dune bird winery

Dune Bird Winery

In a Nutshell:
Dune Bird Winery was created to be outside the box— a space in our beloved Leelanau County that fosters community and brings people together. We are passionate about people and space and when you marry that with exceptional wine and coffee … well, that’s what Dune Bird is all about.

Unique estate grown grapes and an award-winning vintner set the stage, but this space is just as much for the non-wine drinker, the remote worker, the espresso connoisseur, the wanderer in search of a comfortable chair.

So whether it’s with a glass of our remarkable bubbly or a steaming cup of perfectly pulled espresso, with your kids or your colleagues or your bridal party, whether out in the sunshine-filled patio or curled up by either of our fireplaces, we can’t wait to welcome you into the Dune Bird story. (Courtesy their website.)