Houdek Dunes Natural Area

Protected by the Leelanau Conservancy in 1998, this 337 acre property now provides opportunities for the public to quietly recreate, learn and revel in the unique habitats of Houdek Dunes. From the trail, you’ll see examples of active blowout dunes, woodland pockets sheltering the giant white birch trees, and mature forested backdunes. Along the dunes’ southeast boundary flows the fragile Houdek Creek, a spring-fed trout stream which is the primary tributary flowing into North Lake Leelanau.

3/4 and 1- 1/2 mile loops can be covered in 2 hours. Moderate hiking includes sandy trails, stairs, and slopes. Info kiosk at trailhead, benches at ancient maple.

Spring Specialties: pink lady’s-slippers, bird-watching 
Summer Surprises: monarchs on milkweed 
Fall Fun: color touring 
Winter Wonders: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing

Visitor information Visit on your own or call for a schedule of guided hikes: 256-9665. Hikers should note that hunting is allowed at Houdek Dunes Natural Area – by permit only. Please use caution when using the trail during hunting season and wear appropriate colors.

Getting there: Take M-22 five miles north of Leland. One mile past CR 626, look for a Conservancy sign and parking on left.