.


Cares for patients in the age category(s) checked below:

 Neonatal (birth-1 mo) Young adult (18 yr-25 yrs) Infant (1 mo-1 yr) Adult (26 yrs-54 yrs) Early childhood (1 yr-5 yrs) Sr. Adult (55 yrs-64 yrs) Late childhood (6 yrs-12 yrs) Geriatric (65 yrs & above) Adolescence (13 yrs-17 yrs) X All ages (birth & above) No direct clinical contact with patients 


  1. Supports the mission statement of Munson Medical Center (MMC): Munson Medical Center is the core of a regional health system. In partnership with physicians, we provide quality, compassionate, comprehensive and cost-effective services for improvement of the health of our patients and the communities we serve.

  2. Embraces and supports the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) philosophy of Munson Medical Center: We are committed to the name "Munson" meaning excellence. We will provide services that meet our customers' requirements every time.

  3. Adheres to Exceptional Skills with People (ESP) House Rules at all times.

  4. Acknowledges that safety is a self-responsibility. Knows the physical requirements of the job and work within those guidelines. Performs job duties safely at all times, utilizing learned body mechanics and transferring/lifting techniques. Plans actions to promote safety. Reports any unsafe situation/equipment according to Hospital procedure.

  5. As training progresses the intern will be required to perform all specific duties listed in the Pharmacy Technician I and II job description.

  6. Triage and/or makes initial interpretation of physician orders.

  7. Assists in supplying routing and emergency medications and IV admixtures from physician orders to patient in an accurate and timely manner with final check by a Registered Pharmacist.

  8. Assists in maintaining individual patient drug profiles and/or patient's computerized medication database. Pharmacist verification required.

  9. Assists in the filling and dispensing of outpatient prescriptions with final check by Registered Pharmacist.

  10. Attends hospital committee meetings as opportunities arise.

  11. Participates in hospital/departmental quality management efforts.

  12. Assists in preparing home infusion products.

  13. Performs order entry for adult TPN solutions.

  14. Non-dispensing activities for the first year intern will include drug information retrieval from standard reference sources, basic pharmacokinetic concepts, knowledge of the medical record components of the chart, performance of a journal review, and one inservice provided to the department.

  15. In addition to those duties during the first year, the second year intern will perform drug information literature search, utilize MedLine and all available computer databases, perform at least one drug information questions with written response, perform on-line drug information retrieval, review kinetic case studies, perform kinetic dosing with supervision, perform three chart review case presentations during summer, perform at least one journal review per month, participate in rounds in all in-patient and clinic settings, participate in administrative discussions with Director, perform at least one department inservice per month, and complete a minor Pharmacy project.

  16. In addition to the non-dispensing activities of the first and second year intern, a third year intern will perform at least three drug information questions with written response per summer, perform at least a weekly chart review case presentation, perform at least two journal reviews per month, prepare and present a major Pharmacy project.

  17. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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